I guess I am going to have to start talking about all the  things I know. I know love, been talking about that now for awhile, and I have it in my life, the kind that makes all things look closer and pay attention to what’s happening. The kind that sets off alarms and red flags for control systems that watch closely. Watch closely. Watch all you want. Try and interfere and waste your time because what is happening now is so far beyond your games and reach. I know who you are and I know what you want to stop. I’m going to start opening my mouth wide and let it all come out. Your tactics are well known and I can see and feel you circling, you always have. You’ve succeeded in scaring off most, and many have run away, but not this time. This one is here to stay. This one is mine. The twine is more powerful then you even know with all your secret watcher ways. Your electric interference can continue on, you’ll never break this up. You may know what you think you know, but you don’t know what counts. You may know where we fly, but that doesnt mean your wings will hold up like ours.

Power up time babe. Let them watch. I love you. The flow will grow, and it will reveal no matter who likes it or not.

Why would love be so threatening to control systems? The new world order watch dogs drool. Those who know how it can be revealed naturally thru the power of partnership, the divine kind, the kind that grows organically, the kind that reveals secrets, hidden technology, the kind that opens others wide so their biological memories can come to the surface….why is this so upsetting to the control order of things? because it can’t be controlled. It cannot be turned off unless the tactics work. HUman technology does not obey you. It reveals all because it gains access into all that is. No NSA needed. No hardline, no hard drive. No secret agents. I can see who comes on my blog and watches, reads, follows, what countries tune in. It’s quite interesting to see who knows about me and where. It’s good to know who follows your thoughts, texts, phone calls, blog posts, facebook comments. It’s good to know who comes around, who pays attention, and why. I’ve been around the block a few times, I know how to know.

I also know who is fake and who is real in the circuit. I know who is an implant and who is an authentic heart. I’ve made it my job to know. I know who is full of it, who serves the disinformation like an expert. I know who has what skeletons in their closet. I know why the mainstream view is curved and twisted to farm people into different eddies of consciousness.

You have my attention now. We see what you are doing. We see you. Guess my badass white girl skills have to come out now. So as you read this, maybe you’ll see that I have not backed down, nor am I afraid of you and your ways. We are not afraid of you and we keep it tight so nothing can break in and twist it up. I figured since all I talk about now is love you’d leave me alone and stop the harassment. But I know now that it’s a kind of love that opens the ark, reveals the grail, fills it up, spreads the information world wide through kingdoms that are awake and alive and waiting for humans to wake the f*** up so they can see once again this world is not what it seems. And for what it’s not.

I have seen the light. I have shared that light. We see it together. We reveal it together. We go further together. We keep it strong from now on. Bet you didn’t see that coming with all your eyes everywhere. It happened in a sacred container. One you couldn’t penetrate even with your white truck at the end of the driveway. We saw you. They saw you. You couldn’t come any closer and that’s why it happened. We are protected and backed by otherworldly beings that are on to you and your control systems as well. So you see.. even if suddenly you start messing with the lines of communication, things start missing, messing up, showing up incomplete so the lines cross and things get misunderstood, it’s ok. Childs play. Even if you turn your machines on, and PC programming tactics, your microwaves, your sound systems, your directed energy technology meant to confuse and disarm, we will prevail. Even if you come at us with your stronger ways, threats, and disarming. We will smile in the wake of your games.

Why was magdalene removed from the story? Because her and Jesus had the twine. They could access all dimensions, see into the planes of existence thru their love and work together. They didn’t need all the technology advances we have today, and they surely did not need Facebook or texts to stay in touch with that godly plane. They created it together and taught others how to do it. The stories today LIE. Fools believe them as they scroll  thru repeating the rehearsed and re-edited gibberish. It’s a con. It’s a big huge illusion and the fanatics that run the world believe in it like addicts hooked on cracked candy. It creates a false matrix. The mainstream religious rules meant to cage bend in all ways least one… towards the reunion of adam and eve. Why is that? because the reunion in its authentic form will reawaken the secret knowledge hidden in the basements of the vatican and other places less well known. Go ahead sit on your hills of fools gold. You think wrapping a state park around the indigenous ruins to keep them from their ceremonies and rituals will stop whats coming? I laugh out loud as I write that. You build your churches on top of ancient holy places to capture the energy to channel it into your holy temples. You are built on borrowed power. This will never sustain your self created illusions, cities, and complex power structures. Your time has expired and you know it. So you tremble.

Why is it that you have put so much effort into the break down of divine partnership between men and women. Why have you broken down  the healers and herbs and other natural harmonious ways that contribute to health, abundance, and sustainability for all? We know why. Because that does not go with your plan of world dominance, greed, and power that is not rooted in  the heart. So you drive your white vans and trucks around watching people, recording their conversations, watching them through technology no one wants to believe is real because they are scared and would rather not know so they can feel safe and better about their comfort zones. You promote stupid superficial-ness like it’s your job, and it is. Actors paid well in HOLY-wood, so well that even they don’t know what role  they play in it all. Movies made to brainwash and sway, politics sit in and make the decisions of what to produce and what to not. Depends on  the larger agenda – WAG THE DOG style. Putting truth in fantasy so it confuses, you love doing that, and  you know it. It’s like a power play ultimate role play – God. Except you don’t get it, divine we are, without the need for your over inflated ego.

