March 5th – A Day to Remember

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I have faith in love. Never wavering from the source of all creation. That center space of All that IS. Grounded firmly in trust and knowing the Universe never fails in its ever constant co-coordination and acts of co-creation. I know with everything I am that what will be… will be what is meant to be. I believe in love so strongly, so powerfully, so completely that I know my life will align with all I need, and more, to bring that vision to reality. I have seen  the bridge and I know it is already built. As I take each step firmly planted in the realities I dream in, I know with no doubts, who I am. In that knowing I am free.

Meet me in that space of acceptance.
Dance with me in the center.
Smile as we create the higher essence of alchemized love. The WE.

Today I watch closely what comes into my space. I am paying lucid attention.
I watch like a pro. I observe myself and my reactions to each item that creates a crossroads of attention, or lack of. I accept the outcome. Here is your chance to leave. Willingly or otherwise. Choose well.

Last dragon of the 4th world, as you leave bring all of the past with you that no longer serves humanity. Take away the tired and the sick, the restless and the lost. Take away all the confusion and insanity, take away all the doubt and closed hearts. Take away all the uncertainty, and the half-born visions and dreams of less than. Thank you for your gift dear dragon, sacred one. We are forever grateful.


I had a dream a few nights ago and in that dream there was a very clear image of todays date. March 5th. Someone brought up March 5th to me again in a waking situation that same day. And then again two days later. 3 times that date crossed my path. So today I have made a point to watch for incoming messages and insight.

Today researchers reported having discovered a 30 million+ year old giant virus. They are calling it Pithovirus sibericum, and it infects amoebas, not humans or animals. Amoeba is a genus of Protozoa that consists of unicellular organisms which do not have a definite shape. A single cell without a definite shape. A blank form of possibility.

The microscopic amoeba was first discovered by August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof in 1757.[2] Early naturalists referred to Amoeba as the Proteus animalcule after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his shape. The name “amibe” was given to it by Bory de Saint-Vincent,[3] from the Greek amoibè (αμοιβή), meaning change.[4] Dientamoeba fragili was first described in 1918, and was linked to harm in humans. The amoeba is remarkable for its very large genome. The species Amoeba proteus has 290 billion base pairs in its genome, while the related Polychaos dubium (formerly known as Amoeba dubia) has 670 billion base pairs. The human genome is small by contrast, with its count of 2.9 billion base pairs.[9] Unicellular budding yeast has an estimated 12 million pairs.

Amoebas change their shape. They are shape shifters. I know a few of those in my life. Takes one to know one, some say.

This ancient virus, announced today, effects amoeba. Amoeba can be harmful to humans. Some carry dis-eases and can feed on human tissue. Amoebas get into our bodies thru contamination. Contaminated food, water, energy, thoughts, emotions, spirits, entities, etc. Bringing disharmony to the natural order of things. They are helpful in this way to identify the source of contamination. What is the original form of any shapeshifter? Is it possible to ever really know?

If you could look at a virus, you would see that a virus is a tiny particle. Virus particles are about one-millionth of an inch (17 to 300 nanometers) long. Viruses are about a thousand times smaller than bacteria, and bacteria are much smaller than most human cells. Viruses are so small that most cannot be seen with a light microscope, but must be observed with an electron microscope. We are dealing with elemental basics. We are dealing with complex coordination of genetic coding through nature. The testing of balance between health and dis-ease. A natural self-checking system that, as time progresses, resurfaces to test the shape shifters, the formless entities of life, that have the power to become anything, all possibility. It is a cosmic ‘checks and balances’ within the power structure of life. Those with healthy structures, aligned with harmonious surroundings within and without, will survive – like the great pyramids. Those who are weakened by dis-ease, doubt, and hate will have weakened immune systems and will transition into other states of being sooner – recycled into love. Natures natural selection to maintain health on her planet, and in the ethers and places beyond.

As the ancient ice and permafrost melts, the frozen giant mega viruses reveal t themselves. These are hopefully not todays modern bioengineered biological warfare viruses designed to target specific DNA structures in an effort to euthanize certain characteristics and races off the face of the Earth. These are hidden inside the very cyclic structure of Earth. These giant viruses hold a tremendous more amount of genetic material then todays viruses. This is a dinosaur of sorts within  the micro worlds. Large. Big. And filled with information. Genetic coding meant to eliminate dangerous amoebas that harm humans and animals. An earthly protection system from nature herself.

Scientists were previously aware of two distinct families of giant viruses, Megaviridae and Pandoraviridae. This latest discovery establishes the existence of a third family. Pithovirus has about 500 genes, dwarfing the likes of AIDS and influenza, which contain about 10 genes, according to France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). But Pithovirus is in turn comfortably eclipsed by a previously discovered giant virus, Pandoravirus, which contains roughly 2,500 genes. Would the Pandoravirus open the Pandoras box?

The shape of the Pithovirus is an interesting symbol in and of itself. I will return to this later.

Everything is dependent on each other. Without one, one may succeed or fail miserably. To sustain our current network, we must balance the act of symbionts and host. So one does not go to extinction. Love cannot go extinctint within the human species. It must not get contaminated. It must stay strong, true, authentic, healthy and be given room to grow stronger, to develop into a harmonious entity of life branching out into a network of other interconnected systems. Nothing is separate from All that Is. Everything serves a purpose.

