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Love letter

Your timing is impeccable. Your tests expand me in all directions at once and I welcome them. I am grateful for the growth. I know you know me in ways no one else has tried. I can sit in a room with you anywhere in the world and you speak to me. You know all my buttons and you push them with loving grace and ease. Of all the people in my life now, you know me the best. You never give up on me ever. You are stable and steady Shima and your power and magic are never used against me in negative hurtful ways. I trust you with my life and I find a space between us that thrives with all possibility.  I am honored to have you as a part of my family. I am willing to work with you on the highest levels. I open all of my power and energy to it. Twining in the stars and deep within the Earth…..core. This one is for you & Massai. I love you both. Thank you. I was born to be by your side sister. My ancestors smile as I write this. My grandfather knew I’d be here now. He says hello. 


How do you describe magic to someone who doesn’t believe in it. How do you describe the bliss zone to someone who has closed themselves off to it. All I can say is it’s real. Keep looking until you feel it in all that you are. In your cells, your DNA, your body in all zones, awakened, whole, returned to thrive. We have turned a corner. I can feel it in  the most powerful ways even my imagination could not have created. It is beyond words, beyond description. It changes the world around me in ways that create awe and yet not. I simply watch as the ceremonies and rituals open spaces that are tangible, real, and experiential. After I walk through the world and I observe. I watch, like a wolf stalking something off the horizon not quite sure what, but I can sense it. Something big comes this way. The seeds have germinated.

High rollers live in the clouds with the cloud people. Able to slow down time and feel the truth of love given in lessons of elemental design. No workshop can teach that, no book can describe the experience. Words do not even do it. It is something you can only experience. Thank God. HUman technology upgrades. Are you ready for that? I am.

Crystal light cords into the lines of fortune. Downloading information into the body for the upgrade. Changing software programs, faster servers. Into your blood, carried through the entire system. Energy enters and spreads, infiltrating all. Natural; higher level play. Fun in a blissful way.

Disappearing into the 45 sec gap in time. Such timing. Reappearing when? Cosmic humor. You can only relax into it to get it. Float on it and drink  the manna that comes. Intoxicating and whole. Sobering the world around you in a way that is perhaps contradictory in some planes. The field created from  the illuminated human is observable. Measurable. Real. It does no one any good to simply study theory, match numbers, and connect the dots if you are unwilling to go the next level. You can stay there if you want, but once you taste what’s next, you’ll laugh at your own unwillingness.


Look deeply into the picture. What do you see? Describe it, paint it, draw it, dream it, say it, let it speak to you about where it has been. Super charged. It has much to share.


Make it real and watch what happens in the world afterward. Stalk out the power, hunt it and watch and then translate it thru the HEART. Watch the world around you mirror back to you. Wait for the signs. When they come give thanks and offerings. Be humble not in ego and you will be gifted with the sight. Layers of mind can trick you to stop the unification, but we have moved beyond that. We have rounded the corner and there is now no going back. Your decisions, your choices, your reactions, your intake of it all will filter thru what is there and you cannot hide it. All access is granted, the keys to the kingdom. Responsible action and use are requirements. We have breached the boundary and now everything must realign to settle into the new horizon and expansion of consciousness and all. It is done. Now everything changes.

Announced today, NASA’s IBEX and Voyager 1 missions have shattered all conventional ideas about the heliospheric boundary, the region separating our solar system from interstellar space. The etheric oceans.

Confirmation comes in headlines, numbers, events, discoveries, announcements, signs, tragedies and celebrations. It can be found in the coordinated synchronistic twine, the twinning. The space created between two or more. The holy container, grail filled with the knowledge accessed by it. Fill my cup baby and let me drink. I accept and I give willingly.

Consorts of a higher kind, breaking boundaries, space and time, opening up the cosmic Yoni and doing it well. Expertly maneuvered and put into play with all the right ingredients. 7 sisters and 9 dragons. All in place for the last of the 4th world ones to leave. Changing of the guards. NOW is ripe, go slow take your time, act when sure, still when not, observe, watch, wait, and claim. So it is with all things created.

It is time. Watch for the signs. Follow the path of least resistance and stay true to that. Hold on to only your faith in your divine self and know everything means something and holds a clue to where to go next. But don’t become fanatic in your fears. Hold the love space open so the field creates a force field of fertile creation. You will be tested only so those higher powers know if you are ready for that kind of power, to see if you are true in your anchored love. You cannot rise any higher without love. It has to be real, and you have to be committed to it. It will attract and draw all kinds of things to your space and you must be responsible in your honoring or it will leave. You will have another chance perhaps later in time to access it but it will close the door because power requires honor, truth, commitment and it has to be real. You must be able to experience it and practice the layering of dimensional impact in  the 3D. Bridge it into the physical. No more ignoring or rejecting it. The new age movement has done a great job of dismissing the body. Turning it off. Letting the temple that holds your soul fall to neglect.

Purify your body. Purify your mind. Access your soul. Together  they create the 3 levels of technology needed to awaken the portals. You’ll wake up in different locations, reach over to touch your beloved real in the moment, hold the vision, stay lucid, make it happen. Your commitment counts in ways you cannot understand with just the human perception.

Touch me in just the right places, pressure points, dragon lines run through access points. Press them and watch what happens. Find them on the treasure map. Trust the gold is there. You will not be disappointed. Afterglow is a real phenomena.

Moonbows, rainbow orbs, seagulls, crows, hanging on the side of cliffs while time and space bends and changes to let you in to remote places. Transformed vision, looking thru all four directions at once. Refocus. Something big is about to happen.




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