THEMIS discovers new process that protects Earth from space weather

“In the giant system that connects Earth to the sun, one key event happens over and over: solar material streams toward Earth and the giant magnetic bubble around Earth, the magnetosphere helps keep it at bay.”

ONE BIG GIANT BUBBLE surrounds the Earth to protect her. 

THEMIS observes how dense particles normally  enter Earth

“The parameters, however, change: The particles streaming in could be from the constant solar wind, or perhaps from a giant cloud erupting off the sun called a coronal mass ejection, or CME. Sometimes the configuration is such that the magnetosphere blocks almost all the material, other times the connection is long and strong, allowing much material in. Understanding just what circumstances lead to what results is a key part of protecting our orbiting spacecraft from the effects of such space weather.”

The FORM OF THIS BUBBLE is transient, it changes, it does not stay fixed one way or the other. 

“..a pool of dense particles normally circling Earth, deep inside the magnetosphere, can extend a long arm out to meet – and help block – incoming solar material.”

This bubble helps to BLOCK OUT WHAT HARMS THE PLANET. 

“It’s like what you might do if a monster tried to break into your house. You’d stack furniture up against the front door, and that’s close to what the Earth is doing here,” said Brian Walsh, a space scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “The material that is usually much nearer Earth stacks up against the outer boundary of the magnetosphere, throttling the interaction there and stopping solar material from entering.”

When the monsters try to get in, the bubble keeps them out. 

“As the CME encountered the boundary of the magnetosphere, its magnetic fields and those around Earth realigned in a process called magnetic reconnection, which allowed energy and solar material to cross the boundary into the magnetosphere.”

The bubble realigns in a process called MAGNETIC RECONNECTION. 

“It wouldn’t work if the magnetic reconnection happened for only a few minutes,” said David Sibeck the project scientist for THEMIS at NASA Goddard. “But if it lasts long enough, the whole magnetosphere gets involved. This tongue of the plasmasphere surges out, adding another layer of protection, curbing the magnetic reconnection.”


So what nature is telling us is that THE BUBBLE is a GOOD THING. It keeps worlds alive, protected and safe. It lets in what it needs to survive, and keeps out what will kill it. Brilliant. People need to learn how to create this space between others. The magnetic reconnection unifies the plasma field and it adapts to whatever comes into it. Thank God or we would not be here at all. The system is natures own defense system to overwhelming incoming energies from the cosmos. I believe this living system is a macro of the micro we create with our beloved. If its created well it creates a holy of holies, which the Earth is and look at all the creation it holds on it.

C’mon….the bubble is real. If it works for the Earth, isn’t it good enough for you?








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