The Crystalline Portal of Love Breathe for Earth

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It started in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado in April on my birthday. The first blood moon eclipse of the next two year cycle (2014-2015). All blood moon eclipses fall on biblical holidays this time around, an extremely rare event. It was a special beginning to something very exciting. On the partner solar eclipse to the April 15th moon, my sister and I meditated on the beach on the Atlantic ocean. As we walked over the sand dune we found the words “Love” and “Breathe” written in the sand. In that order. So began the Love Breathe for Earth global meditations. On May 18th we did our first one. We requested the Dalai Lama’s blessings and we received word from his holiness that he would bless our global gathering.

We had people from all over the world join in. We made note of each persons location on a global map and tracked the grid of love we created around the planet. I painted the grid on a large 7 foot canvas. Carefully documenting everyones location, the altitude and longitude lines. This painting was the 3rd painting in the portal series. The first two were the blood moon of April 15th and solar eclipse of April 28th, a twin portal set. I mixed my grandmother Miriams ashes into the paintings. Honoring my family line. In a symbolic gesture of honoring all family lines.

May 18th Love Grid Portal Painting by Hillary Raimo
May 18th Love Grid Portal Painting by Hillary Raimo

In June after receiving a message while in New Mexico to go to Egypt, I found my way to the Pyramids at Giza for a 6/8/14 global Love Breathe Earth meditation. Many joined in around the world as myself and two others meditated inside the Kings chamber activating the Earth grid of love around the globe. Quantum researcher John D. Riley was one of those who joined me in the Kings chamber, showing me a ‘sweet spot’ inside the chamber where the tone of sound was pure and powerful. This activated an essential essence to the global effects and was felt in each person who joined in all over the world. Two women and one man inside the Kings chamber held the anchor in one of the most powerful sacred sites in the world. The first grid from May 18th had a very similar shape to the Bent Pyramid when I tracked and painted it. I made a special journey while in Egypt and spent hours at the Bent pyramid intuitively researching and meditating. Many insights were born that day.

Hillary Raimo, founder of Love Breathe for Earth, with Quantum researcher John D Riley in the grand gallery of the Great Pyramid 6/8/14

After having a tumor removed from my neck over the Summer, my sister and I packed up my car and we made a pilgrimage to New Orleans to track my families land so we could do ceremony on it. We traced our relatives footsteps through the Caddo Indian lands and honored our family in a beautiful way. We met with a powerful African woman who threw the bones and told us many things. We made a friend with Stacy LaFleur, a talented artist and fellow kindred spirit, who graciously hosted us as we explored the area. Joining in on the adventure and making the 3rd of the 3 that create magic. We held our 3rd Love Breathe for Earth meditation on 08/08/14 in the heart of the swamp. The central hub of plant communications, the algae heard our prayers, accepted our love bundles, and graciously blessed us with the animal guardians – alligator, wolf spider, wild boar, heron – and many ancient old tree spirits.


Over the course of the 3 super moons this year (July, August, September) each full moon we made a special journey, or we did a special ceremony. Something to acknowledge the spectacular alignments we were all going through. In the July supermoon, I was coming out of major surgery, In August my sister and I made it onto the mound A at Poverty Point in Louisiana. We sat on the mound under the clouds as they gathered. Thunder and lightning greeted us. Passion flowers were in bloom. Dragonflies leaped everywhere we stepped. The clouds did a dance above our heads and we could feel the electricity in the sky above us. It was a fantastic and beautiful moment. Shortly after our visit and ceremony, Poverty Point was added to the world heritage preservation list officially.


In September I was home on the 3rd super moon. I meditated on top of my spirit tree in my yard as I offered small tokens to Earth from all of our adventures thus far. I reflected on the journey. The challenges. The beauty. I painted the Egypt canvas from the 6/8 LBE meditation in Giza that night too. I made the 1st strokes and put in all the symbols from our journey up until that point. Documenting everything carefully.

