Chip Coffey Confirms Ryan Buell is Bad Business

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Great article by former 4time Emmy award winner for investigative journalism, Lorraine Roe. It is time to call people out on their unethical practices within the spiritual business worlds. Keepining it real takes honest integrity.

Lorraine Roe

Ryan Buell is having business problems, to say the least. The former Paranormal State star has collected thousands of dollars for paranormal events. Many fans are out money for scheduled forums that never happened.
In my last blog I told the story of Buell’s bad business tactics.
Buell- Where Are You?
Now formal Paranormal State co-star Chip Coffey is on record saying real money was paid and never returned to fans.
Here’s the latest report from WTVD-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina:





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  1. It’s encouraging to see the word getting out there. For over 2 years, Ryan Buell and his buddies have hidden all the negative comments by blocking and banning anyone from commenting on any of their pages or websites. They have verbally abused and ridiculed those who make an attempt to speak out. Mr. Buell told me, in person at the Salem Field trip “that bigger people than I can imagine have attempted to sue him and that none will ever succeed”. He was talking to me about the TAPs group. He truly believes that he is above the law. Now he has a problem, his ability to keep the “disgruntled employees or fans” as he calls us, is gone. Truth will out. He has been selling tickets to events that were never booked since at least the Lizzy Borden investigation in 2011. He has gotten bolder since then. Field trips, where folks can pay up to $600 just for an event ticket (not including costs to attend the event) and selling tickets to tours in Canada and the US without ever booking venues. He’s been so bold that he booked this last Canadien tour after not showing up or refunding customers from the previous year’s tour. He believes that he controls everything. He has die heart fans who verbally attack and threaten anyone who speaks up. They use the “cancer” story as a valid reason as to why he cancelled and kept the money. If you carefully read the postings since he told People Magazine that he was in remission, that he never uses the word “cancer”. He implies it and fans who have not yet lost money to him use that word to say that we are haters and don’t care about his health.

    No one from his enclave has come forward with any type of evidence to prove their claims. Those of us who have lost money over the past years have plenty of proof. When they state that “paypal” will refund the money, they know that is a half truth. If it has been more than 45-60 days since you paid them, they will not even open a case for you. You get nothing. If you paid by credit card, you might have 3 months to get a chargeback, which is not a true refund. If you paid by debit card, no refunds for you.
    Thank you for posting the truth. Please keep sharing and investigating this shameless business/people. It might keep someone else from getting screwed. For those who say we are whiners and should just donate the many thousands of dollars to him, I say that it is my choice to donate. I choose reputable organizations who prove where my money goes. If you have so much extra money, why aren’t you donating to him?

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