Wanted: The Rise of the Divine Masculine

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As I work on a manuscript for an upcoming new book, I pause to reflect on a consistent topic that keeps rising lately on the micro and macro of my life. I thought I would take a pause in my writing just now for a moment to write and reflect on it. Perhaps if I get it out now it will pass so I can focus on the writing at hand. Any writer, or person in touch with their soul, knows that when these clouds come one must deal with them and instead of fight them, or go into despair over them, it helps to ask  them to release their rain, if they so carry it, so as to nurture the landscapes they float gently through. So this topic has asked for my attention tonight, so I grant it. This way I can continue to muse my chapters forming on a grand scale. So I can write the knowledge pouring out of me like a newly formed Spring.

As I watch my divine feminine come forth, as I practice nurturing it, as I open and allow it to possess me fully, as I become one with it, I see other women waking up to this state of BEing as well. I see the light in their eyes, the glow of their acceptance to who they really are. I watch it mirror to me the graceful reflections of confirmation.

As I look in search of the divine masculine I realize many men simply do not know how to support the newly formed divine feminine within women, themselves, or others in general. It is a stunted area of growth as I observe on the collective as a seer. That said, it is time for the men to rise to the occasion in more ways then one. On all levels. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychically and intellectually/mentally. It is about understanding how to be a catalyst and protector of the creative feminine force within their most intimate partners. I am talking the real deal right up to the last detail. Whoever you are partnered with right now look at them, see them for who they are, look into them and see their most holy place and tread lightly any footprints you may leave as you walk through it careful not to dishonor or harm in any way. This is newly formed purity.

Women today are getting to know their divinity. They are learning how to live it alive within their life. How to be in that ‘bloom’ in all areas of their life. Not just one or two. This complete manifestation of the Goddess within her needs to be carefully tended too, as the stage of formation it is in now is fragile in many ways. This new life is like a newly sprouted plant seeing/feeling the light of the sun for the first time since its birth and initial reach outside the container of the seed. Gentle rain and love are requirements. Support her in her newly discovered light. Honor her with every touch, every glance, every word and sound that comes forth from you. No need to put her on a pedestal, nor a shelf. Simply be present in your force with her. Let your primal animal-like instinct take over and be seen when appropriate, she requires that elemental masculine energy as he requires her feminine balance. This new feminine energy surrounding the planet now KNOWS when we are in our integrity and when we are not. You cannot fool or trick her into old ways of relating. She will simply walk away. Unable to carry on the masquerade. This is part of her shed.

Men need to learn how to embrace this newly formed entity on our planet. They need to partner in strong bonded connection. They need to make her feel safe in this new form. Not that she won’t find safety herself, but knowing how to protect this new force within her will help her relax and feel at ease. In this state she will open wider and her veil will lift and to her partner will she share what lies behind that veil. The great secret of all time lies within a woman’s ability to dream new worlds, see into existing ones, and craft new dimensions while molding new doors and keys into them.

How do you bridge the 3D world with this etherical magical realm? You ground it physically with sexual spiritual union, you download each partners spiritual experiences with the other, connect in the heart space often, and nurturing the love in the balancing of the relationship and in that commitment to all of the above you will aid in the strengthening of the principles of the very chemical equations that assist the human body in finding the ways in and out of dimensional time-space continuums. Try it. You’ll see.

So what does that mean in laymen terms? It means you care, you authentically seek to know her in all ways, you study her like an ancient priceless manuscript, you find her symbol and you allow it to penetrate your consciousness fully without holding back. You pray when you touch her as you wake up her dragon. And when you do, you better be ready for the fire, the transmutation and the alchemy that will no doubt change your lead to gold in a complicated process of transformation. Stay physically strong and mentally clear. Follow your emotions like you follow the weather. Nurture your body with care. When you make love, make it a prayer. Touch in full focus. Let all distractions go. You open your heart to her completely and you off set her abilities to push you away, for surely her newly formed stance comes equipped with defense systems like any plant would to protect itself from predators. This is natures way. She is no different then anything else in nature. Neither are you. She craves your instinctual primal nature, because she has found hers.

Men are asked to stand up in their power to fully partner with her so together they can re-member the lost mysteries buried within genetic memory and time. He has to aid in her creative bloom so her visions can focus on what needs to be seen. Her womb holds  the ancient remnants of the ancestors and the descendants to come. When you mix that with a mans seed power, you watch life grow, literally or symbolically. This is the way God designed the creation of life. The founding fathers foundation of human kind, the continuance of the species, and the evolution of consciousness.

This will ask a man to step out of his social conditioning, his societal molding, his upbringing and will redefine his understanding of love. Which in the past has been that of disassociated disconnection. The past ways of simple interaction for ones own self gratification, the demeaning of women, the objectification and the complete disconnection sexually splitting the soul out of the mix, is over.

She is ready for you to be who you really are. So step up to the plate and be it. You are divine and together you are divine in order out of chaos.

