Dark horses ride on, in 4s
Killing love wherever it is found
Beheaded beloveds line the roads to the gates of eden
None ever having made it in, so close but so far
Lovers lane turned into a massacre

False prophets join hands with fake healers
Dangling carrots hoping to win your favor
Backstabbing killing off obstacles to their ways
Clearing the field for new visions, whose eyes

Wars on ISIS killing her softly from inside
Low blows, murders, suicides increase
Psyche splits in threes, to make magic backlash
Returned to sender, 100 fold
Contamination removed

Secrets exposed, veils lifted, scandals rise up towards nirvana
Transformation complete.
Assassination of wings of creatures with fanged teeth

A single act of kindness, cures.
A simple notion of compassion captures the lost reigns of order
Pulls back the curtains for the show, reality reveals the true of the truth
Hold on to your panties, least they be stolen

The gates of hell are open. Demons loom. Threatening all.
Angels called. Defenses secured. War rages on.
Hatred wins.

Love becomes but a flicker of an echo of what it once was
Long forgotten memory, secured deep down below surface normal
In this place you return. Just in time to save the drowning. Last breath of air taken
More work to do. Thank you.

We know who we are. Always have. Distractions abound moving time and space in all directions.
Thermal winds lift wings. Spread mine further. Testing my limits. Take me further.

Touch me here, watch the rest of me crumble, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Phoenix rises only then





3 thoughts on “The Gates of Hell Are Open, Heaven Rises To The Challenge

  1. nicolebreitman says:

    Love reigns. Pinprick of light cuts through the darkness and inserts the yin into the yang. The dark creates the space to not take the light for granted. Love shines through, when the time veil is lifted.

  2. nicolebreitman says:

    Love reigns. A pinpoint of light cuts through the dark, illuminating the yin from within the yang. Both are present and the light is always there, it does not get snuffed out. This all will play out and what goes around comes around. Love is present always when the veil of time is lifted.

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