Way of the Moon ….

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photo by Stacy LaFleur


There exists a love so profound.
So deep. So pure. Inside the greatest depths of who we are.
Here is where we know.
In the art of love, we must practice it.
Over and over, so we know better  the next time we meet it.

Close your eyes and see it, taste it, touch it, feel it.
The memory is real. Alive and doing very well. It has been given a promotion in the cosmic mind.
Raised up to priority status. A must feel place so all can be saved.

The plant realms have been asked to assist us in our evolution to a higher kind.
The call has been put out for the messages. What should they have us know.
Awakened. They are.
We have been.

Justice has been sought. The case has been heard in the highest of courts.
Swift action now takes root deep into the swamps of honey gold liquid.
Guarded by the giant boar who eats left over excuses as to why we can not.

Building ones own castle, is not the same as living in someone else’s.
Anchors land where follow thru rules. No more empty promises.
Roses collected blessing the seven sisters, seeking the 8th.
Infinity requires faith.

Super Full Moons go direct. 5 since the eclipse.
Hateful intentions on the new released forever.
Transferred paintings across the east west poles.
snakes hanging from each arm bite into the heart.
purified fire burns off the lies and half truths.

Help in luxures, found in the ghetto.
Transformation complete.

Cloud cities, thunder beings, lightning strikes again.
Fields of fire flies welcome us home. Wolf spiders congregate.
Spirit trees call in the star beings. Revealed in full.
Spring water offered to all the tree kings and queens.

Counciled well by Miriam forces. Are you an enemy? or a friend?
The answer will determine your experience here in the place of opened ways.
Mermaids swimming round and round, predict the merging of Poseidon and his Queen.

Tridents flying  thru star gates.

In my moment of love, all darkness disappears. The veils thin and finally lift.
Showing everything there is to know. Making love to Jesus. True love teachings experienced.
Opens up the portals in the body and reloads the higher program. Cosmically aligned with higher twines.

2 boys, 1 girl

Chose to birth love,  the beautiful kind. HU that out into the earth.

– Hillary Raimo, New Orleans 8/10/2014








































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