My Thoughts on Right Now & What the World is Feeling

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OK. So I am writing this post based on all the questions people have been asking me both publicly today on social media and privately by email in one place. I am also going to share my own story. This has been a BIG topic coming up for myself AND everyone else it seems. I am glad I brought this up so we can all share in the confirmation.

How have you been feeling lately? This seems to be a LOADED question.

When I started this discussion this morning on social media platforms it became instantly clear I was not alone in my pain. OK so where do I start. Friday for 12 hours I experienced a purging of EVERYTHING – with food poisoning symptoms that was NOT food poisoning. Everyone in my house ate the same homemade food I did. I was the only one married to my toilet for 12 hours. I focused on the symbolic purge as leaving the 4th world for good and because I was planning on going to Vermont that Sunday to do the HUM the Dragon ceremony I had to self-help and self-love in big doses. I even asked for help and had someone close to me come and take care of my kids as I did. Finally the symptoms stopped around 2pm on Saturday and I was Okay enough to make the drive on Sunday, which I did, and I brought everything I needed to be okay in doing so. Again lots of self-love and self-care. My friend Phebe and I had a very beautiful simple and fantastic ceremony and after I almost passed out. I was physically drained, dizzy, nauseous, and felt as if the previous nights purging was returning. Luckily I was able to drive home safely back to New York and able to crawl into bed.

Ever since then my energy levels have been testing me on all levels. I have been sensitive to everything. Food, sound, sleep interruptions, aches and pains, and a sense of fatigue like never before. The slightest thing makes me tired. I am trained in several modalities and certified in even more, nothing is working – and that is OK. I must have known this would be the case as I scheduled several doctors appointments this week months ago and luckily I go in to address the original concern of the appointment and can now add in how I’m feeling. The doctors are clueless. They don’t listen. They don’t care. They have their script and they follow it and they do not deviate. Well after reading all of YOUR emails and experiences today guys I see that they better learn how and fast to keep up. Total waste of a co-pay. And thanks to Obamacare an even more expensive one at that.

OK so here I am, this is simple self observation. Not a pity party. I gave up that kind of partying years ago 😉 just so all of you know I am human. That I experience these shifts in many ways as well, and sometimes they hurt. I feel your pain, I understand it because I have experienced it and I’m not afraid to admit that. That said, I’ve heard stories today of people feeling these range of symptoms for about a week now – fatigue, aches and pains, unusual sleep disturbances, stomach pains, bowel issues, heart pain, muscle weakness, fatigue and more fatigue. I am also hearing from many of you that you are experiencing a lack of ability to off set it by way of usual fixes – meaning whatever energy, physical or other modality one may use to self-correct. Join the club. I am right there with you. All I can do is rest, go slow, do only what must be done, leave the rest, and any kind of emotional stress that gets kicked up in the mix is enhancing the symptoms ten-fold. Some of these issues I need to deal with, so I am, and others can wait, so they are waiting. I suggest you all do the same.

To those of you who are not experiencing any of the above symptoms kudos to you. May I suggest you reach out and help others who are if you are so called.

The energies we just went through on Sunday, the days prior and the days after, have created a dramatic shift in our fields (no really? yes sarcastic) and our bodies are mutating and adjusting to it all and we are experiencing a high level of influx. Super strong X flares reach Earth today, HUGE Earthquakes near Peru over the weekend. A magnetic ripple reported never before seen by NASA over the weekend (Friday/Saturday specifically) – goggle for links and more details, I’m too tired today to add them all here. But well worth your time if you can. I am feeling super sensitive to headlines and the usual tracking I do on the collective global platform. I open it up and I’m – yup you guessed it….TIRED. So I shut it down and stop. But I still get the highlights on Earth & space centered updates  through email so I know whats going on. It’s like the ESPN sports updates for people like myself that I just can’t live without. I track these with a high level of priority. I invite you to explore it as well.

I know a wonderful astrologer who is doing a piece on the astrology of all of this now. When she has completed it I will update this article and post it on the bottom so you can read/watch it when it’s ready. I already have a good idea of what’s going on because my birthday falls on the full moon full lunar eclipse next week, the first of a series of four that happen over the next two years. Happy birthday to me! Right. So I have been going easy on myself – as my friend Lynda Yraceburu says ‘one step, one step’. To top it off I will be on pilgrimage with the Apache Shimas in Colorado in a week long ceremony over that moon. What a power packed week. So I’ve been preparing for some time now. And I’m knocked on my ass at the moment. So what’s that tell  you. So check back later if you would like to see/read her astrology update, she has been receiving a lot of inquires as well about the impact of this past week too. Which is good to know because WE are not alone in our experiences, and what one of us feels, others do as well. It is a time to be cautious but not paranoid. It is a time to discern but not avoid. It is a time to trust and not lose faith.

I said to my girlfriend this morning it felt like the rapture was here and I wasn’t invited to the party. She laughed and said well let’s make our own then. Good advice. It is incredibly important to have a solid inner circle of these treasured friends and mentors to share and compare with. No one can do without one. That’s another topic for later.

