gamma ray emissions from the Galactic Center…Darker Matter is colliding to produce these bursts

gamma ray emissions from the Galactic Center…Darker Matter is colliding to produce these bursts


It’s a level of consciousness you can achieve. Through the human body.  Together with your beloved. They have to be the one. The one you can give all of yourself too. The one who can let you in all the way in every way and vice versa.  It will be reflected outward in the Universe somewhere. You will see it manifest in the worlds around you. Together you are plurality in singularity.

Hebrew word for God is Elohim, this word is a plural noun. Yet the verb that goes with it is in the singular. a hint of the Trinity; plurality in singularity.

Plurality in singularity. There is something about that sentence that turns all of me on. Every single last neuron in my brain lights up. All the way. Illuminated to my greatest depths and furthest heights. When I imagine the feeling of it, all of me goes there. I feel every single cell shift inside me as I feel my body move slightly to the right.

In that place of dimensional movement, let your beloved touch you with the same openness.

In the beginning. Bereshith. Genesis, the beginning or origin of anything.
Meet your beloved there. In that space. Plurality in singularity. Let all worlds go and feel the gathering of your cosmic energies. Concentrated form. Gather all of your dimensional selves into one place. Both of you do this, then you touch. Let the feeling of that ripple through your body and emanate outward into beyond.  Touch your 3rd eye to 3rd eye and see. Reach the climactic rift in the time space continuum and OM together the vibration through both of your bodies in that state of love. There is where you are destined to twine as twin flames, soul mates, other haves of wholes, whole in one, THE ONE.

The first three words of the Bible; bereshith bara Elohim, refer to history (there was a beginning, bereshith), then to creation (bara, he created), and then to the Creator, Elohim.

Elhm is the root word for Element.

Gathering of elementals. Supernaturals. Raw forms convene to forge.

The name Yahweh is somehow connected in origin, so linguists believe, with the name by which God revealed Himself to Abraham in Genesis 15:7, and even more clearly to Moses in Exodus 3:14. This name is Ehyeh or I am, implying I exist, I am alive.

I am alive. Find me within your beloved. So they may find me within you. This is how I create through you. Through the other. Mirrors of perfect clarity. See with better eyes, SHEN when two eyes become one. Plurality in Singularity. 

The 72 names of God (El) are held within the Tetragrammaton. The Sigillum dei Aemeth conceals but can reveal the true name of God, it also reveals the true names of the Seven Archangels who stand before the Lord at the End of days.


The Sigillum Dei Aemeth, or Seal of the Truth of God, is most widely known through the writings and artifacts of John Dee, a 16th century occultist and astrologer in the court of Elizabeth I. While the sigil does appear in older texts of which Dee was probably familiar, he was not happy with them and ultimately gained guidance from angels to construct his version.

Dee inscribed the sigil on circular wax tablets. He would commune via a medium and a “shew-stone” with the angels, and the tablets were used in preparing the ritual space for such communication. One tablet was placed upon a table, and the shew-stone upon the tablet. Four other tablets were placed beneath the legs of the table.

Dee’s system of angelic magic, known as Enochian, is heavily rooted in the number seven, a number which is also strongly connected with the seven traditional planets of astrology. As such, the Sigillum Dei Aemeth is primarily constructed of heptagrams (seven-pointed stars) and heptagons (seven-sided polygons).

The Outer ring contains the names of seven angels, each associated with a planet.

Thaaoth (Mars)
Galaas (Saturn)
Gethog (Jupiter)
Horlwn (Sun)
Innon (Venus)
Aaoth (Mercury)
Galethog (Luna)

These are the Angels of Brightness, who comprehend the seven “inward powers of God, known to none but himself.”

Inside the outer ring are seven symbols based on the letters forming “Galethog,” with “th” being represented by a single sigil. The name can be read counter-clockwise. These seven sigils are the “Seats of the One and everlasting GOD. His 7 secret Angels proceeding from every letter and cross so formed: referring in substance to the FATHER: in form, to the SON: and inwardly to the HOLY GHOST.”

The names of the “Seven Angels who stand before the presence of God,” each also associated with a planet, were written vertically into a 7-by-7 grid. By reading the grid horizontally, you get the seven names listed in the outer heptagon. The seven original names were:

Zaphkiel (Saturn)
Zadkiel (Jupiter)
Cumael (Mars)
Raphael (Sun)
Haniel (Venus)
Michael (Mercury)
Gabriel (Moon)

Interesting Mars will be so close so soon. I just wrote a love letter to Mars. (See Blog Archive)

Thaaoth (Mars)
Cumael (Mars)

When I goggle Thaaoth, Thoth comes up. The symbol of Thoth is the Eye.

