Ether is the primary and most subtly pervasive manifestation of the Divine substance. Out of it unfolds, in the evolution of the Universe, all other elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Together, therefore, Sound and Ether signify the first, truth-pregnant moment of creation, the productive energy of the Absolute, in its pristine, cosmogenetic strength.


alchemical marriage hieros gamos eclipse solar eclipse lunar eclipse


It is necessary to remove all obstacles for this kind of regeneration of the worlds. For there will be many that arise for the occasion. Solid and true in their validity. The Gods knew this was an important step in containing and maintaining the truth of Creation.



Once apon a time….

The gods, under the leadership of Brahma, had taken refuge in Vishnu and Shiva. They had described the case of the victorious demon and implored the assistance of the twofold All Highest. Vishnu and Shiva swelled their wrath. The other divinities also, swelling with the power of their indignation, stood about. And immediately, their intense powers poured forth in fire from their mouths. Vishnu, Shiva and all the gods sent forth their energies, each according to his nature, in the form of sheets and streams of flame. These fires all rushed together, combining in a flaming cloud which grew and grew, and meanwhile eventually condensed. Eventually it assumed the shape of the Goddess. She was provided with 18 arms.

Upon beholding this most auspicious personification of the supreme energy of the universe, this miraculous amalgamation of all their powers, the gods rejoiced, and they paid her worship as their general hope. In her, “The Fairest Maid of the Three Towns”, the perennial, primal Female, all the particularized and limited forces of their various personalities were powerfully integrated. Such an overwhelming totalization signified omnipotence. By a gesture of perfect surrender and fully willed self-abdication they had returned their energies to the primeval Shakti, the One Force, the fountain head, whence originally all had stemmed. And the result was nows great renewal of the original state of universal potency. When the cosmos first unfolded into a system of strictly differentiated spheres and forces, Life Energy itself as the primeval maternal principle, has reabsorbed them, eaten them back into the universal woman. She now was ready to go forth in the fullness of her being.


The Goddess is the Yoni, mother-womb of the ever-cycling eons, of all the universes endlessly extending in space, of every atom in the living cell. She is called “The Universal power” (sakti), “The Fairest of the Three World” (tri-pura-sundari), she has been known in the myth as Uma, Durga, Parvati, Kali, Chamunda, Gauri, Haimavati, Vindhyavasini.  She has her living counterpart in every woman, as God is in every man.

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra

What is the meaning of Yantra?

The suffix – TRA in Sanskrit is used to form substantives denoting interments or tools. For example, KHAN means “dig”, KHANI, “digging or rooting up”; KHANITRA is “an instrument for digging, a spade, hoe, picks, shovel, a primitive stick for drawing furrows and for digging holes in which to deposit seed.” Similarly, MAN (related etymologically to “mental”) means “think or have in mind”; MANTRA therefore is “an instrument for evoking or producing something in our minds, “specifically “a holy formula or magic spell for evoking or bringing to mind the vision and inner presence of a god.” A YANTRA is an instrument to make a YAM.

What is a YAM?

Yam means to “curb, subdue, rule, control.” The verb YAM means to gain control over energy inherent in some element or being. Accordingly, YANTRA denotes, primarily, any kind of machine-machine, that is to say, in a pre-industrial, pre-technical sense: a dam to collect water for irrigation, a catapult to hurl stones against a fort – any mechanism built to yield energy for some definite purpose of man’s will.

We may say, then, that a YANTRA is an instrument designed to curb the psychic forces by concentrating them on a pattern, and in such a way that this pattern becomes reproduced by the humans visualizing power. It is a tool to stimulate inner visualizations, meditations and experiences.

What turns Humans ON? Where is that ever elusive multidimensional power button?
In our minds? our bodies? our souls? our emotions? our souls?


We were built this way for a reason. So we would remember how to ignite that space between us.


Earth’s Great Awakening, will herald  the quantum leap sparks of The Divine Cosmic Orgasm Evolution.  This will further reveal inter- dimensional doorways of the dynamic balance  being birthed through embracing our divine shadow (hidden potential), healing  and activating our birthright of abundance, and changing the world by taking  ownership and responsibility within ourselves.

If you wish to know the secrets of the UNI-verse, think in terms of energy, vibration & frequency. – Tesla


Ascension Initiations leading  into the higher states & realms of consciousness to RE-discovered and  explored by the means of deep soul magic between two fully activated people. One on one. Creating geometrical outlets of etheric plasma into all that is. The balancing effect of full Human potential squared. For the betterment of all.


Most gods had consorts. In this sacred space between them they would create the etheric spin out of which all creation would come. The worlds change as they twine together their forces. Each representing the figure head of the God and the Goddess. Together they were well matched to construct and navigate the gates within the body to awaken the needed fire within them and as one they would pulsate that life force out for all systems around them.


Finding his sacred places and activating them, she would.

The Grand Man of Zohar, one of the greatest books of Qabbala

The Grand Man of Zohar, one of the greatest books of Qabbala

As he would activate hers.


