Prayers for Now

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photo by Hillary Raimo
photo by Hillary Raimo

Show me what I need to see spirit.
I am open to your holy grace. I feel the connection to the Earth and Sky.
I leave everything else aside for now.

My body feels the shift. It reacts accordingly.
Systems I thought would support have crumbled and disappeared.
I am left with only my body and my spirit to lean on.
So I am leaning.

I have buried my holy chalice.
Golden cups have been emptied.
No more offerings lay on the altar.
All have been accepted by the spirits of place.
Thankfully we surrender.

This is my prayer today.
As the rain falls gently.
As spring comes and the buds begin to show.
As my garden starts to come back to life.
As my soul is cleansed.
I feel the tides changing.

I have made peace with all that is.
I release other peoples judgments and visions.
I seek my own now.

I love because that is what I am.
I know I have touched God in another.
I have felt the holy twine.

We raise our levels of acceptance together.
We see the positive future and we trust it will manifest.
We release what needs releasing to keep that from happening.
We put all our efforts into this.

Together we pray. Together we offer. Together we make love.
Together we create abundance. Together we raise the dome.
Together we balance with the obelisks.
Together we are what we are, as I am what I am.
Darkness to light.














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