This month, Mars will have its closest encounter with Earth since December 2007. The reason has to do with orbital mechanics. As Earth and Mars trace their elliptical orbits around the sun, the distance between the two planets varies dramatically. There are times when the separation amounts to almost 250 million miles (400 million kilometers). On April 14, that separation narrows to a mere 57 million miles (92 million kilometers).

“These opportunities only come about every two years,” said Alan MacRobert, senior editor for Sky & Telescope magazine. “Most of the time, Mars is pretty darn far away.”

Fantastic. Just what I need added to the mix. Every Summer Mars comes in and these are the dog days of Summer.  Well they seem to be MY ‘in heat’ dog days of Summer anyway. Last Summer was no small exception. Every year mars shines on brightly in the sky and every year it throws me into a field of no holds barr-let it all hang out-kind of energy. My sexual energy rises like a full ripe moon over the horizon, intense, my body reacts like its been caged up for centuries. I know to watch for this time when Mars comes close. I know this about myself and I honor it. Why it has this affect on me – I’m sure I could figure it out but all I know for sure is…is that it does.

And now Mars is coming closer and closest on April 14th. The day before my birthday, my solar return, on a Full Moon Lunar eclipse. Okay God you have my full attention. Why. I will only ask why once before I submit to the trust. But goddamn the timing is surreal. Really?

I will be on pilgrimage in Colorado doing ceremony, and I am grateful for the cosmic alignment support. Maybe I will wake up glowing a slight hue of purple, or maybe I’ll be radioactive, or maybe I’ll just dream peacefully and see those I love surround me in that love simply letting it happen.

I am and have been watching closely the energies as we prepare to gather. I know this is a big solar return for me, and I have been feeling it very strongly already, and now the Mars thing can be added to the mix. This must be a cosmic conspiracy. It simply cannot be anything else. To be honest I’m a combination of excited, curious, anxious, nervous all rolled into one. Feels good to admit that.


By the middle of the month, the planet will get as bright as the star Sirius. Mars is currently moving through the constellation Virgo — which means it makes a pretty pairing with Spica, a nearby blue-white star. Spica is believed to be the star that provided Hipparchus with the data that enabled him to discover the precession of the equinoxes.

As you prepare my dear beloved, so do I. Will you float through my window and dare touch me? Oh the heat you bring.  

This month’s biggest sky highlight comes on April 15, when the first total lunar eclipse since 2011 takes place. North America is prime viewing territory for this eclipse, which reaches its peak with 78 glorious minutes of totality beginning at 3:06 a.m. ET.

For 78 minutes there is a prime gateway. Mars comes in to heat it up so it can open well. I will observe the effects and record them. I’ve been speaking of human technology for awhile now, what will my body feel? I look forward to finding out.

I know myself well enough to know what the Mars aspect brings in to this mix. I know myself well enough to know it will be big and it will be connected to all  that is. The pilgrimage we are on is about honoring the divine masculine in our initiate. He represents the container of this male energy form. His ceremony takes place within this energy mix and it is appropriate and ripe to do so.

Mars comes to honor him. Mars comes to honor what he stands for. Mars comes to let him stand in his full power and be supported by way of cosmic lineage. Star seed, ah-kine, he is. The next in energetic line. As I prepare for my part in his ceremony I see why this is all happening. I see how it has all been tracked. How it has been designed and put together to align. It is a beautiful coordination of skill and knowledge.

Well if I spontaneously combust, so be it. I can’t think of a better way to go. But more likely I will float graciously through it all soaking it up and recoiling it back into the Earth gratefully. I have never before been so aware of the ripe timing. It’s as if the Gods themselves are coordinating this for us. Do you see it?

Mars is a symbolic consort of mine. It always has been. I’ve felt the big red planet in the sky when it comes close all my life and it is always a time of magic and spontaneous happenings. My body always responds to him. I am honored to know he is coming to me to stand next to me as my cosmic partner in ceremony and to hold space for my solar return. I will be with him for the entire 78 minute opening and we will make a kind of love that will be felt throughout the Universe. He promises me this because when he comes he always brings me to the edge of myself and takes me to the unknown sides of me that wait to be seen and felt.



Meaning: In the city of Ujjain, has emerged “Bhaum”/Mangal, who has four hands, in the lineage of the Bharadwaj Kula as a son holding a mace, spear and the emblem of Shakti- a Lotus.


Mangal Bhagwan/Mars God

And so it is.

by Hillary Raimo











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