The resting queen attracts the catalyst.
Humming the vibration of life.
Sound is the last sense to go.
Through the open gates.

OM the cords before you cut them.
Send the love out. Clear the channels of dust.
Sacred cosmic dew settles closer.

Painted symbols on the body.
Alchemy rises. Like the heat.
Upward into realms beyond.
Holding onto nothing.
Standing strong.

Claim power on your own
without the help of the other.
So you can share everything.
Co-creation masters. Think what you will.
Then own it.

Opening gates and portals.
Know who you belong too.
Connect deeper, streaming love real time.
In the moment holds great power.
Claim it.

Act like you want it.
And it will come.
Domes on the horizon.

Supported better in ones own power.
Rested twines better.
Warrior rises.
Medicine power.

It is always about us.
We, the together. Joined.
Web of creation, sacred spider.
Weaving webs of visions and dreams.

We weave webs and sounds. Harmonies.
Some are better then others. Either way solid in effect.
Angels are here, blessing. Ancestors gather.
Holding it down,  so love can rise.

Delicate fabrics hold creation together. Blood spills easily.
Spinning portal doors open wide. So inviting. No more pain.
Feel that. Now create accordingly.
Choose love. Then breathe that out to the Earth.
Life directions included.

You are forever connected to whose hand you hold at the time of death.
Sacred birth.

Go towards the light. Let it love you. Let it in to all of you. Then love it back until you are one.
One. With everything.
Feeling that keeps the gates of Heaven open.
















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