Light Me Up

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This is what you do to me. 
The chemical reaction is far reaching. 

Reality as good as  theory. 
Cosmic explosions create new fusions. 

Shrinking and stretching time & space.

Together all makes 6th sense look like childs play.
Going deeper to plant cosmic seeds. 

Window opened. You sang your song. 
The universe listened. 

Purity has its benefits. 
Conscious minds made up of light.

Seeing only what you want to see, in the moment.
Leaving old patterns behind. Challenges arise easily. 

Will you walk  thru the doorway without a door?
Or will you go back to what you know.

Star lit choices can be rather clear.
Until you decide not to see them anymore.

Merging, fusion strong. 
Holding on to only the space created in sacred twine. 

Doubts seep in only thru cracks unsure of who they are.
Space must be filled with some thing. Even if old & outdated. 

Hold steady yourself in the light. Breathe and center.
Nothing else will do. Hold your power. Stand in love. Anchor well. 

Reality is created by the prayer. By the breath breathing, and thought thinking.
Conception of a higher kind. 

Inner child healing helps it all move along easily. 
Cohesive apprehension slows  the response. 

Decisions made and unraveled show the cracks in the inner universe. 
Will you fill them with rainbows?

Can you move into that higher space while touching me?
You know where  the buttons are. 
Push them gently. Turn them on. 
Lets go to the stars. 

Or not. Up to you. 
Distractions abound. What will you do?

I am watching carefully observing you.
Even when you think I’m not looking. 

Oracles rise. Speak your truth. Hold the vision.
Let it birth. 

Close your eyes and open up. 
Show me who you really are. 



























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