Fall Equinox Message – Opening The Human Vortex

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That perfect balance between light and dark. Equal in the eyes of all. Neither win nor lose. Both have a right to infuse their lessons. Today on the Equinox take a moment to look inside yourself to see how balancing the inner equinox within you is manifesting. Take notice of your thoughts, your heartbeat, your breath. How is your health? What ‘symptoms’ are you having right now? Where does it hurt in your body?

Your body is your best teacher to gauge the inner cosmos. It shows us where in our biology our biography is trying to get our attention. Pain is nothing more then a red flag to get you to notice what needs tending too. Once you identify where the pain is coming from take a moment to meditate on it to see what it has to show you. Close your eyes and go inward to listen to yourself. Ask that part of your body questions such as what shall you have me know? your body will answer you. Patience is key.

No matter how engaged our egos are into the ever changing world around us, our inner senses will always show us the truth of who we really are. This is an intimate and private journey, yet it can be shared with others if you choose. In the sharing we open ourselves in ways that are not done otherwise. Regardless of those who take advantage of this vulnerability it still serves our healing journey to do so anyway.

The only one we need to be accountable to is God. And when I say God I say God in honor of whatever that is to you. My idea of God may be different from yours and that is ok. God for me takes me to my highest expression of self. It frees my mind, body and soul to enable an authentic reciprocal and equally balanced relationship with a higher power that serves my highest expression of beauty in the world. I believe this is what all the great teachers in our human history – those well known and those not so well known – have tried to teach. The powers that be know this quality of love is dangerous to the current world paradigm because it disables the control system where competition rules, and hierarchies keep people compartmentalized in segregated thought worlds. It’s a tier planetary setup that makes people believe their world is all there is. What happens elsewhere is not their concern as long as they can buy their toys and live their lifestyles or aim for the ‘american pipe dream’.

The Equinox brings balance. It is a momentary pause in our lives. It effects everything on the planet, yet so many still even today with all the information available, do not even know what actually happens to our planet on these special days. Our ancestors knew, and they knew enough to actually track the progression of the equinoxes and mark them in stone for future generations because they were important.

The Fall Equinox is a time to honor that balance between light and dark. Whether you like it or not you have incarnated on a planet as a human being in a physical body. Be grateful. Stop wishing it away or seeking to dismiss it. The body is a crucial tool to integrating the full spectrum of energies on this planet. If you are stunted in your heart growth, or unable to feel your emotions, or not capable of allowing your physical body to feel pleasure, then you have work to do. Clearing those blocks is vital to full spectrum living.

Often times we will have things ‘happen to us’ by others wishing us harm, or having their own selfish agendas, or maybe they are just built that way… either way, it is up to us to sit with situations, experiences and ponder ‘the why’ so we can move on. Moving on in whatever way is appropriate. No one can ever truly tell you what to do in these cases. Many will judge, take sides, disappear out of your life and all of this is part of the human experience no matter how painful. Sometimes leaving the nest is necessary for the next stage of growth. Your wings will grow to big to be contained by anyone and soaring is the only real freedom you have to look forward too. So soar. No matter who says what about it.

LOVE is a force. For many it is just another emotion they judge or carelessly parade around to flaunt, or perhaps it is their catchy trademarked gimmick. But when you can truly access that love field of creation the possibilities are endless. It is a creational power that humans can unite under to do anything with. The more who come together under this force in truth, miraculous things happen. But first there has to be trust. Trust that you will not be harmed, taken advantage of and within the current ‘self help’ industry that can be tricky. Financial gain is at the root of many community trees.

What if people just joined together because they could? Everything in balance. Money not an issue. No predators. Just humble authentic humans joining together to find the synchronistic magic that happens when they do. I would bet this would have a miraculous result. In our current evolutionary stage we have tasted this magic, but we still have a long way to go to utilizing its full effects. In the generations to come I see the vision of this happening. I hope to reincarnate when that is the case. I’ve had enough separation to last many lifetimes in this one. I know many who feel the same.

It is easy for someone to preach spirituality. Now we move into a time when DOING is more relevant than not. Living the talk is the new ‘in’. Inner ways of opened dialogue, inner ways of feeling expressed honestly, hate can hide so easily nowadays. People have learned to harbor it well in the ports of grudges, no compassion, indifference and this is where humanity still needs work. We are all responsible for the world we live in. We either judge and act accordingly, ignore and claim ignorance, or wish for revenge in damming ways that energetically speak volumes of who we are at the core.  It is a ‘us vs them’ paradigm for the majority and the majority of thought rules the collective consciousness of which we are all a part of.

You cannot proclaim to be a ‘master’ and talk badly about others behind their backs. You cannot claim to be working on the side of God if you have hate in your heart and cannot forgive. Surface normal no longer makes the cut.

Over the years I have spoken on the topic of twining, or twin energy. I have had a few experiences of it personally and I know the beauty and power it holds. We are entering a time when we can ‘twin’ with anyone. We enter into this field with another anytime we engage in a higher way, when we break out of the crust of surface normal. We can engage in that field in a way that lifts our wings and makes us see further. Twining a force field of energy tangible on all levels. The twin field, when two or more people agree to engage this way, opens the star gates, portals, both within as well as without. I have seen the proof of this firsthand. But first you must get past the surface normal, the fears, the hesitation, the doubt, the resistance and LET GROW. You must also stop searching for ‘the one’ as this keeps you endlessly seeking and comparing notes and testing others to see if they are. It is a waste of energy and space. All are ‘the one’. Some are just better then others at letting others in and honoring the co-creational space between two. The yin and yang of these twine energies will create the friction needed to feed the flame of synchronistic energies that create the human vortex. In this human vortex all knowledge opens up to the higher mind. To be able to carry that momentum is a talent and takes practice. Imagine spinning the human vortex with another, or others, in a way that transcends time and space. Suddenly you have been conversing for hours and it feels like 15 minutes! This is an example of the magic.

When humans learn to come together in this way the planet will heal. Humans will heal. Paradigms will finally shift and worlds will change. I have seen this vision. It has no gurus, self help industries, financial scams, ego trips, hardened hearts, or contradictory actions. Until then we all practice. Over and over until we get better.

This Equinox I give away the false friendships, untrue co-creations, the predatory teachers, the communities that follow faithfully without thinking for themselves, the hate, the carrots dangled to tempt into entrapments and I claim the harvest of true love, real love, friendship, kindness, and co-creation among kindred spirits. I take back my soul from those who claimed it belonged to them in efforts to steal my power and I breathe love in and out.

As we prepare for our winter dreaming, we celebrate the love and the beauty we have sowed. We reap the rewards of our courage, truth, and ability to stand on our own two feet so we may meet others in our whole state. We balance the light and the dark and conceive our own self-sustaining ecosystems. Here in this state we meet others head on ready to create the highest human potential, the human vortex, so that the garden of eden may be opened, and the knowledge it holds available to us, so that we may save our planet and our species from a disintegrating quality of love.

The human vortex has the power to change the very vibration set loose on this planet. It is time to spread your angel wings. It is time to embrace your true potential so you can expand that in co-creational ways that help and not harm.

Hillary Raimo
NY Fall Equinox 2014



















































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