I still remember, do you?
That state of pristine.


A time when no time ruled.
A space of uninterrupted bliss.

I can see it all so clearly.
Future yet to come?

A state of belief
duality of pure equilibrium.
Essence free
no container needed.


Sacred exchange honored
no ego trips.

Holy ones for all.
Devine union.


I remember the purity of essence.
Rare form these days.
Everyone has caught a dilution of love.
Increased in yield by distrust.

Like children born to only know love, taught everything less.
Human quality control.

Re-turn the vision.





2 thoughts on “Love, Breath, Earth …. Sunday June 8th 1pm all time zones

  1. Garnet says:

    I remember too 🙂

  2. I remember it well it was a place called atlantis and i was there twice and i saw it again when i arrived at the land of Khem Love & Light

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