She put out a cosmic distress call. Sang her song into the night sky. Gently crying tears of sorrow. Her heart had given up. She wandered through the forest while the moonlight illuminated the snow covered ground. Her bare feet hardly noticed. She leaned against a tree and prayed.

“Show me what to do” she said. “I don’t know how to shift this. I need your help creator.” Suddenly all the other distress calls she had sent out to others through all lifetimes, stopped dead in their tracks. A unified beam of concentrated truth shot out into the farthest reaches of the cosmos. She cried tears of death. The ravens circled her and the clouds cleared. The stars above her lit up in geometric patterns and she watched each node fall to the Earth. She exhaled in surrender.

In her dreams that night, she went to see her Grandmother. To seek her council. The grandmother was an ancient spirit. Her long beautiful flowing hair lit up her porcelain skin, her blue eyes glowed like gems.

“Grandmother I need a sign. Please give me a sign.” The grandmother smiled and lifted her hand. In it was two wire wrapped stones. Both from Egypt. One had two purple obsidian beads tied carefully to it.

“Granddaughter, I feel your heart. These two stones each hold a very powerful and potent kind of medicine. One is from the inside of the greatest pyramid and is tied with two purple obsidian stones. You are in the cycle of that stone now, it is time for you to have these.  The second stone is a translucent one. It will help you see better when he arrives. Watch closely. Pay attention to everything that crosses and leaves the path, do not fight it or chase. I have helped to clear your space so you can find him. All things untrue will be freed. This is the stones medicine. You are ready for it. It will hurt for a bit but trust me it will be worth it. Do not take it off until it is completely done. Then hold the other stone with the two beads, and feel the vision it holds.

There is a great exchange happening right now. You need to power up your circles. Gather in trusted relations only. The points on  the planet that are receiving this cosmic energy have the ability to encode humanity. The ones meant to do this will succeed in overcoming obstacles, challenges, and all human fail safe systems and show up. Call them him dear one. Trust the process completely.”

That morning as she watched the flowers sway in the warm wind, the seasons had already changed, she felt the return of spring clearly. The mother walked into the room and called her name.
“I have this for you. Your 2nd uncle gave it to your 1st uncle, who then gave it to me in a box of a few of your grandmothers things after she died. It has your name on it. She looked at the bag her mother held and inside was a small piece of paper with her own handwriting on it with the exact location the rocks had been found. One was from inside, and one was from outside. One had two purple obsidian beads on it, the other one was translucent. She had given them to her grandmother years ago after her trip to Egypt to wrap as pendants and she had said she never did them, and over time she stopped asking her grandmother about them. 14 years later and wrapped just like in her dream the night before, here they were again. Full circle.

She thanked her mother for being a conduit, and remembered her grandmothers dream instructions. On went the translucent one. She watched and she waited. What she saw was so heartbreaking, so destructive, so damming to the entire cosmic system that she ran out into the woods, and leg go her distress signal. Up went her words into the night sky, as the nodes fell to the Earth from the womb of creator.

She then entered the temple of Eve in silence.
“I need your help, I am open, I am listening. Tell me what I should do”

That night she received further instruction, this time from Eve.

“Hello daughter. I will give you 4 men. Each are great warriors. One will be the guardian of the BE-Wisdom, One will be the holder of the great ADAM. Wear your stone and watch them. Bring them home to the sacred fire. Their heart energy is pure and will help transform the world into a one of higher love. All systems and all realms ask this of you. It is your choice to follow through. The world needs this infusion of pure ADAM energy.”

She took a deep breath and reached out. She lifted the veil and told what she saw. She surrendered to it all and trusted one last time. The 4 that Eve told her to touch, were touched. Now she had to wait.

The angel with wings finally landed.

“Hello Constantine” she said. “We need to pull the ADAMS from hell. I need you to help me. You are my last hope for all men. I need you there. The Earth needs you. All life needs you. Can you do this for me?”

Constantine did not hesitate. Not a single glimpse of doubt or fear. He moved closer and said yes.

She felt the wind return to her chest. She shed tears of hope. Maybe there is still one left who holds that light. That light for all men. She thought to herself. Constantine heard it anyway. He smiled and said it was OK. That he needed to be pulled out of hell too sometimes.

In the fog that started to surround her the bee guardian came. She heard his familiar HUM. The vibration sounded in her ears and her body responded. He stood there praying into the fog asking for the light to find him. She called out his name and the fog retreated. He walked towards her with an open sweet heart, true to his holy nature. Around him the remaining vestiges of fog turned into a million bee queens.

“I am taking them to a safe place. It is my job. I am here to protect the queens.” he smiled humbly. Her heart melted at his innocent nature and was in awe of his role in the Universe. What a blessing. He was keeping the knowledge of the BEE QUEENS safe. He was protecting the royal feminine linage. He was worthy of this great blessing from Creator.

As she watched the coordination of this team assembly of higher order,  she cried tears of pure love. As they streamed down her face she took her finger and caught some. She reached out and blessed both Angel and Man with her most holy water.  Two men worthy of this kind of love because they had helped birth it.

And so it begins…….



One thought on “A True Medicine Story Made With LOVE

  1. Dawn says:

    Hilary, thank you. Your heart is so strong, your words so powerful…seeing through your eyes has awakened something deep inside of me. We share similar visions. Somehow, someway you seem to be writing about the same symbols, subjects or signs I am working with. On Thursday, when I was in walking meditation with mother Earth and boulder sized stones on ancient tribal lands, I came to an epiphany after seeing a heart shaped rock…and then knew to look down. There was a diamond back, stretched out along the groove where stone and earth meet. You are a gifted oracle. Deep bow for continuing to strengthen our journey through your work, I LOVE your blog! And blessings in your protection of the Queens. ❤

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