A fireball fell over Northern New Mexico yesterday, March 6th. It fell over our sacred land. Inseminating it with new life. It blazed brighter then the moon. Piercing the atmosphere and bringing what it carried in. Explosion. Incoming over Taa-naash-kaa-da. The great coming together. Who comes together? Humanity. In a common vision. Through the heart. Not through ego or fear.

March 30th we HUM the web. We say goodbye. We watch the last vestiges of the 4th world cosmology, as described by Apache Holy One, Maria Yraceburu, leave. Will it go out with a bang? or quietly with surrendered acceptance? I guess that depends on you. How will you dance with the end? Are you better at beginnings, middles or endings? We all have our strengths and weaknesses with each. March 30th will be a day to practice our letting go, our ability to say goodbye in all the totality that means.

In saying goodbye, we also say hello to new beginnings. What ends is always replaced by something else. What belonged to us in the 4th world may not be with us in the 5th world. It does not mean you have to annihilate everything you have had in the past. It does not mean all aspects of your life flip, shake up, or break apart. It can be symbolic and literal. It depends on how we choose to see it. Our perspective changes our reality, our experience, and how we will move through anything that happens thru us.

I can say goodbye to the soul sickness. But I will not say goodbye to the love. The love stays. It always will, because it always has. That is the golden thread through lifetimes that stays pure, true and authentic. It is what brings us back together every time. It is the golden cord of truth.

As the 4th world breaks up will we see signs of that in the world around us?

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has recorded the never-before-seen break-up of an asteroid into as many as 10 smaller pieces. Fragile comets, comprised of ice and dust, have been seen falling apart as they near the sun, but nothing like this has ever before been observed in the asteroid belt.

A never-before-seen break up you say? Never been observed before? The breakdown started late last year in September 2013. Just what is breaking it up? It says in the article that it is not due to a collision with another object, or from within, but from the sunlight. Sunlight causes the rotation rate of the asteroid to gradually increase. Eventually, its component pieces — like grapes on a stem — succumb to centrifugal force and gently pull apart. The possibility of disruption in this manner has been discussed by scientists for several years, but never reliably observed.

It is by increasing in speed, the spin, the rotation that the breakdown happens. Our spin, the spin we create, breaks down worlds and recreates them. It disintegrates what needs to go and lets new in. We create the force by our interacting catalyst and we watch the effect/affect all around us. Incoming and outgoing forces of creation in the same space create turbulence at times and we must ride the wake without losing ourselves.


We are here right now for a reason. Everything is symbolic. Everything has meaning. Is it synchronistic? or manipulated? You can tell when you look more closely and stay open vs. closing yourself off. Not by busying yourself with the routines of life and holding on to systems that do not feed your higher expression of self. It is easy to go back to what you know, harder to step into the unknown and create forms on a blank space filled with infinite possibility. This is the birthing place of symbols, stars and new worlds.

As the sun scatters asteroids like seeds headed for planets to impregnate them with new life, the Moon holds  those worlds in balance, ecosystems maintaining the vitality. Is your seed blocked? Unable to come out to do it’s natural function? Figure out why those blockages are there. Why your seed has been locked up. Was it because you wanted to do whatever you want without creating new life? Twining your force of creation with empty and meaning less acts of self gratification will eventually catch up to you. Backed up life force contained in places of no real release will eventually implode and create chaos.

As  the sun releases the seed from  the asteroids. We release the seeds of our bloom. Into the world they go to land somewhere where they can ground and form as they continue their journey forward. Little fractals of you. Babies of co-creation. How can you make  them if you are unable to fertilize them?

Vitality is a choice. Love happens regardless.

Just what wounds are we stabilizing into the 5th world as it approaches? What memory wounds are we bringing to the surface as we spin faster and faster.

This week, the design was chosen for a memorial to the victims of the July 22, 2011, attacks in Norway that left 77 people dead and several hundred more wounded. Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg’s vision for what’s being called a “memory wound” seems likely to join the list of such memorials that evoke strong feelings.

Dahlberg’s concept cuts a channel through Utoya Island, where 69 of the victims — most of them young people attending a political camp — were shot and killed by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik.



