Solar Eclipse Message Unveils the Sacred Breath of HU

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128 tornados touch down.  1+2+8= 11 11 is a gateway
128 tornados touch down.
1+2+8= 11
11 is a gateway

128 tornados in one storm, before then, 98 for the whole year. Omen?
Emotions create the weather. Extreme produces extreme. Calm produces calm…. clears clouds & makes circles.

Synergy creates and changes the atmosphere. It charges it with a kind of energy that  the atmosphere around us feels and responds to accordingly.

All emotions charge the air around us. Spreading through the water crystals in  the air. Pulled by electromagnetic fields.

Supernaturals know this. They tend to their hearts carefully knowing the consequences to be cosmic. Dragons use their fire wisely.

Taiga, also known as boreal forest, is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches. It circles the upper regions of the poles.

Awhile back I wondered at the connection between the quality of light the aurora brings in, and the quality of light the plant kingdom there  consumes.  How does this spread throughout the rest of the Earth?


The boreal forest covers 12 million km2 and accounts for about 1/3 of the planet’s forests, making it one of the largest biomes in the world (Lakehead University 2007). Found between 50° and 60° northern latitude, just south of the Arctic circle, the boreal forest stretches over the northern hemisphere in a large, circumpolar band across Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Scandinavia.


When this rare special light comes, it charges the largest biome on Earth.  It then produces an influx of fresh oxygen into our planet by way of its EXHALE. The oxygen then travels  throughout our planet by way of the weather infusing the electromagnetic light and fresh air into all that is on our planet. It is the mothers breath that revitalizes the whole system. Cosmic light into breath.  Infused through the entire system by way of the plant realm and weather.

Some things are just so connected no matter what you do to try and break them up, consciously or otherwise, it simply can’t be done.

The quality of light matters.


As I sit out under the stars I know what comes is special. I know what flickers off millions of light years away, still as my eyes stare, it lands inside me. The light stops traveling once it meets the IRIS and the data it carries travels  to my brain. Where it mixes with my emotions.

I love, and then I breathe. My exhale sends out carbon dioxide that feeds the plant realm. In return for their loving inhale of cosmic light, and exhale spreading life giving oxygen to all of us, we in turn return the favor. Mixing it with our emotions. If we love first, before we exhale, we do the whole planet a favor. We increase the yield. Most people inhale and exhale unconsciously, unaware of what they are doing, let alone understand the connection between their emotions, thoughts and the rest of the ecosystem.

Yesterdays solar eclipse message was LOVE, THEN BREATHE.  The earth doesn’t choose to love, it just simply does. Why don’t we? The Earth lets the whole work. It trusts the system to do what it was created to do. Why don’t we? Humanity has become completely disconnected from nature, from Earth. The Earth mirrors to us how to BE at peace with all that is. It shows us how to rejuvenate. How to bring balance. How to love unconditionally without attachment or fear. The earth works. Why don’t we?

This infusion of NEW BREATH is symbolic of how we can give back. The breath is sacred. Life giving. reciprocal and none of it is ever wasted. We do it automatically, naturally. It is built into our design. We don’t have to think about it, plan for it, choose to do it. It simply happens because it is meant too, part of the whole, an integral part of the natural machine nature is.

So when you inhale my breath, or I inhale yours, we become the macrocosm. We model it in all of its holy perfection.


I bet it matters what emotion you infuse into it.


Love matters. Because it changes everything. It infuses a quality. Like different light creates different wavelengths. Aurora is pure, and because of the quality of the light medicine fed to the trees and plant realms, the entire planet breathes better. It brings healthy by way of the infusion. It cures stagnant air, and captured weather patterns. Including those manmade by humans who can’t see past their own egos. Even their grandiose ideas cannot interfere with the cosmic connection we are. No matter how much they charge or deep in profit.

Who you share your breath with matters. What you feel about yourself, them and  the world around you at the time matters.  In one concentrated breath you can illuminate a mind and mend all hearts. As one. In a holy union all possibility pulses around you.

Love, then breathe.
Into me, into you.
Savor the flow.


I am connected and committed to Love. Because I am that I am. Darkness to light I grow.
I feel the breath of the cosmic light swirl inside and all around me. I welcome it. I open to being all I can be in my empowered heart space. I seek to share what I know with those who are ready. Synchromystic I am. Synchromystic I flow. This level of tracking simply can’t be faked. Holy and true.

I breathe like the Earth breathes, so do you.
What you do with that is up to you.

Love, then breathe.



























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