The oracle needed her space in the temples of old. She needed the holiness of that space, and while in it she was held by the universal Male energy. It was quiet, serene, sacred, contained and vital to her well-being. He was her consort and she his. He created the square around her circle. Today that is hard for many to reference when holding down jobs in discord with their spiritual natures, cut off from heart, and bound to paying bills and supporting families. Men hold up the structure of our society. They are the DO-ers. Do her and do her well. Do her again and again until you spread her wings and release her sacred manna. The world depends on it to heal fully.

Women cannot heal complete without the healing complete of the men. The divine feminine rebirth will be aborted if the men cannot follow thru to what they know is truth. If the men bail on the task at hand, if they fail to honor her and the Earth as one, if they fail to listen to the wind as strongly and intently as they listen to her visions, life will reorganize accordingly.

Are the men ready for her fully actualized presence? Right now, no. They are not. They are getting better at it. They are practicing. Just like the women did as they once started to refocus. The women who are actualizing their full divine feminine Goddess selves are finding a lack of support on many levels from the men who are in truth behind in their evolution of the reemergence of the human(e) divinity of consciousness.

This can change with effort and courage.

It is not about men abstaining from women. This is not about becoming so spiritual you renounce the physical or emotional as beneath you – she needs that part of you as you need that part of her. This is not what is meant by embracing the divine feminine fully. You cannot disregard the physical world. It is there for a purpose and is not any less beautiful or important as the most diligent of spiritual states of being. You cannot say you are always love if you reject anything. Hypocrisy is see thru now. You cannot be the chosen one if you reject others as unworthy of the same. The competitive nature of the old world has seeded the course for self-destruction and despair within the human condition. Competition produces survival perhaps but of what? Co-creative efforts reveal, heal and nurture the true human(e) condition within both men and women. We need each other to thrive and to survive. It is a team effort.

As men gather for ceremony and feel the power of it course through their veins, they then return to the ‘real’ world and find it difficult to assimilate the change. Often cutting themselves off to this part of themselves much to the detriment of their lives, partners, and interactions on almost all levels. It is not enough to charge up and return only to deplete oneself which creates a vicious cycle of co-dependance if not maintained in-between in ways that carry the charge forward, light carrying a flame forward into all ways of living.

Right partnership now is essential. Strong women need strong men and vice versa. Spiritually adept women need spiritually adept men to maintain the balance in the microcosmic play of the scared parents in creating life on all levels. The time is ripe, she is ripe, he needs to ripen his wise, strengthen his strong, clear his sight, listen to her song and words, trust in her love. As we must accept HIS love into our hearts, he must accept HER love into his. Jesus had a partner, a consort, as did all teachers. Without her he would not have been able to preform at his highest levels of human(e) possibility. Without him, she would not have been able to either. The power up comes in the partnership and the honoring of it in all ways.

What we lack right now in humanity is what we lack in our lives. Look around. What do you truly see. What have you chosen? Seek out the highest potential of what you have to work with and make it grow to personal heights of splendor capable of creating anything. Let go of inhibitions, hesitations, cultural bias, false beliefs, and dysfunction and move on into the realm of ease and peace.

The momentum is necessary for the force to complete itself.

Men have it in them to rise up and change the world. No Government, no force of suppression can contain what men hold within them. Yet she can contain it. She was built too.

Open up, look around. Speak up. Reach out. Move forward. Rise. Learn how to be in relation with the new HER, and seek her council on birthing the new you. Rest in her heart and let it be healing salve on your wounds. You asked her to come, and she has. You prayed for her balance and she is. You dreamt of her arrival and she is here. Now what? Seek to know.

Now back to those chapters…..

by Hillary Raimo


  1. Hillary I am always amazed at how your words seem to fit my current experience. And these are all new experiences for me. It has been quite a struggle at times to truly walk my talk. There have been times when I feel like giving up. However I know we are part of the divine plan and I feel the divine feminine rising up through me as I become more free to be myself. I have a man in my life who truly allows me to grow in this way, without expectation or judgement. He only ever want me to be myself to the core and in doing so it has truly allowed me to lift my veil and let him and myself SEE the truth of my soul. It is an amazing relationship and I feel so blessed and wish for other women to feel free in this way as well. Thank you so much for expressing my inner self and thoughts through your words. The connection is clear. Love you SiStar. It is an honour to share this vibrational expansion with you!


  2. You’re right, Hillary. Us boys-turning-Men are getting better at it, practicing, studying, awakening, discovering how to lovingly hold her wild feminine nature in our strong sturdy arms. No one ever taught us how. We’ve lost our way, if ever we had it. But we’re finding the way, and we need our radiant feminine women alongside us on the journey … if humanity is to ever thrive on this planet.

    Thank you for speaking this. You’ve inspired a lot of women and men already.

    I write about this, too, from a waking Man’s perspective. These might interest you:

    “A Man’s Evolution in Intimacy with Women” http://thiswildwakingjourney.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/a-mans-evolution-in-intimacy-with-women/

    “No One Ever Taught Me How To Be A Man” http://thiswildwakingjourney.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/no-one-ever-taught-me-how-to-be-a-man/

  3. I cannot think of any way to make this more potent except by hoping that you understand the depths of the sentiment; Thank You.

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