I lied to myself and said it was the end, so I could let go completely and test myself. Perhaps that is what the snake does when it eats its own tail. Resurrection is a process of regenerating the old into something new. This birthing process is indeed that act of creation. No part is without function. Perfectly encircled.


God that was beautiful she said as they first met, head meet tail. I met myself coming and going in every space. Did I accept myself as God? or something else? That is between me and God. Sometimes we are offered great treasures, they land in our lap. Like when our flight gets cancelled by the divine Universe. We have a choice to embrace it as a gift and honor that time as holy ground. Will you accept the walk about? or will you skip out? When someone knows when these holiest of holy moments happen, everything they and others say and do is telling to all higher powers who are watching every move made. Are you worthy? Your actions will tell all to all that is.

What happens when this happens is the Universe has deemed you worthy of the next level. You either accept it or you don’t, but it is offered to you…you as a holy being. If you drink the manna it goes through your whole system. It powers up everything. It leaves no system untouched.

For those who know how to tend to this holy ground, they will wait and watch slowly, carefully to everything that crosses the line. All the yes and no’s. Tracking the story and watching for signs. Because there will be ONE who can do it. One who can create the space and hold it down. Never wavering. New vision. New world. New environment. New healthy surroundings. One free of all disharmony and misunderstandings. One who can BE all the time while doing. Who can act in responsible dedication to all that is holy, which is everything. One who can stand the heat of the phoenix rising. I see you so clearly standing right there watching the world over. Holding on to only your breath as material. Because it is known without doubt that the space created anywhere, in all ways is always sacred, that certain elements line up to align the order of the Universe.


God isn’t that thought so beautiful. I can feel you thinking that thought with me. Smiling as you do it. Your eyes reflect my moonlight as you honor the glow. Just when the vision completes itself and begins to attract the bees looking for pollen so that vision can be conceived, the wind blows just enough to settle on a different flower perhaps. The power of destiny. This cannot be denied. It is sacred law, protected by angels of the highest and oldest order. That field of sacred creation on all levels is a protective no fly zone because you can only settle into it. You cannot direct it, command it, you can only BE in it when it presents its secrets and cosmic golden flow. Floating on lotuses you and I. Spinning in opened vortexes of infinite possibility. Anything you and I dream together will be. Oh the power of that. Tempting to misuse at times, but the ONES who stay true to  the beloved in the other will know limitless ability to manifest as Gods do. This takes all on to the next level – no one is left behind. It is handed down by guarded purpose within bloodlines and sacred places illuminated by elevated thought and consciousness as when the power plants aligned with Earth and Heaven turned ON.


Designed by a specialist. This synchronistic world was. Perfectly encircled balance. Sacred to all especially those who know how to grow the garden well. In the holy of holies we find a unique space. a space designed to harness  the most powerful emanations of all. The Twone. Two eyes into one. SHEN. The ones who twine the alchemy, generate the opening of time and space. The hidden X.  When the two eyes become ONE….SHEN….We will be in the kingdom of Heaven…or Avalon within. This is prophecy.

Aurora, Dawn-goddess 1808 by Otto Runge, Hamburg

Aurora, Dawn-goddess 1808 by Otto Runge, Hamburg


Some say its all the same. I disagree. I believe that there is a refined quality so pure, so real, so essential to the continuation of life that it comes in often in unexpected places within the time space continuum. It shows up exactly when it is supposed to. Divinely orchestrated. It will never not. It comes this way because it is the way. So we watch carefully for the signs and timing of it all. Knowing it will show up. Knowing where to look we watch. Tracking it like a hunter hunts food or power. Honoring the spirit of it every time they find a piece on  the trail leading closer and closer to home within the heartfire.


Like the ORB WEAVER spider, you are the weaver of your own dream. You are the impetus behind the Goddess of creation. You impregnate her with your elixir of life. She gives birth to what you conceive within her. Steady, not to fast………. carefully place those golden fibers of light as you spin, twining deeper and deeper into the abyss of your own inner cosmos. Here is where you lay the golden egg of higher consciousness. Here is where you find the essence of the Rose. Here you are the wave rubbing up against the particle. You are the impetus behind the creation of the Universe. How you nurture your creation will determine which Eden you live in. There is an opening happening right now inside you. You are being opened. The juicy love is flowing…….are you going to flow with it?


You determine your experience. What you focus on you give your power too. Empower your inner SUN.

All the signs are here if you can see. You have all the symbols laying at your feet lighting up one by one telling you a story. That story is your own. How are you going to translate yourself? How are you going to decode who you are? ……By decoding who I am. In seeing yourself in another you create yourself. It is a catch 22 designed by the cosmic heart of the Universe.


 It is not about out there, it is about….. in you. I am the other half of your X.  Only in leaning towards one another in an open heart can we find the door.
“Tonight you can close your eyes and fly because their is no ceiling to contain you. We will see you as you streak across the sky in royal colors. Tonight the warm cosmic hue will wrap itself around you. Tonight you will find God and bring that back with you.” said the oracle to the old man.

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