My conspiracy friends say the planet is poisoned and killing us, it’s the government, chemtrails, etc. To them I say, maybe. Yet even so, this is bigger then even that world. I have always believed perspective is important and when you choose one may it be the path of least resistance. So for me and keeping aligned with who I am, I see this as a download process. Incoming on all levels. You know that bar that goes across your phone or computer when you upload an update, and you have to just wait there until its done no matter who you have to call (you know you do haha) while our bodies are in that update now. Power packed with reconfigurations and no matter WHO YOU ARE, or why you are here, or what you are feeling RIGHT NOW, it is happening to you. Even if you feel nothing out of sorts.

I feel it like a child would feel as if reborn into a new body from an old life – reincarnated aware yet unaware. Looking around seeing all new – fresh out of the vagina – yet remembering who and what and where from last round. Until that fades and the new world becomes the assemblage point of perspective it’s slightly dizzying. Hence why babies sleep a lot. Hence the exhaustions. We just went down the birth canal and squeezed out the vagina. We are all babies adjusting to our surroundings.

I am going to suggest in this interim stage to reach out and share with others how you are feeling. To NOT fall into the western medicine trap, nor the pity party cliche, nor the I’m-so-superior-in-myself-I-will-not-associate-with-those-who-are-in-pain grumpy pant snubbing that some believe is part of being in their spiritual truth. If you work with me now, and if you have in  the past, you know that doesn’t fly in my world. We do not judge others for what they experience in their body. We help if asked and if appropriate to our healthy boundaries.  The body is our greatest teacher period. And whatever it teaches us is sacred and holy and part of our destiny. Remember that. Love is always the best medicine, and humor a close second. Hugs work well, and practicing the art of listening works good too. Simple acts of kindness go a long way. To facilitate pain, hurt or anything along that line is very harmful right now in this fragile stage. Be nice to yourself and to others. Make it a vital task no matter what you are feeling.

You will watch many cross over these next few weeks. Transition is typical in Earth fields like this, I’ve seen it before. This one is a doozy. Will we watch it on a large collective event? Like an Earthquake in a crowded city like LA? A new fault line was discovered this past week that runs right through the city. Many will transition if that opens. So many possibilities.

(I received a copy of the prophecy story for next weeks pilgrimage while in the middle of writing this from my sister Maria. Fantastic timing and such a dramatic shift simply in reading it. Thank you Maria. I needed that.)

It is time to own who we are. It is time to stop playing small and all that. It is time to be pushed out of the nest if needed to fly. It is time to read the stories and see your truth in them. It is time to watch your self-prophecy unfold. As much as many wish they could… once you are born you simply cannot crawl back up into the womb. Once you come out you cannot crawl back in. You can go in, look around, visit for awhile, but you can never stay inside again like you have. Your cocoon time is gone. Only to be recreated symbolically as you grow into your fully actualized human(e) self.  It is a one way doorway into this world.

In times such as this, or in times when we feel our energies low and wavering, we have always had mom to take care of us. Even if in the most bare bones basic ways, our parent has helped us get through. So in recreating that, we seek out mom and lay on her perhaps, soaking up the Earth vibration, sunlight, fresh air, and we listen to the sounds of day. At night we go easily into the dream time nurtured by her essence. We give up our mommy issues and we accept our mother as our sacred parent. We switch the co-dependnace to sacred penance. We seek the resurrection of our holy nature with our earth mother and sky father. We drink lots of warm tea and keep our food healthy and light. Salt baths, happy positive movies and music. We say no to busy-ness and yes to soothing salve for our souls. We gather around us those who love us unconditionally and whole-heartedly without any form of judgement or contempt. We let go of anything less, for now anyway. If you choose to pick it up later thats for you to decide.

I know it hurts. I feel what you feel. We are all connected. We are all fractals of the one heart. That heart is healing whole from lots of collective pain. It is beating through us all as we release our 4th world heartbreaks. I don’t know about you, but I’m done with those for sure. I’m ready for whole heart pleasure instead. I hope you agree.

Our magnetics are changing. On the Earth and in our bodies. The animals feel it too. All must adjust. We are in that adjustment period. That place of new born child. We are the cosmic child returned. We now adjust to our surroundings with new sight, new hope, new vision and new love.

It may sound good and feel like shit. But it is what it is. The body responds in its own way each time. Let it happen. Get out of your own way. Go easy and don’t give in to 4th world leftover constructs – like cubicles, punch clocks, school absentee mantadory gibberish tell you how and what you should be feeling. There is no vaccine for this, no pill, no quick and easy fix. You are asked to try to keep loving even when you least feel like it. I say tell it like it is. Say what you mean, and don’t hold back. If you’re pissed, tell why. If you’re frustrated, talk about it. If you’re scared, tell someone. Give the opportunity for beauty to bloom on your ever changing soil.

By Hillary Raimo
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2014

10.07a. Milford sound on a stormy, rainy day




































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