A Fire Ceremony For Elvis – Reflections in the Flame

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Photo by Hillary Raimo © 2014 all rights reserved
Photo by Hillary Raimo
© 2014 all rights reserved


So much hate in the world today. So much surface normal. Just look at the headlines, or the news.
War resides in all of us. If it is in the collective, it is in the microscopic. What is it that makes us want to kill all the love. All the beauty.
If our body responds to emotion like PTSD, and our lives are effected accordingly, then what does love do to us? It changes everything.
The world around us responds. Either way working to renormalize and balance. No matter what we do? or despite us?

What if we are only here to help it do that. But first we need to be right inside ourselves and with others. We have to make peace.
War keeps us in a state of hate. Constantly producing all kinds of things inside us. Biochemically we emanate. The plants wither and fold.
Scientists say they can feel us, what we think and how we feel. If all we feel is hate then what do they feel? So connected everything is. Not random and separated. Killing is taken for-granted. Seen as a normality. How many of us decide instead to master our heart?

Watching so much love possible everywhere, yet seeing the opposite manifest on larger scales. Our waters are drying up, and monsoon-ing elsewhere. Does it matter what we feel? Of course it does. Ever sit next to a raging mad person? The electricity changes in the air. Quantum changes form and we retreat somewhere inside of ourselves.

Our memories matter. It is our reservoir of power and energy. If our memories are mostly filled with hate we create accordingly. If our memories are of powerful love we draw strength and move forward in ways we need too. When we have the kind of pure love inside of us alchemists have written about for centuries, we hold something extremely sacred. The golden cosmic egg. The elixir of life. The ambrosia of the sublime. And there is something inside the human mind that wants to destroy it. Could that be true for all of us? I look out into the world and I wonder sometimes. So much judgement, racism, hate. So many moments wasted on war within, war without. How do we heal this within the human condition. The inability to see others as human, alive and with soul. A living sentient being. We watch bullies bully, partners fight, gifted ones segregate other gifted ones because of unresolved issues? maybe. Back to war. Killing others, turning blind eyes, laughing at it as if it’s a movie, playing video games that train to destroy life.

What are we doing? When will we come together truly and banish what lives within the human species that decides to attack and meme others in vile ways that seeks to destroy love, in all its expressions.

As we empower ourselves, and our planet by participating in it’s biodynamic systems – realigning with the forces of nature – we see, feel and know better. You cannot be connected to all life and disrespect any part of it. Our lives as we are now on this planet together is a lie. We do not live in countries, states, cities, houses, rooms, on cell phones to further ourselves. We stay there so others can run the show, profit off it, and then walk away without a care. Billionaires from the system, ownership of everything. Ultimate control. Most of humanity is a type of herd. Some are just more predatory.

If you want proof of what I am saying look at our planets water. Watch the weather. Pay attention to the animal dieoffs. Watch a married couple try  to connect, or two teenagers agree on what is right or wrong. Pick a fractal. The earth will rebalance herself with or without us. She does it anyway, everyday regardless of what you believe or think. So why not just connect.

What is the point of being wealthy if you don’t use the money to better the world? Most simply step all over it without any regard for it.

This thing inside us. That makes us tick like a bomb. Where does it hide? Who put it there? Why? Is it really the devil so many fear? Answers nowadays are best found inside yourself. Trust runs low when tides turn red. Bloodshed brings no justice, just as child soldiers bring no love to further generations.

Countries bombing countries for what. People dying by hate brings only more hate. Hate is bred like darkness on a new moon night. Captured in the flow so nothing can grow. All life stops. Nothing returns forward from it. Humans need to savor their connections, nurture them ripe, protect them from this evil that changes form so easily.

That last bit of poison. Slippery when wet. That force that builds on prejudices that have been engrained by pain. The not wanting to ever love again because it hurts to much, or that resentment that we just can’t let go of. Anything to glue it in. Forgetting is not our job now. It brings nothing but false prophets. Remembering saves the container from rust. It keeps it shiny.

Coasts dry up, drought comes, wild fires renew the radiation out of the land that has been poisoned and dried up. Water blooms bacteria so humans stay out. No more they say. You do not honor us. So now when we swim humans get sick. Star fish die in droves. West coast falls off deep into the depths of Earth. An old story come new, because cyclic happenings are real Earth happenings. Billions of year old memories live inside us, biological computers tapping into codes.

Look inside and see where we are leaking oil into our whole system. It is not about kicking people out, it is about linking up and growing together. A concept often misquoted.

If we have no powerful memories of love to conjure when the rapture comes, what emotion will we cross over in? Our mood in death matters. If a portal opened up would you walk thru it? Would it depend on whether it was one of Earth or one of manmade technology? Which would you trust? either way if I did I would be sure to conjure love as I stepped thru. Because it matters what feeling you feel when the time is right.

Hate is so easy. It is well known. Convenient in todays world. It appears to keep us safer. It fools us into separation. Makes it easier to accept the treatment of others. It causes us to self-destruct together, in chaos and disorder.

Conspiracies abound, distracting the awakened from affirmative action. Keeping newly opened eyes peeled towards wanted directions. What good is knowing if you do nothing with it.

Protect the most treasured moments. Keep them safe. Feel at all times and be ok with it. Break the crust.
The future of humanity depends on it.

The Earth is changing. Changing fast. She has to make up time because of how deep the cut runs. Accelerated healing. Trust the connections. Time is short. Big changes are coming, but not the kind you fear.








































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