Pristine Earth Rises

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One humble mans thoughts and heart
I see a world Divinely balanced. The Yin and the Yang hand in hand co-creating love and beauty. Supporting, nurturing bringing out the best and confronting the worst. Allowing each to be and to grow in their own unique way. Where harmony with Mother earth, animals, plants and all of humanity are the norm. I see this in the depth of my soul, in my dreams. Where I don’t see it is in the world we live in. That my friends is changing. The power is shifting. Mother earths frequencies are changing. It is coming through the divine feminine and the divine masculine coming together in harmony. So how is this going to happen? Through the union of the twin flames, they are the key. The twin flames will produces a very unique frequency. Not just unique to the twin flames but each pair of twin flames will produces a unique frequency unto them self’s. Each pair with a very specific task to accomplish. As these twins come together they will have a huge impacted on all of humanity. They are the catalyst, the spiritual alchemists for all of humanity. Helping to change the very chemistry of humanity. Building a bridge for all who chose to make the transition into a whole world. The next big leap of mankind. We are in uncharted territory here. This has never happened in all of creation before. This is a great and troublesome time to be incarnate on this planet. Are you up for the ride?
Her Eyes
Looking into the depth of her eyes
So pure and deep they draw me in
I never wish to leave that’s for sure
She has a way of touching the obscure
Deep in my depths where no one’s been
Showing me parts I hide from myself
Lovingly opening and shining her light in
Helping me to be the best I’ve ever been
She does this with love and concern for us all
For she knows that the seed that is planted in her whom
Must be of the purest of Human kind to preserve
Co creating a future lovingly balanced and pure
She needs me to stand and hold the space
So she feels protected and free to flow
In protecting and nourishing the seed of old
Humanities seed of the new world to come
She has the vision so clean and clear
So why has it been so long to appear
She’s been under pressure she been on her own
It’s time for the divine masculine to make himself known
Stand in his place and give her his warm embrace
So here is a man that accepts the call
To stand and protect and give his all
Love and commitment
Dennis W ( Standing Bear )

Moving Clouds Wallpapers 3

Vistas widen. New vision sets in. Taken under the cloud people, within the harvest season.
New Moon intentions reclaimed.
Love anchored.

Can’t touch this.
Divine male and Divine female continue anyway
Regardless of tainted seeds
With love everything transforms, heals and continues forward.

Bountiful fields of glorious fruits.
Nourishment for the whole.
Good food reaps well.

Blue skies, full spectrum light, unfiltered.
Earth breathing strong.
Winds carry conception of beautiful moments.
Treasured, real.

Holding open all doors of pristine.
Purity regained.
Held in the light, dark under bottom. Black gold, fertile soils.

Beauty continues, born out of the mud. Lotus bred.
Reaching towards the light always, even when it feels like things aren’t.
Life continues. No need to worry now.

Hold on to strong, what you’ve been taught. Love even in your hate.
Forgive and confront, healthy resolve always wins.
Face your fears see them dissolve, tangled quantum – ly  only to everything.
Life pulses through the cords, strong an true, dis-ease withers well.
Never born to hurt or harm, only loving humane humans here.

No ideologies, free minds to think, feelings released to be expressed holy.
Kindness cures. Medicinal love is all there is.
Seeds carefully selected to be heirloom.
Royal wisdom free for all.

Those who have worked together before are here to create.
Pristine Earth.

Hillary Raimo 


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