Into The Garden, Eden Bound

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Datura - [1999] - Visions For The Celestial

Last night I had a dream where I created a doorway in a wall to another place. It was relatively easy. I looked through the opening and saw an entranceway into a beautiful garden.


Layers of worlds shimmered overlapping each other in gentle folds of color emanating a sound. I listened and heard it well…. the invitation to enter. Welcomed back into Eden.  I stepped through and wandered forward. The Full moon was almost ripe.


Life is tangible in all directions here. I can feel the water moving through the veins of everything. I can smell the purity of the elements seeping through all of it. My bare feet touch heaven as I move towards the center. The sounds enchant my senses and the music of the garden seduces all of me. I am completely taken. I pour all of my focus and intention into the experience and I let go of all other places to be here fully… present.


In this moment lies all potential, all possibility, all creation. Here in the concentrated now, time bends over fantastic distances and touch becomes real with etheric hands. Sensual and lovingly they trace you. Feeling your soul as your body. Touching from the inside out. Lighting up the beauty. I feel my defenses drop and my being open fully.



Protected for so long just for this moment. The continuance blooms with vitality. This experience creates memory. Stored within the crystalline structures of foundations. Activated by the return to Eden, that place of eternal bloom within us. Here I come to you. Here I reveal my true self, here I breathe the breath of Goddess into the wind so you can feel me coursing through the surrounding etheric oceans. One with you.


The garden I am. Cycles honored in due time. Holding all the secrets forever in the seed and bloom. Track the growth of your medicine and see what it reveals. Hold in the container and form, release in the seed, trust the process.

When through ignorance I wander in samsara,
on the luminous light-path of the dharmadhatu wisdom,
may Blessed Vairocana go before me,
his consort the Queen of Vajra Space behind me;
help me to cross the bardo’s dangerous pathway
and bring me to the perfect Buddha state. …
May I know all the sounds as my own sound,
may I know all the lights as my own light,
may I know all the rays as my own ray,
My I spontaneously know the bardo as myself. …
When I see my future parents in union,
may I see the peaceful and wrathful buddhas with their consorts;
with power to choose my birthplace, for the good of others,
may I receive a perfect body adorned with auspicious signs.
– Tibetan Book of the Dead

Profound and tranquil, free from complexity
Uncompounded luminous clarity,
Beyond the mind of conceptual ideas;
This is the depth of the mind of the Victorious Ones

In this there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor anything that needs to be added.
It is merely, the immaculate
Looking naturally at itself.
– Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

I see you in sound, feel you in color. I hear you in shapes of dimensional infusion.  Penetration into the core of my soul, tracing dragon lines of cosmic proportion. Here in the garden I return to the state of mind I began with the first time, Zep Tepi.


Here in the garden the light cones touch, swirling to  their own time, generating worlds come and gone. Holding space for all. In the garden the alchemical magic of the highest masters thrives in every pedal, flower, stem, and stone.


Here in the garden all wisdom is found. Gently held within the dew gathered at the tip of leaf before evaporating back into all that is. Momentarily held in the grail of form manifested for your experience of it. Treasure abounds. Symmetry and fractals reflect inward and outward from where you stand. I move closer. Listening to  the sound of that as  I pull forward into your orbit. Elliptical and strong.


I climb to the top of the mound of purification and I close my eyes to touch you better. A moon bow appears at the arch of the mound and lights me up filling me with eternal bliss. Portals open around me and invite us in. Dare we go?












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