I wrote about this event when it happened. Here is the article: http://hillaryraimo.blogspot.com/2011/07/norway-neutrality-and-harvesting-of.html

Todays resurrection of this event in the form of the memorial article being released today March 7th, brings this event back up into the minds of the collective consciousness. It brings in the MEMORY WOUND. The time when you were traumatized and hurt. The time when you were jarred out of your state of love. As in the beginning of the 4th world. Go back and see how the separation happened. Feel it. Let it come to the surface. Remember so you can re-member the wound.

There was a time when we separated from each other in a state of non-love.  We are reminded of this today in our memory wounds that are being exposed as the last remnants of the 4th world leave us. The hard core stuff that has been buried down deep inside, hidden from view even from ourselves. That place within us that holds our deepest pain, our most extreme suffering, our most shameful thoughts of self. This must be exposed in order for us to make the exchange of dragon forces, world paradigms, and to completely release the memory of that original separation from love. The death of love is never to be taken lightly. It creates a rift in  the time space continuum and will be marked within our consciousness until we carry it forward to be healed. You cannot heal this with hate, or cold indifference. It is not a simple act of yes or no. It must be handled with great care.

As we land in the 5th world paradigm we are asked to rethink our spaces. To examine what our hearts truly feel. We are given the tools to do so, and we must. To dismiss what is sacred for what is comfortable is a dangerous act now as we flow through this challenging landscape of fertile ground. With all possibility before us we can create beauty of unknown proportions, or we can create great destruction that will annihilate all forms of life as we know them. The choice is ours to make, and still love will prevail, because it always has. But we must know what it feels like to have it taken away and destroyed, as it was in our memory wounds. This is the agreement we made. To bring the return, to reunite, to rebirth that which was lost to so many. The quality of love made possible by pure hearts spinning in the eternal wake of the black sun.

On Feb. 22nd 2014 an article was released about the hypogeum of Mal-Saflieni in Malta. It reminds us how to change the memory wounds that have engrained themselves deeply into our psyches.

Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni literally means “underground” in Greek.
Carved from solid rock it contains rock-cut features such as a
‘speaking chamber’, trilithons, lintelled-doorways, a large cistern
and a ‘holy of holies’ surrounded by ’embryonic chambers.
With its ceilings intact, the underground structure holds
secrets of a strange play of sound in the stone rooms and halls;
a “forgotten” technology which operates on the human emotional sphere.

“A word spoken in this room is magnified a hundredfold and is audible throughout the entire structure. The effect upon the credulous can be imagined when the oracle spoke and the words came thundering forth through the dark and mysterious place with terrifying impressiveness. ” – William Arthur Griffiths

Inside a small space, a cave, or a bubble, is the concentrated energy of the one. Here it vibrates outward through all structures.  A ‘forgotten technology’ that operates on the human emotional scale. If our emotions are dysfunctional how does that vibrate outwards into all structures? Just as well. If we do not heal our memory wounds we will always function as one with them. Integration and healing takes grace and forgiveness. It takes self-reflection and honesty with oneself and others. It takes accountability for what we create. It takes courage to see it clearly for what it is and to work through it. It takes love and compassion to truly transmute these hardcore memory wounds. Do you really need to memorialize the trauma? Do you need to create a forever place for it? or will you heal beyond that need?

Love is power. True power. Love is a catalyst unlike any other. Love is a transformer and emotional fuel for creation itself. We know it because we are it. We recognize it because it is what we are made from. We feel the memory wound of when it left us and we recreate that today as we memorialize our pain and set it in stone as a marker in time. But do we need too? Can we move on? Can we see it for what it really is? or will we cave into the belief that love is a lie, that it cannot heal, or be true.

Know your heart. Know what lies in it. Know what rises to the surface in the form of memory wounds, what has been breaking up within us as the light we need to  transform us continues to shine so we may spread our love seeds in all worlds. Know when the cosmic sperm comes in to change and bless the land. Pay attention to where it lands. Be clear in your communication, and make sure your intentions are rooted solidly in love. Do not seek to harm what you honor, for this kind of action will not survive the transition. It will make more pain and implant the memory wounds deeper and you will not survive for long.

Believe in what you know is true. What is ‘right’ within the 4th world constructs may feel wrong in the 5th world ones. We are leaving those behind. The need to judge ourselves, to be right or wrong, to say yes or no. We will move into THE KNOW within as it is reflected back to us in our surrounding spaces. Right or wrong becomes irrelevant when a higher form of integrity sets in.

Hillary Raimo copyright 2014

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