Studying the natural systems of realms of life around us we see mirrored back to us the proof we search for in books and experts and TV shows. In nature we find the answers to our most sacred questions. In tracking what comes in at certain times and staying diligent to our efforts, practices, faith and health we see what we need to see. We seek out the shapeshifter within us and allow that blank to be blessed by higher forms of thought and emotion.

The emergence of the giant Pithovirus – the emergence of a 30+million year old virus – from a point of old origin – shows us what has to heal to balance our whole system. It carries the genetic information needed to RESET the world. To take out what harms the human and animal systems – so out of balance in our world today – just look at the relationships between humans and animals to start, how we treat what we eat, and how we harvest that energy – is it sacrificed in a sacred way? Do you pray over your food and thank it for its sacrifice? or do you just drive thru and order, and eat it while on your way to work driving in the car. What about the food we feed our spirit? Is that food healthy or contaminated?

I see this discovery of the Pithovirus as a wonderful confirmation of the consistent and reliable efforts of EARTH to sustain herself and be at peace within the tried and true way of life, the natural order of things,  the flow. Humans need to remember to trust her knowledge and ability to reset the balance of things. In all ways, always. I also see this as a release of what has ailed the human species for 30+ million years. A healing complete. A bring to the surface moment of what has in the past changed our course to one of hateful based disconnection. When people think of a virus they think of illness. They get scared, they get a vaccine to protect them, to keep them safe in their known worlds. I see viruses – natural untampered ones – as a cleansing. A download of information needed genetically to OPEN US  UP. To expel what needs to go, those things that are harmful to us, that contaminate our hearts and make them bleed with trauma. It is a reminder to stay HEALTHY.

“Comets are vile stars. Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new ….. ” – Li Ch’un Feng, Director, Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau, 648, A.D.


The Mawangdui silk, depicted 29 different cometary forms and the various diseases and disasters associated with them. Compiled, beginning around 1500 BC.
The Mawangdui silk, depicted 29 different cometary forms and the various diseases and disasters associated with them. Compiled, beginning around 1500 BC.

Comets, asteroids, are bringers of the dawn. They impregnante us with viruses. Otherworldly of cosmic origin. They are bringers of cosmic balance. If we are in awe of Earthly checks and balances, surely we would be in greater awe of the cosmically coordinated ones. Cometary debris, and the smaller particles and any microbes and viral particles attached to cometary debris impacting earth, fall upon the upper atmosphere and then slowly drift upon the air currents, sometimes staying aloft for years, crisscrossing the planet and gently falling downward, until finally making a soft landing on whatever is beneath them – be it ocean, river, animal, plant, or woman and man.

It brings change for all systems because it is designed too. History would show you comets were an omen of death and dis-ease. What is death but the ultimate transformation for living entities. Energy never dies. It simply changes form. It is all in how you see it.

Today, March 5th 2014, an enormous asteroid passes between Earth and the moon. The natural mechanisms which transport microorganisms into the atmosphere are storms, volcanoes, monsoons, and cometary impact events. The Earths weather patterns will distribute the packages better then any UPS or postal service, or vaccine can. Microbes can travel from planet to planet and solar system to solar system encased in asteroids, comets and other stellar debris, and that they can survive the impact and heat of ejection and reentry into the atmosphere.

Cosmic sperm into the egg of the planet. Fertilized actualization. Today you conceive your highest vision. But it is up to you to raise it well into its actualized and highest form of expression. The Universe just gives you what you need to clean it up and start over when you forget that vision.

We are in the death dance for many unsustainable systems alive on our planet right now. What threatens to kill the balance will be eliminated  through natural means. A system that works without your permission, your beliefs, your loyalty, or even your love. A system that can be forgotten but doesn’t stop just because. A system that is older then mans time. A system that maintains  the connectivity of all in a sacred and balanced way.

The Dance of Death is an allegory on the universality of death and a common painting motif in late medieval period.
The Dance of Death is an allegory on the universality of death and a common painting motif in late medieval period.

Humans have been taught to fear death. To resist change. To be afraid of those transmutating elements in our lives that brings it on.  We are only given what we are ready to handle. No one makes that decision except Creator and your free will accepts or rejects it. You always have a say in how you’ll handle the change. You can center in it, balance yourself within it and trust the outcomes, or you can run and hide, and go back to what you know no longer serves you, creating disharmonious forms of dis-ease within your systems that are in fact connected to all systems, which in fact then open you to the transformation of death when the next round of life-testing systems come through.

I don’t fear death. So if my body, my form, is unsustainable for my soul, then so be it. I return to my light body form and continue on into my highest evolved expression without it. When that happens my work here is done. I seek to, I choose to, return balance to my body so I can hum the web of creation and experience the beauty of what that means in all it brings. That is my perspective and lens as I see my life today, March 5th 2014. I know without a single thought of doubt, that everything that will help me do that will enter into my space willingly and effortlessly. With graceful ease and peace.

Today March 5th I reflect. Ripples in the force, moments of suspended tides. A pause in-between breaths, a break for self directed forces. A time for reflection and insight. I have a new point of origin to work with now. We’ve turned a corner in our evolution. Shift happens. There’s no going back. Onward and upward we fly.


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