All you can do is keep the love coming.
All you can do is keep loving.
All you are is love.
Ashne Ate

Focus on it.
Don’t let it slip.
Stay Still until it clicks.
Patience is love.

Back from the edge.
Respect the winds that flow.
Pray into them.

This is the next level.
Keeping the love strong.
Visions never wavering unless rippled.
Least you lose yourself whole.

Love is medicine.
Medicine man & woman.
Reciprocal for a reason.
Unlock time and space.

Grace lingers on tiny amber crystals.
Change the dose, you change the vision.
Change the vision, you change the future.
Focus on what is on your level.

Dreams of bulls, familiar places.
Owl kachinas appear outside the window.
Black eyes filled with gold obsidian.
Spheres of worlds come and gone.
Under the temples.

Let the world and it’s games go.
Focus only on  the flow.
Linger and reminisce.
Recall beauty to the forefront.

We have much to show you.
We need you in that state.
Bliss-filled twine holds the pillars up.
Create the arch and fill  the dome.
Your job is to create and fill the space.
We can show you what you need to see.
Changing your world happens  this way.
Opened communication lines, clear as day.
Not through Verizon or the NSA.
Moth whispers speak.
Datura calls  them.
Oracles open.

Be her guardian. Keep her there.
We need her to stay in that space.
Open her up, gain her trust. Authentically.
How do you call forth a unicorn, let alone ride her?
Gracefully, patiently and always with love.
Virgin states of mind reward endlessly.

Check yourself inside constantly. Are you being true?
Are you containing the space?
Are you being faithful to yourself?
We are here to help you.
Dragon elder.

Her sexuality is her fire, tend to it well.
Return her to a state of virgin mind.
Birth her magical child.

The download files are found in specific places.
Emotions access them thru the body.
The hard drive is the divine innocence.
Relatives of elephants and manatees.
Here she knows everything. All that is.
We support you in your quest.

Open her cosmic Yoni. She is fertile with ideas.
Conceive well a new future. She will give you a cosmic child.
We protect her and now you. Destiny matched.
We are coordinators of a cosmic conspiracy.
Grand indeed.



One thought on “Opening the Download Files

  1. Amma says:

    This is so beautiful ❤ you always bring me smiles.

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