Opening the holy grail.


A sacred container to hold the offering of life. Vitality breached into new realms of understanding and experience ever flowing fractals of pure heart fire. Love in its purest form births the archetypal myths that become our stories that bend into realities all around us as we each step into the space to further our growth and evolution forward.

Manly P. Hall  Spinal Column and the Kundalini

Manly P. Hall
Spinal Column and the Kundalini

The knowledge comes when the reality of the magic reveals itself to you through experience. You can fill yourself with all kinds of knowledge and facts. Read until your library runs dry. Yet if you never put it to work, if you never seek it out to touch and activate, then the power buttons never get pushed, and the activation of energy flow stays dormant. Waiting in the spaces of in-between you and your truth to germinate. Once it does it travels upward into all parts of you telling your cells to release the memories and knowing within you. It fans the inner gnostic flame of higher divine self. That fire expands and opens the Yoni (Goddess) in a way that is nothing less then sacred. Here HE must enter her fully with a combination of his divinity and primal animal self. He cannot be cut off to any of his energy centers. Neither floating on his lotus pad without access to his lower chakras, nor stuck in his lower chakras without access to his higher. The bridge point is the heart and if this is closed or wounded he will not be able to activate his full Human(e) potential. Nor she if the same is within her. These must be cleared and fully functioning. The machine of Human must be well oiled and flowing freely. The healing comes with the assistance of this healing in oneself and the other. Together the WE heals.

Laboratory of the Alchemist

Laboratory of the Alchemist

Samael Aun Weor said,  “We need to transmute the lead of personality into the gold of Spirit. This work is only possible in the laboratory of the Alchemist.”

To transmute the lead into gold refers to transforming the psyche, the mind, the heart, the personality, everything, into spiritual gold, a vessel through which the Divine Mother can operate without any obstacle. Samael says this work is only possible in the laboratory.

We see a woman, an angel, a cherubim, who has on her head a seven pointed crown and has under her hips a fire. That is the fire of the Divine Mother Nature. That is prana, Akash, Kundalini, She represents nature, who here is revealed to the eyes of the alchemist who looks here directly in the face and knows who She is, and bows his head. But you see that his hands are hidden from view, because the work that he is performing is not visible to the uninitiated; his right hand is hidden, his left hand is hidden, enclosed in black. The work of alchemy has always been done in darkness, hidden from the eyes of those who were uninitiated, in order to protect it and in order to protect the uninitiated, because those who play games with this type of teaching can cause great harm if they are not properly prepared. The tree that She sits in represents the Kabbalah, the structure of nature, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, and as one works with nature that is what precisely is elaborated and protected: our own inner tree of life. This tree has three roots, a trinity, which are united in one as a fire. That fire is the Kundalini, the fire that gives the power to create life. Naturally, it is the sexual power.

Look around at the billions of dollars spent to taint your sexual energy everywhere around you. Women reduced to objects simply for gratification purposes. Men too. Sexual energy has been channeled on purpose into places unworthy of this kind of space. When men meet women in this place they hardly recognize what they are touching. Women may want and need that combination of angel and man, primal animal instinct and golden divine ADAM to awaken her.  The combination of compassion and animal-power is what pins a woman down and penetrates her to her aching core. Here you open her grail. You activate her sexual power and raise her KUNTalini. Sending etheric fire into her brain throughout her nervous system and body while she spreads her wings and connects heaven and earth. HE is a catalyst for the inner divine feminine fire. Tend to it accordingly. 

This image is from an ancient book called Mutus Liber, which means “the mute book” or “silent book,” and it illustrates the principals of alchemy. It shows a typical representation in alchemy: a couple, man and women, working with difference devices in the process of purifying, heating and breaking down, purifying, heating and breaking down, purifying, heating things up, breaking them down, purifying, constantly working until new things emerge, many symbolic forms that are hard to understand, that are very dream like. At the bottom, we see the Divine Mother as Luna / Selene, the Moon, with Saturn. The Moon represents procreation, birth, gestation, life-giving. Saturn represents death. Alchemy is that: the death of the old and impure (the “lead”), in order to give birth to the soul, the spiritual gold.

It is no small task to hold steady in the process.

And what about the laboratory? Of course, nowadays we take this concept of a laboratory for granted, and we immediately think of people wearing glasses running around in white coats, and usually have a bunch of pens in their pockets, and we think they are very smart. Nowadays, we treat scientists like priests, as if somehow they are better than other people, or holy, as if they know more than the rest of us, but really, the so-called “scientists” did not invent science of the laboratory. In fact, the whole concept of science and the laboratory came from the tradition of alchemy. Furthermore, all of the historical scientists were alchemists: Newton, Gallieo, even Einstein knew what real alchemy was.

“Because the way by the Mercurial principle may be impregnated has been thought fit to be concealed by others that have know it, and therefore may possibly be an inlet to something more noble that is not to be communicated without immense damage to the world if there be any verity in Hermetic writers. There are other things besides the transmutation of metals which none but they understand.” – Isaac Newton

The word laboratory actually means something different from what we think it means. It comes from Latin: laboritorum.

