Twin Synergy Sisters Reunite & Ignite the Gnostic Flame

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Last night night on the beach with my blood sister we meditated with the stars. It was one of the most profound meditations I’ve ever done. Together we linked up in consciousness and we were able to co-create a field of energy that expanded out around us. The clouds above us separated and created a gigantic circle that continued to widen further and further. We saw an inverted triangle out deep on the ocean and it stayed there the entire night. At times it would layer and tier and when it shifted her and I would see the same thing.

We experimented with the sensations of sensual telepathy and observed when we both saw the same thing in our vision, on the ocean or in the sky. Several shooting stars fell, some stars actually moved, and finally as we both shifted our perspectives we saw what looked like a giant screen with fuzzy static like when your TV loses a channel. Together we tested the shifts in perspective as we moved the energy and spoke up about what we saw and how our bodies felt within the shifts of perspective.

It was divine.

I made the connection between being blood sisters, having the same yin run thru our veins, vs having tried to do this with others who are not blood related. There is an outstanding difference. My grandmother Miriam came in and we realized how she had helped coordinate the last several weeks of events so my sister and I would be sitting right here and now. The synchronisticy of it all was huge. She had helped clear the slate, free me of all attachments, even down to being invited to the Cape by my friend Maria (also the name of my teacher & sister Maria) in a whirlwind of unexpected connections.

The mermaids led the way as we spotted them everywhere we went. The love crystals showed up in antique stores, put away in corners way out of view, drawn in like a magnet I would find them. My sister and I were in a particularly kick ass awesome antique store and as we stood in front of a case of jewelry items, a large crystal heart started to rock back and forth. She pointed it out to me and we both stood there watching this heart shake while nothing else in the case was moving. In hindsight we wish we had video taped it because it was extraordinary. So she bought it for me. It had a mark on it that said Baccarat France. Having just met my french relatives back in January of this year in Crystal River Florida where I was initiated with the manatees and the energy lines of Atlantis and the merpeople, this was an especially important sign and significance.


So home it went with me after being cleansed in the Atlantic ocean. As we sat out under the stars last night it became clear to me that the love & mermaid theme showing up was an indicator of the family line, my own bloodline, as if asking me to trace it even further. That I needed to go to France to stay with my relatives and tour the castles and track down the Voynich Manuscript that has enchanted me since I saw it last Fall. It was all falling into place.

As my sister and I meditated and took turns saying what we saw, and as the interaction between the Ocean and the cloud people became tangible we both received some extraordinary guidance.


I could see how we would work together in ceremony and build the energies together. I could see how we were both able to maintain that space very well, and how that could manifest in the future. I saw how when families work together in this way, especially blood relatives, it turns the human body on in ways that simply cannot be done in any other way. The work we did last night revealed secrets beyond what I had even begun to understand and tremendous healing was taking place for both her and I. It was a genetic cleansing, a generational transformation, and Miriam had helped coordinate it from the other side. We tracked the events and saw her clearly intervening and severely moving pieces of things in and out as she deliberately moved this and that around. It was truly inspiring to reflect on and we found much medicine in laughter as we cried tears of joy and offered them to the Earth and the ocean.

We just had to keep working on and moving through the human nuances that block this level of work for many reasons. If we could do that, we would be returning to a way of life that, for the most part, has been lost to the collective masses. If we could keep the HEARTSPACE clear and harmonious, it would revitalize this energy and together, the WE, we would be able to work with it in ways that would be important to the betterment of all.

I saw my ancestors and my descendants yet to come standing in line with us as we all aligned together to do the work multi-dimensionally. It was a mutual vision as she described what I was seeing, and I described to her what I was seeing. Together the sisters healed and the matrix of our world was revealed through the elements around us.

I saw the why’s of how recent events had transpired, and I saw the work that was to be done and how what was here in my world presently was going to assist it. Nothing had happened by accident and everything that had happened was completely meant too. I saw who would come in to my space and assist me, us, and I saw how we were to proceed. It was a beautiful and mutual vision.


I saw how if the sisters gathered, if they meditated together, if they lifted the veils together, if the bloodline families (which is ALL of us) were to heal and do this work together it would benefit all worlds around us creating an extraordinary realm of synergy that would heal many things and revitalize us, them, and all that is. I saw why this work within the FAMILY was important. Most families barely get along, let alone do higher spiritual work together. Most seek out and find their spiritual families to do this work with, and do their best when they return to their biological families and try to deal with all the drama and heartache. The family is what needs to heal so the blood relatives can work together in this advanced way. It creates a power that is even stronger then partner fields.


I was shown exactly what to do with the Voynich manuscript I’ve been courting for many months now. I saw why I had been led to it. I saw a kind of deciphering that simply was not typical for our day and age. I saw the medicinal element to my own personal life and how it was meant to give me the experience needed to go further into the world it describes so well.


I saw the link ups, the twines, the fields created, the hows & whys. It was clear. What our bodies are capable of when working in tune with the elements and worlds/realms around us is fascinating.

Being at the ocean is calming for me. It moves me into a state of creative harmony and bliss. It moves needed energy, and brings a kind of transcendence to my state of being that no other landscape does. The water is calming to my natural fire element, the way a lover can calm the inner fire of passion in the full manifestation of it so it can complete itself and evolve into its highest state of expression, which is what all things ultimately seek.

Our fire last night was a perfect mirror of this.


The swan showing up in my backyard showed the power of the gentle magnetic pull.


Our few short days at the Cape had already revealed so much. I wondered at what would be revealed next as my sister and I agreed to do it again the following night and every night until we leave. We made a pact to work together like this now, here, through the New Moon and into the deeper cycles arranging around us.

Hillary Raimo
Cape Cod April 2014

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