Summer Solstice Message 2014 – What If We All Love…Then Breathe?

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What if we saw less darkness, and saw more light?
What if we saw less ugly, and saw more beauty?
Can we intentionally change our sight?
What if.

What if for one day on the longest day of the year, when the light is its most potent, we loved the light, for the Earth?
What if the sisters did it together? Power in numbers.
What if the brothers joined in? Power in balance.

What would this all look like?
What if we all just did it from everywhere?
No matter where that is.
Our collective NOW.

What if we all aligned together in the heart and came together?
How would that feel inside you?
What if we added that level of love from our bodies through our sacred breath …. to the Earth?

They say the sands in Africa inseminate the Jungles of South America.
The last time we Loved…then Breathed (June 8th)….. We had a group at the great pyramid in Cairo.
The sands were loved.
We had a group in Peru and Ecuador.
The Jungles were loved.
Love was conceived.

That rippled outward through the Earth. Shook her to her core.
Powerful love returned to sacred ground.
Holy mission.
Higher kind.

What if the work we do really matters?
What if we all love … then breathe?
How would we contribute to our own healing?
What would that look like?




Still believe you are powerless?










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