What does it mean to have a vision if you don’t have others to dream it into reality with you?

What good does it do for one to hold a thread if the weaving into tapestry never happens?

What is reality other  then everyones version of the truth.
Sane only in light of ones own reasons and logic.

I sit in the center of the fertile fields feeling all  the potential.
I reach out and feel the plasmic orientation.
I reach deeply into  the cellular memory and seek out the sick ones.
Pulled out of the membrane into the beyond brought to the surface.
Painful and real these deep ones are.


Electrical currents flow through the portals. Lighting everyone up so you can find them. Dormant in the less used aware parts of ourselves deeply engrained.

Is it because we seek out this healing within us? or does it seek us out? Cosmically coordinated. Are we put into places we need to be to align with the incoming nodes of intelligence?


Mountain spirits and dragons gather. Fortifying the dragons spine. Power up time.

These last residual leftovers of the 4th world, the engrained hardwiring, the programs encrusted within our foundations of all we remember now, released. This will bring up some tough stuff for one to see and feel. One must remember this is only part of the process, not who we are in our higher version.


When we are strong enough this can be done. It will take a resetting of sorts. Those we are closest too will feel it. Some will even help us do it. Healing genetic lines of ancestors together. Highlighting the genetic memories in need of deleting. What are your weak links? Do you know how to access them and retrieve them? Then what… you have to know how to release them.

You swim through the cellular oceans and dive down deeper. Better have your mermaid tail on.  You find  them here. Be warned you can get lost in there. Never again finding your hold of time again. Always walking in-between wandering through all your memories. Losing your footing has happened to many.


Navigating Universes is the same as navigating your own brain. Electrical in nature with well founded plasmic boundaries of protection and layers of inter dimensional connectivity. What happens in one, happens in the other. What you pull out of your cells you pull out of the worlds around you.

Sickness, pain, hate and separation. Where do they live within you? Can you hunt down  the very memories that make the world sick? Do you have it in you to do this level of work?
Once you enter the cell you have a ways to go through the labyrinths of memories inside them.

Stem Cell

Stem Cell

The cell is a micro of the macro. The Earth is a cell within a Galaxy.



How can it EVER be just about you when all is so interconnected. Look around you for confirmation in those closest to you. How do they feel it? Will anyone notice if you go within to extract it?  You can count on it.

Your brain is the Universe contained. Your mind creates the solar winds. Your will helps you navigate it all. Your love keeps your protected. Simple truths found in nature. Simply by observing well.




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