The answers are in the measurements of his body in relation to the tools he is holding. The ancients measured everything. The manifestation of the truth was found in them. The human body was a sacred tool. It held within it all the laws of the cosmos. All you have to do is decode it properly.

Released in an article 4 days ago, scientists announced that the center of our galaxy is teeming with gamma rays, which originate from interactions between binary systems, isolated pulsars, supernova remnants, and particles colliding with interstellar gas. It’s in this active region that astronomers expect to find the highest density of dark matter, which would make itself known by imparting some gravitational effect on visible matter; dark matter helps bind matter into things like galaxies.

Here is the full article link:


I see you. See your beloved from a higher state of consciousness. Let go of  the dark and let it gather to create and bind new worlds,  it is a force of creation too. Nothing is ever black or white, nor just shades of gray. Color lives within the cracks because life forms there. It will always be seen between you and your beloved on a microscopic scale. An event horizon between two  people – plurality in singularity. When it’s the real thing, and it is reciprocated, it manifests in your world as a sign of what is coming.


Photo by Hillary Raimo

While most people decode the eye as a modern day negative symbol, the ancients saw it as a manifestation of the inner and outer worlds. How did they know that dark matter gathered in the galactic rift in the shape of an eye?

Perhaps the same way Shamans in the jungles knew the internal cellular structure of their plants by way of shamanic journey through medicinal elements within them. John Dee was also highly connected with the Voynich Manuscript. The Voynich manuscript clearly shows the use and recipes of plants and their medicinal properties.

It is a combination of astrology, symbolism, human bodies, plant kingdoms, angels/spirits, timing, and the grand element of love. The synchromysticism of it all will show you exactly what signs to follow, how to track it and what to do with it all. To FEEL the truth of this combining of elemental forces is what activates the human body into a state of chiasm. A complete orgasm of the total being, with all your dimensional chi, gathered in concentrated cosmic form. Touch is the missing link, the rainbow bridge.


Today we know that every area of hand forms a reflex zone for an associated part of the brain. And the hands, with their multitudes of nerve endings, occupy a significant portion of this neural tissue. Neural imaging experiments on mudras have demonstrated not only their ability to activate specific portions of the brain, but alter brainwaves and create specific physiological states.

This proves that touching your beloved, your twin flame, in the state of consciousness that produces the connection to the deepest and highest places within us, in that place of plurality in singularity it activates, stimulates, and turns ON our godheads within us. We create the ‘in  the beginning’ state of creation.

If we pay close enough attention and track the timing of the alignments and pray in our unions during the times when the portals are open we will be able to enter into those realms and places not only in a sense of understanding but in a sense of whole being experience. No realm is left out. It is totality. We then practice this state of being over and over until we can simply move into it naturally, with ease, and at peace in our efforts to do so. We let all worlds go in order to set into the one truth of the state of God. The experience and total immersion into it with no separation. The FEELING of plurality in singularity. The holy trinity incarnate. Two beloveds create the singularity between them. Within them and all around them.

You know yourself thru the eyes of your other. If you don’t like how they see you, see them differently first. Move into a space and concentrate yourself into your holiest form. Touch them while there and transfer the love. Expand it into their heart and let it come back into you as they give theirs to you. It is a give and a take. It is back and forth. It is mutual common orgasm in body. It is the together that bridges the two perfected forms and creates from there.

You will know because the other will confirm you by way of the power of their love for you. To take and give within this most concentrated space takes a great amount of discipline, commitment, and complete lack of fear.  You must be open and willing to love and be loved like never before. It will dissolve who you are by way of your ego and ask that you stand naked in who you truly are and be seen in  that state by another. It is witness and confirmation to your beauty, your light, your power, your life. It is to be seen by the eyes of God within you and  your beloved at once. The power of plurality in singularity.

It is time to partner with the one who can hold this state of being with you, along side of you, and stay strong.

This is the experience of human technology and love in the 5th world cosmology. It is new for everyone. It is the answer to peace within the male and female divine energies, it is the micro solution to macro imbalances. It is humanities true state of being incarnated emanating outward through everything. Like the love of beloveds for each other.
















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