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What does it mean to recover? To heal?  Is it something that exists within all dimensional fields? A moment of hurt and pain to the system. How do we hold that in our bodies? Where does it live inside us? How does it stop you from moving forward as a species?

Collective wounds reflect what is inside us. Collective wounds sabotage us all. Your pain is humanities pain. The moment of disconnection. The fall of perspective that you are only holy. Seeing yourself or others in any less form is a lie. Lies grow demons. Telling your truth blooms angels. You are the gatekeeper for your own enlightenment. Is the beast that stands on your path a distraction or a gift for your life? How you see it matters.

Collective wounds distract us from our united state of peace.

How we recover from the wound matters. If we heal in negative lights, we will shine that back in the world. If we heal in lights of infinite love, the omnipotent force of healing creation that comes from our Earth, we recover fully.

How do you heal a collective wound? My sister and I have a theory.

It starts with oneself. You look and look inside yourself until you find the ugliest, darkest corner of yourself and you shine light on it. A loving all seeing kind of love. The kind of love that loves you no matter what you are, or where you are, or who you are kinda love. Completely and unconditionally solid. You love yourself in your most ugliest places. Those places that want to destroy you and all your light, that place of concentrated self-hate. It takes a kind of concentrated love to penetrate that fortress of ingrained core belief memories of when you learned you were anything but holy. The original memory of that uprooted. It takes a special kind of serious no nonsense love to break that energy up. Could you do it?

Some say what we do in the microscopic effects the collective, that what we do in our own individual lives somehow ripples out into the collective. What if the collective could ripple out to us first? How do you start a healing in the collective forces of life?

Let’s do an experiment.

My sister and I sat and discussed this and how it would act itself out in 3D life. So here is our theory. Backed by synchronistic signs and serious Earth confirmations.

My sister and I are headed to New Orleans in the next week or so. I just had major surgery, a large tumor removed from my throat. All went well and through it as I was held in many prayers and ceremonies from those who love me I received a message while I was under. Into the underworld I went, deep and intricate of a place it is. I saw the images I saw. I saw a lot of things in there. I saw the unhealed wounds of humanity. I saw the Earth wounds projected onto her by so many misunderstandings. I saw places light up and ask to be seen so they could be loved. It was a powerful experience.

As I shared my story with my sister we talk about what was going on in our life right at that moment. We were both being greatly distracted by hate and dark energies cursing through the ethers that particular day. Earlier that same day our mother had given my sister a stack of old magazines. In the stack was this May 2014 issue. My sister pulled it out and started reading it. She passed it onto me.



“A mysterious beast captures your attention. Is it distracting you or calling you? It can be hard to tell, says Zen teacher John Tarrant, what’s distraction and what could have real meaning for your life. Either way, there’s no going back.”

“Flying between blue sky and dark space, Superman closes his eyes and just listens. In that moment, he’s Avalokiteshvara, the embodiment of compassion, who hears all the cries of the world.”

My sister and I talked about distraction. We talked about our wounds. We talked about the wounds of our family, our ancestors. We talked about how distractions could stop us from going to New Orleans, or it could stop us from dreaming the dream. We talked about the stuff recently that had kept us from getting together. We saw what had happened. I was wearing my hand of Miriam pendant that day to protect me from any negative energies coming my way or trying to influence my recovery. My sister noticed it and looked closer at it asking me what that was. She mentioned she had just seen that same symbol in a bead store earlier that day with our mom. We stopped what we were doing and we knew our Grandmother was coordinating something again. The magazine was a calling card from the dreamtime, one we could track. And we did.


We were paying very close attention. Going to New Orleans would be a major healing component to our families blood line. Our YIN. We had just learned from our newly found french relatives back in January 2014 our family owned a hotel in New Orleans a long time ago. My sister and I were being called to go there to do ceremony and make offerings to our ancestors and also to  the Earth. The way this was synchronistically forming was reminiscent of our journey to Cape Cod in April of 2014 that led us to the Love, Breathe for Earth messages.

We both agreed spirit had told us we needed to go to New Orleans for this reason. To heal our family. Then we remembered Katrina.


