Woven OMs, Ripples Spread

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First the tunnels come after a strongly established connection replugged.
Seeing is feeling, and feeling is seeing. They are one. There is no telling the two apart. Singular in sense.  Like in a lucid dream brought into focus. Choosing the center of the arch to sit still. The OMing begins. Visual fields of emanation rippling outward into All that Is.  Seeing it and feeling it at once. The rain coming down begins to pass through the field created and the water is blessed. As it lands onto the Earth it sinks in as holy water. The purest kind of medicine saturated into All. All blocks cleared is the mantra. The cosmic yoni begins to pulsate and expand and contract. Birthing the higher frequency into the world. The crystal gathers the record of it to hold safe for all worlds who can access it.

The OM resonates through the body. Vibrating the necessary points. It is simply not good enough to only visualize and not include the 3D physical world. The biological access curves lie within it.

God & the Goddess loving each other eternally, the two original points of creation and the space in-between them illuminated. Plasmic and glowing. Here the OM and the vibration spread out for all worlds. The original fractal. They are so good at loving because it is their job to do so. Nothing else matters because without that quality of love infused into the worlds, the entire tone of the Universe shifts and then creation accordingly. It isn’t about good & evil, it is about QUALITY of form. Together they create the purest medicine for life.

Inside the trunk of the tree of life the texture of the inner workings is clear. The tunnel to activate above and below simultaneously. The point of meet between the inverted triangle and the upright.  The OM is released, through the body, into the ethers. No words can describe what is seen here. It can only be experienced.

Are you ready for that?

Hillary Raimo 






















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