"April Blood Moon Portal" painting by Hillary Raimo. 2014 Acrylic

“April Blood Moon Portal” painting by Hillary Raimo. 2014 Acrylic

The portal of giving and receiving.  Heartfire. The philosophers stone. Passed on from one guardian to the next. Upside down or right side up depends on where your mind is at. Holy perspective. Holding on to only that which we promised to do. The sacred work continues on. Fulfilling prophecy happens. Even when we aren’t looking. Nature works regardless. It is done that way for a reason.

Elementals reaching through. Ghosts to us in shades of hue. Yet there they stand doing their work too. Dimensional holes in temples of royal Yin. Opened for a short time. It is good to know when. Handed through as the passing of, passes through, you must hold out your hand. Left is for receiving. The chemical reaction at the meeting point, the place where two dimensions touch, the eye of the storm. Alchemical reaction to the feeling of first contact. Infused with the moment of innocent purity. Mixed just right into a swirl of trust and infinity.

The feeling of creation in color. New universes bloom. Life moves forward. Never losing a single drop of the original intention. Fractals ripple and diffract outward.

Gravity reverses.

Time stands still.

Everything opens.
In this space love is honored.





2 thoughts on “Portals of Color Open

  1. Vicki Dobbs says:

    Reading your words after seeing your work adds an entirely new dimension to the art. Evoking, eliciting, engaging the eyes, the heart and the mind. Love it Hillary.

    1. Thank you Vicki. I am excited about this new adventure and I love what it has already taught me. Hope you are well sister.

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