And how much of a wound that is for our country. Why do  the wounds of the united states matter? Because the united states has a lot of power on this planet. And when someone or something has a tremendous amount of power their wounds will effect them. They will seep up in the most amazingly clever ways. So anyone or anything with that much power needs to have a clear conscious in their decisions, planetary actions, and everything needs to be aligned with the heart – the true brain of the body. My sister and I saw a connection between what we were doing for our own personal healing as well as a larger healing on a collective level.

My sister has made special Earth prayer bead bracelets for each of our global mediations with Love, Breath for Earth. Each real stone bead was a part of my grandmother Miriams bead collections that she left to my sister after she died. We made special bracelets for the May 18th event, which was blessed by the Dalai Lama. As well as our June 8th event when I was in Cairo. She  tells the story of each event in a special hand picked bead to symbolize each precious synchronistic sign. This is her creative ripple in the world from the work we are doing. I paint the love grids we all breathe across the planet. I track each city of each person who joins in and I paint the symbol of that into my energy portal paintings. I put in the cities, the latitude and longitudes that we land on, the major astrological events that day, all of it is tracked in each painting. My paintings are keeping track of the ceremonies and messages coming through the portals. Each painting is a portal and dramatically changes the energy of the space it is hung in. (A story for another time).


May 18th Love Grid energy painting by Hillary Raimo
May 18th Love Grid energy painting by Hillary Raimo


My sister and i discussed where we would be on our next global meditation, August 8th 2014. 8/8 is turning into a major consciousness event. We have people joining in from all over the world. Each one creates a point on the global map (those that tell us where they are) that gets tracked so we can see the grid each one of us helps create across the planet each time we gather. Our intentions are to ripple the love across the globe. Each person who participates recalls their most beautiful memory of love and focuses on feeling that love fill their body for a few moments.  Then they consciously exhale their sacred holy breath out into the air around them as an offering of love to the Earth. This simple act erases cultural differences, religious ideals, complicated protocols, and eliminates the question of what is love? Love is a feeling that stimulates a chemical reaction within the body. As the chemical worlds of alchemy churn within you, you begin to engage the natural world around you. Within  that stimulation the realms around you react appropriately. Thus begins a chain reaction that uplifts all dimensions within the physical world. Secrets long held within mystery schools, secret groups and societies are released when we reclaim our own divinity and choose love. We no longer simply intellectualize them as theories, we begin to actualize and make the teachings experiential. This is what people are now ready for. THE EXPERIENCE.

So on August 8th (8/8), after having traveled to New Orleans to offer our love in a sacred way on the land of our ancestors (btw you all have them too! Do you know yours? Do you know where YOUR ancestral lands are?) and to the collective UNITED STATES wound of Katrina. In a symbolic gesture of UNITING STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND INFUSING LOVE. So that the/one of the biggest power mongers on this planet gets a shot of love to upgrade this countries immune system of hate, unjust ways, and start to make things right and geared towards HUMANE ACTION AND WAY OF LIFE. That is the prayer. On a personal note the collective reflects the microscopic as my sister and I pray for peace within our family line. That includes – biological family, spiritual family, star seed family, earth family! The family of planet earth! Take it as far as you can.

We decided on 8/8 we will go to the land of our childhood. We lived next to an old train station growing up. We would carve our initials in the bricks as would everyone else. We can still see the echoes of our childhood written on the bricks now all these years later. On 8/8 we will make a pilgrimage to the train station and find our childhood symbols and we will make a new symbol 8/8 healing the childhoods of ourselves, our families, of humanity for infinity.


We will breathe the love of that feeling into/out to the Earth. We will make that feeling of memory within us and we will offer that to the grid of love we create around the globe. When I paint that grid it will hold the healing energy of the child. The Unicorn. That state of consciousness that is unstained, innocent, pure, and able to imagine a world filled with love, delight, peace, and joy. The energy of the child that brings hope of new life and new vision. The vision of a healed whole recovering wound for ourselves, our family, our brothers and sisters around the world. As well as the major power structures that are in place now. A return of innocence. A return of heart. A return to compassion for self and others.