You want me? come get me. I dare you. I’ll be happy to sit at a table with you and talk. You can bring in all your specialist, like you do when you have them show up at my events and test me. Paranoia is a scam when it comes to you and your games, a perfect cover. I’m on to you. Been on for awhile. You threaten my partners, guests, play phone games, break up communication lines so things don’t get relayed correctly, trying to crack the twine, break jacobs ladder. I know it will get worse, I’ve seen it. I know what comes next. I also have the ace cards up my sleeve and I have no problem showing them.

HUmans not human pretending to be while walking around, multidimensionally interfering with the natural order of things. Go back to your home planet. Your corrupt power structures are not going to work here. You’ve had your chance, harvested this planet and the humans on it. Leave. Go. Those who can make you go have arrived. You’re dimensional covers are blown. We see you.

Bankers jumping off buildings, found dead. The decoding in the headlines gives you away. Your megarituals might harvest millions of minds full of consciousness in whatever state they are in but many are waking up to your ways. New agers corralled into other holding bins. Sure we can see you and not speak about you, that holds some promise of being left alone, but at what cost? Cosmic conspiracies play better. I am perfectly encircled and you know it. Now I put others in that circle and  that scares you. It should. Because what comes into my protective circle stays protected.

The 4th world crumples at your feet. Your dragons are leaving. New ones are in place to replace guardianship and their vision is of a different world then you have run. Pack your bags because you are going home. I’ll see to it myself.



5 thoughts on “That’s What’s Up…

  1. Robert Lucky says:

    Hey Hillary, its me Robert the blind 19 year old you met in California. I bring forth my ideas on the oligarchy and ones who want to bend and control our realities to fit their interest, but am quickly labeled a conspiracy theorist; mostly by those who are to afraid to believe I am speaking truth. i have been watching and studying the flow of these powers and feel i have a nig piture of the plan. It’s hard to find people who are aware but have not also gotten so lost in the lies they don’t know witch way is up. it is so important to realize this is a war on your physical body, on your mind and your spirituality. i would really like to talk more with you and see more of you perspectives on the world in and around us.

    1. I replied in the comments… but here is a site you will enjoy. I’ve read her book, and interviewed some of her whistle blowers. It’s more grounded then most alternative truths sites.

  2. Hi Robert, I am so happy to see you here. Welcome!

    For the past 20+ years I have been exploring, writing and doing radio shows on the conspiracy topics. Where most just jump on board with what everyone else says in the alternative truth movement, I have maintained an independent view and have sought to continue to express that careful not to jump on the band wagon of regurgitated material other labeled conspiracy theorists thrive on. Just because Alex Jones says its true doesn’t mean it is.

    The conspiracy industry is like the UFO industry, many are tied in to the money machine it is and lose sight of the act of finding truth, and sharing that truth. I have interviewed and spoken off the record with many alternative truthers, military industrial complex whistleblowers and insiders. Being a woman in the industry of truth telling is not so much a rare thing as it is a unique thing. It is usually a good old boys club and that is where we need to change it. Women bring an intuitive feminine point of view that broadens the spectrum of truth and view.

    You will find many interviews I’ve done over the years in my archives on Achieve Radio. I highly suggest you listen to them if you are called. I carefully select my guests because i want to speak to them, and I spend a lot of time researching the topics I choose to discuss on the air, and even hereon my blog too.

    The new age movement does not want to hear about the conspiracy stuff because it bursts the love bubble. Or so they fear, think, believe. It does not change love to know the truth.

    Years ago I read all of David Ickes stuff, at the time my spiritual teacher and friend told me to do it and so I did, it was a hard journey, went against a lot of what I had learned at that point, but I continued because she had told me too. What it did was crack open my consciousness and my mind and heart opened to the information. I interviewed David many times and people loved our shows.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist…. I am a conspiracy REALIST. I look for the facts, the technology realities and I try to discuss those. I intuitively search and find. I connect the dots. Then I report, share, and hope others will do their own research and find their own answers and see it for themselves. Don’t take my word for it! Find it for yourself. I simply light up the way.

    So yes for the past two years or so I have touched on some topics that will be considered by some as conspiracy theories, the label itself is set up to dismiss like in the UFO industry. It’s calculated and done on purpose to shut people up.

    There is also another side to this. When I do talk about the topics, and go there, some people get so consumed in it that they can’t get out of it and they become shut down in many ways. Everything becomes a conspiracy and all people are put into a stigma and they forget that love is a necessary ingredient to stay balanced. That you have to still find beauty in your life and continue to seek balance and find an ability to stay centered, effective and strong.

    I’d be happy to discuss anything Robert. You have a safe haven here to discuss whatever you want. If I can lend insight into it I’d be happy too. You have an important role in this world and I could see that about you clearly when I met you. I’d be happy to work with you and support you in anyway I can.

  3. ctim811 says:

    Hi Hilary   I was going to share this post on but the link was blank 🙂 I wish you would come over and share your The Yin Factor , everyone seems to enjoy the ones I post  

  4. Dennis W Simmons says:

    Stunning… awesome… amazing…. Powerful…. Touching… i can feel the vibration through the control system, It is waning. Knowing the twinning of Man and woman is the key. We together will send powerful shock waves through the control systems. Much love and support you and your twine are doing… Dennis W

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