The first part, labor, means “to exert with hardship, pain, fatigue,” a work of labour, something difficult, something that is not easy… Without question, that applies to the Gnostic work. It is very tiring work, a very exhausting work. It requires great exertion, toil, it engages much hardship, and causes much pain. It is not pleasant. But it is worth it.

The second part is oratorium, which means “a place of prayer.”

So the laboritorum is a real laboratory is “a place of prayer and work.” Without prayer or labor, there can be no alchemy.

A woman representing nature, she removes her mask, meaning that he’s seeing her true face. The veil of Isis is being lifted. Remember Isis states: “No mortal can see past my veil,” which means that in order to see the face of Isis you have to become more than a mere mortal. You cannot reach that state by means of devices in a physical, common laboratory. That is only possible by appealing to the divine, and through the application of a very specific and exact science. Thus: labor-oratorum.

To see her in all she is, you must be all you can be. To find her, you must find yourself.
In order to engage in the real work of alchemy, we have to bow before the will of Creator. Not acting from our own will, but doing what is required of us by God.

“…there are two main aspects to the Buddhist path: method and wisdom.” – The 14th Dalai Lama, Training the Mind

Images of Samantabhadra, or any great Buddha, show them in a sexual embrace of masculine and feminine. If you ask any monk what it represents, they say it is the union of Method and Wisdom, which is how the dharma is performed…



As the Divine Feminine emerges within all women, the men must be able to meet her and contain her fire so it may strengthen the cosmos around all that is. She must be understood, loved, and honored. Men must know how to do this well and in their own power centered, stable, and strong. It takes a powerful balance of energy, it takes touch, it takes an open mind, truthful emotions, and total focus while there. No distractions on any level.



The furnace, the tools, are here in the body. The fire burns in sex, in the sephirah Yesod. It is the fire that creates life; it is the sexual energy. That fire burns us if we do not know how to control it. The fire can destroy us, and consume us, if we do not know how to use it wisely. That fire must be kept “with a gentle heat, with much attention.” This is the instruction that Hermes gave in the documents that formed the foundation of alchemy, that gentle heat is to keep that fire burning but low and controlled; not inflamed with lust, not within inflamed desire, not overwhelming, but low and controlled, with much attention. In that context, that fire heats the vessel, the sexual organs.

The man and woman represent Adam and Eve within us. Physiologically, psychologically, they are the channels Ida and Pingala, Od and Obd, Rasana and Larana, the red and white channels. These are energies or forces that move within us in preparation for the Advent of the Fire, the awakening of the Kundalini.

The man and woman, these represent the forces of divinity. We can call them Shiva and Shakti; these are our Inner Being and Divine Mother. They are the guides who oversea the process of transmutation within us. In other words, no matter what fantastical ends you may pursue in your physical life to achieve the ends of alchemy, if you do not work in harmony with your Innermost, you will achieve nothing. The one who performs the work in you is your inner divinity. That work is performed by satisfying the Will of God, and the first Will of God is for you to die, as an ego; for all of your impurity to be purged. That is what the fire does. This fire boils the water to remove the impurities; the steam rises, not the impurities. What is steam? Water and air heated by fire.

If you are transmuting your sexual energy, studying these teachings, and trying to put them into practice, you are learning how to practice alchemy, whether you are single or married. Your sexual scenario is just circumstantial, the nature of your karma, and that is what you need to work with. That is what God is giving you to work with, so work with it. Either way (single or married), your Innermost and your Divine Mother bring into the laboratory the elements that need to be transformed. Then there we are in the laboratory saying “No, God, I do not want to work with that. That is not the spouse I want. That is not the job I want. I need more money than this. I need better clothes. I need to be living somewhere better than this. I need some respect from my friends. I need education, I need money in the bank. I do not want these things you are bringing into my life. I want A, B, and C, then I will do what you want, after that.” This is a big mistake.

Who in the universe knows better what you need for your spiritual growth than your own Innermost? It is time for us to trust our Innermost, to submit to the Will of our Innermost, to accept what our Innermost puts in our lives, and to learn to transmute them. This is the basis of alchemy.

Oftentimes, we talk about alchemy as something materialistic: we think that we merely take the sexual energy, transform it, and then we awaken consciousness. It is not that simple. You cannot get anywhere with just that attitude. The real process of alchemy is to transmute your entire psyche. Where is all of your sexual energy anyway? It is trapped in your ego. It is all trapped in lust, anger, pride, and envy. So to free it, to redeem it, to free yourself from suffering, you have to transform those elements.

You must heal. You must face what you fear most. You must walk into the fire and let it burn off what is false. You must look deeper within yourself and see clearly. You must own your shit and deal with it appropriately. Only then can you build the coordinates of the temple laboratory that has the ability to activate Human technology. Here is where love changes the world.





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