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  1. My love breath earth moment.

    Today was a beautiful day. The sun decided to show itself after hiding behind thick cloud and heavy rain for several days. It was nice to feel it’s warmth upon my face as I worked today.

    My job sometimes doesn’t feel like a job (I guess I’m lucky that way). I am responsible for restoring an ex industrial site into a haven for wildlife and of course somewhere that people can connect with nature.

    At this time of year a lot of my work involves planting trees and hedgerows – replacing old fence lines with wildlife friendly oxygen producing beautiful hedgerows. It’s rewarding work.

    I started work on a new hedgerow today and was planting over the 1pm meditation period. To give the hedgerow structure I like to plant trees at regular intervals. The trees I planted today to start my hedge were willows. 11 willows spaced out at 20m intervals over 220 metres.

    Willow is a fantastic plant. Apart from its medicinal uses (salycilic acid, that’s what asprin is derived from).It has numerous ways it can be used in traditional crafts.

    However the great thing about willow is you cut a branch from a mature tree and simply plant it in the ground and from that a new tree grows. Beautiful in its simplicity.

    4 years ago I harvested some willow from my place of work and planted them in my garden. They grew quick, provided shelter for wildlife and of course great pleasure to me and my family watching them through the seasons.

    This morning I harvested the willow from my garden and set about planting them over the meditation period. Tree planting for me puts me in ” the zone”!

    So the willow I harvested four years ago returned to source today. As each one was planted I breathed them my love and my carbon dioxide for them to recycle into oxygen. All the while I was being carefully watched by two curious crows (my favourite bird) who seemed to be taking a keen interest in my work. As my final willow was carefully planted 2 deer bolted from nearby woodland, paused, looked at me and leaped across my path. A really special beautiful day.

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