As we discussed our path and what was making it known as we conversed in a powerful twine, I saw October 8th. It was the next full lunar eclipse in the current two year cycle. The first was on April 15th, 2014 – my birthday and subject of my very first painting. We decided we would collect beads on our New Orleans pilgrimage, bless them on the 8/8 event date with the love and innocence and beauty of the magical child energy and healed family essence, and then on October 8th we would make a pilgrimage to the 9/11 memorial in New York City. We would gather all that energy in honoring of healing wounds and bring it to the now largest reminder of our national woundage – the WE WILL NEVER FORGET – collective mantra of 9/11. An act of terror that has led to more deaths and more destruction over the last 13 years then it has in healing, an act of terror that has taken away rights and liberties we once held dear. In place of the two towers now stands a giant obelisk created and conjured with the highest magic of all the lands. Sacred architecture. Symbolic in every way right down to the clearing of the lot. In the Fall of 2001 my sister and I found our way down to the site and had an extraordinary adventure that landed us right on the site. I had a very powerful and potent experience there that day as well.

What could be more collective then 9/11. What has stamped its pain on our hearts and psyche more then 9/11 in recent history. 9/11 changed the world. Because it was trying too. And the more you and everyone else continues to harbor the pain, the hatred, the act of terror within you – the more that site gets powered up with an energy opposite of love.


On October 8th my sister and I will return to the 9/11 site together for the first time since 2001. We will bring the beads from New Orleans, the grid of love from the 8/8 event, and we will return a piece of the building I was gifted that day back in 2001 back to the site as we love, Breathe for Earth right there in the middle of all of it. We will anchor and connect everyone who is joining us on October 8th there in the healing of the collective wound as a symbolic and very real application of love to ourselves, our families, our Earth, our culture, our country, our collective power systems and more. It has been 13 years since her and I stepped onto that hallowed ground. This will be our first time there together in its recovered state. Utilizing the magic tools of  those in power to redirect the energies to Earth and to healing the collective psyche. It will be done on the 1st Full Lunar eclipse since April 15th. It will bridge the love and the conception of a new life for every living sentient being on this planet.

First the background.
“The Summer of 2014 will be bathed in moonlight as three perigee supermoons occur in consecutive months: July 12, August 10 and September 9.” Perigee simply means that the Moon is closest to Earth compared to other lunation’s. Why the ‘Super’? Due to the change in distance between the moon’s farthest and closest points, the full moon can appear as much as 14% larger in the sky and 30% brighter to our eyes than at minimum size and brightness. The August 10th Full Moon will be the Super-est of them all: the July 12 and September 9 Full Moons will occur on the DAY of Perigee, which is cool enough; but the August 10 Full Moon will occur at the same HOUR of Perigee. August 10 will be a powerful day. Then, after the 3MoonSuperMoon series – on October 8 the 2nd of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses (a Tetrad series) will occur. The Supermoons are prepping us for that tidal surge by building up the tidal surge of our buoyancy. Series of 3, Series of 4. Lunations. Eclipses. 2nd in a Tetrad. Patterns emerge.” – Carol Ann Ciocco, Astrologer

After three potent super moons, (the one closest to 8/8 is direct, and remember the energy of the moons is the three days before and three days after. 8/8 is in it big time. This is a power up to the healing of the child, the family, the peace) … on 10/8 my sister and I will be on site at the 9/11 memorial breathing love to the Earth. Together, all of us worldwide, will aid in the healing of the collective wound for all of us, and bring that recovering healed love to the Earth in a sacred and symbolic gesture of higher consciousness. If that is not an awesome thing I don’t what is.



The Earth has done her part. Back while in hurricane Sandy, the 9/11 site was inundated with water and cleansed by our own ocean water. Mama earth was blessing the ground herself and she did a very good job of it. On 10/8 we help her do it again.


9/11 site during hurricane Sandy
9/11 site during hurricane Sandy

To top it off after a spectacular day of connecting with fellow humanity. After loving the recovery and healing process to the highest degree we can, and fulfilling our pilgrimage. We will spend the night in the Tesla room at the Hotel New Yorker. This has eluded me for many years. I have made plans, and always cancel. For one reason or another – distraction? – maybe. But sometimes timing is everything. We will meditate the Love Breathe for Earth mantra inside Nikola Tesla room at the Hotel New Yorker on the full moon lunar eclipse. This will be symbolic of our intentions riding the waves of free energy for all.

As I recover from my surgery, as we pilgrimage to sites in New Orleans, onto lands of our childhood, as we find peace within the family, and choose love, as we override and discern between distractions and real signs, we will trek to the biggest wound of our collective lifetime, the 9/11 site, and make it an act of reclaiming our sovereign rights as divine loving human(e) sentient beings. Will you join us?






























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