On 10/8/14, the 2nd full blood moon eclipse, I brought 2 canvases and the water sample to Nikola Teslas room at the Hotel New Yorker in NYC. I reserved room 3327 in advance, the room Tesla died in. As a medium this would be a special treat. I brought two square linen canvases and started them inside the room. To symbolically honor the journey, Tesla and to charge the canvases with the powerful and potent energy that was there. I had made arrangements with Dr. Masaru Emoto Laboratories to submit the water sample to have the crystal photographed after our global love breathe earth meditation at the 911 memorial on 10/8. The night before I slept in Teslas room through the actual blood moon eclipse. My good friend Gail Swanson, who had spent the 08/08 Love Breathe for Earth meditation in Brazil at The John of God house, brought back blessed water and mailed me a sample to add to the 911 memorial fountains on 10/8. Which I did. I added some of the blessed water sample from the crystal photographed water stock, the John of God water and afterward a beautiful rainbow appeared inside the 911 fountain.


Shortly after I mailed the sample to Japan, Dr Emoto passed away. I imagined Tesla and Masaru having brilliant conversations on the other side. The story of my night in Teslas room will be the subject of a new book I will be finishing over the winter. I will tell the story of the Love Breathe Earth adventures and what happened to me in that room that night. It is an adventure that far surpasses anything I have ever done.

I believe in synchronistic living aligned with Earth biodynamics. As I practice this more and more, as I learn to live this way with others, I see a quality of magic that forms and begins to not only align, inspire, but also begins to come alive. It shows you codes, numbers, places, people, anything that you may need in the moment. It is the flow of the universal river that flows through us all.

This year was a living breathing experiential dissertation into LIVING THE WORK ALIVE.




As I waited for the crystal photograph study to be done, there were several large X flares that came from the sun. Each one produced a wide array of feelings in myself and others who I spoke to at the time. We were all feeling the flux within us. I rested. Made homemade remedies. Took it easy and went slow. I listened to my body. Made amends where needed. Cleaned up my life. I let love in and began to circle the familiar push and pull of ecstasy and bliss. It was a welcome reprieve from the intense energies coming onto the planet at that time. I grounded at home, took my time with everything. I watched and listened to the synchronistic signs around me. I began to teach the 119 911 116 611 code I had helped discover in 2012 after the 2nd half of the last Venus transit.

I received news the water experiment had been completed. I was awaiting the package from Japan. When it arrived I opened it with much anticipation. When I saw the image I felt everything inside me exhale in awe. There it was. In its purest form. What we had ALL created TOGETHER. I sat with the image for a few days. Meanwhile having a profound dream. In the dream a dark haired man whom I do not know in waking life, walked thru my dream and kissed me on the forehead. I am an avid dreamer. This one was special and I knew it. The next morning I woke up having to drive to Pennsylvania to pick up an antique Peruvian table to do my tarot readings on in my new studio. As I decided on a location to meet the seller, I came across FONTHILL CASTLE. After securing the table in my truck, my sister and I toured the castle. It belonged to a man named MERCER. We knew nothing about the site before touring it. We met it as a blank slate. Just the way I love it. In the center of the castle was a rare collection of 2500 BC Babylonian tile scrolls. We were not allowed to photograph these at all. But there they were. Our eyes feasted on them. I heard a tone, a sound, permeate my being. The cuneiform symbols created a symphony in my head. I was deeply involved with the crystalline image of the water crystal photograph, and as I listened to, what seemed to be ignited by the viewing of these tiles, the notes, my brain began to vibrate. I literally FELT the SOUND of the symbols in my body. It was an amazing experience. We continued to tour the castle in awe.

I waited for a sign to release the image. It seemed perfect to do it on the 11/6 Full moon. So here we are. I have my own thoughts on what is happening in the image. I see a portal. But instead of me telling you everything I feel is in it. I offer it to you in that blank state. I said ‘portal’ yes. But that may mean and ignite different things for different folks. I want you to read the story above, understand the holy within the adventure I have been blessed to live along side all of you. I want you to look at it and know YOU helped create it. It is a frequency that will ignites hearts and minds in everyone who looks at it. It is a gift from spirit. A completion of a calling in a sense. There will be more meditations of course, but this is for sure a marker in time, that we all share. I hope you meditate on it. Let it speak to you. Let it show you what it has to say about life, you, us, and everything in-between.

It has been an honor to listen to spirits call. I can’t wait to see where this leads next……..

Hillary Raimo


























































  1. Or maybe a star tetradedron? The two triangles that form it representing the harmony and union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine?
    Wow – powerful manifestation!

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