Into the World of Voynich by Hillary Raimo

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English version of article written for Science-et-inexplique Magazine in France February 2014

This Fall I was introduced to the Voynich Manuscript synchronistically by way of the Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini through a good friend and talented artist Samson Contompasis. The order of events was quite magical in and of themselves. In exploring the Codex I was led to the Voynich Manuscript through magical association. When this kind of synchronistic ‘twine’, as I call it, enters my life I pay very close attention and follow along knowing there is more to be seen if I am patient and follow my intuition. I work in the world as a clairvoyant. Clairvoyance comes from the French word clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”. The official meaning of clairvoyance is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses. The definition describes the ability well, but the journey of discovering that ability within oneself is often times challenging and uncomfortable especially in todays world where intuition and vision is often frowned on by scientific circles. What I have learned over the course of my life is that this ability lies within everyone, and the amount of use it gets depends on each person individually. Over time it can be nurtured, shaped and used as one of the greatest evolved senses we as human beings have. To feel the information flow forth from an object, to listen to the quantum fields around it stir, to allow the beauty of that stirring to show you the visions is an extraordinary sensation. This is the story about my experience with the Voynich Manuscript from my perspective as a female clairvoyant.

In preparing for this task of seeing the manuscript firsthand at Yale University I made the conscious decision to not research or read anyone elses theory on it. To simply seek out historical facts and avoid what theories were out there for now. Why? because I wanted to meet the book without any pre-conceived ideas or filters that did not belong to me. I chose to approach the manuscript as a child in the state of its natural mind: empty, aware, free. Uncluttered and unpolluted with ideas and ideals that do not belong to me. I wanted to be in the moment, the NOW, the present to receive the gift of meeting the work for the first time, fresh and new. This felt right in my heart. I had looked at the images online and also in reproductions both good and not so good. But only the images and the untranslated words did I study. So my mind could float unbiased through them looking at the pictures with curiosity and unlimited imagination. I wanted to see what would come. So I put that intention into the dance. That is how I showed up.

The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13
The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13

Ever since I first viewed the manuscripts images online I felt a connection to it. I began to nurture a relationship with it. To create the space I needed to focus on it. I had to set up personal and professional boundaries in my life so I could study it. I wanted to know everything about it, technically. So I made a point to do that. The tests poured in to distract me with other life events, but I held fast to my commitment. I did my best to stay true to it.

The plant kingdom is a wise ancient realm with many portals and stargates. It is kept after by spirits that range in size. The oldest Kings and Queens of the plant realms still whisper their sacred words into the winds. Hoping someday we humans will hear their messages. Again. It is a womans role within the multiple dimensions to be able to find her way in and out of these stargates. She is born knowing how to dream the womb. Men learn great things from her when they let her wise in. This is not very scientific I know, but decoding anything that has anything to do with women, such as the Voynich clearly does with its multitude of fantastic images of women bathing in a strange green liquid and traveling through stem like wormholes to other places, means one must approach this book very differently. Ask any man who has studied a woman. You must be flexible, patient, and if you ever truly want to find her, you must find her inner beauty. This book is the very essence of feminine power. It holds the keys to the combinations of plant kingdom synergy that opens ones consciousness to the stars. The one constellation that stood out to me while reviewing the star charts? The Pleiades. The seven sisters.

The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13
The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13

I work with Apache elder Maria Yraceburu and the sacred land of Taa-naash-kaa-da in New Mexico, USA. The Pleiadian Prophecies within her linage say this kind of knowledge comes from the star people that live there. That they taught us the power plants and the combinations, or recipes, of how to mix them so that the properties within them would release our spirit bodies into the time space continuum so that we could time travel and visit other worlds shown to us through the experience. Recipes that allowed the women to have visions and become open clear channels for information traveling the Multiverse to come in. They would relay their visions to the men who would move out into the world to honor them. The oracles of the ancient worlds were linked to this understanding and knowledge. Kings and Warriors alike traveled to the Oracles from far and wide to seek their council in their sacred temples. Today 2013 most of those temples lay in ruin around the world, but still awakened with their power. Sacred holy land is created by way of the love and honor of what perhaps was once there. There is power in the force of the beginning of anything.

Quantum physics tells us the observer changes the field. It heals the wrinkles in time. It changes the outcome. It bridges heaven and earth, men and women, plant kingdom and all kingdoms. It is the connective tissue of the morphogenetic fields. The fertile valley in the minds and hearts of humans. Here in this space we can find what connects us all. I believe it is this pure innocent state of mind the Voynich Manuscript is meant to be understood. The language is a forgotten one so we must approach decoding it in a very feminine intuitive sense. I believe what is housed in the rare book library at Yale is a copy of an older book, scribed down through the generations of women and alchemists. But that does not discredit the information in it. Not by any means. It gives credit to the importance of the information. This statement is my psychic impression off of handling the book itself.

I could feel faint connections with the people who had this manuscript in their possession for long periods of time. The curiosity, intrigue, love, frustration, years and years of lifetimes spent trying to understand its secrets. Like layers in a growing tree each creating a ring, magical in its own right around the book itself. I connected most with Edward Kelley.

Kelley worked with John Dee to summon spirits, or angels on his crystal ball. He also claimed to have the secret of turning base metals into gold. My vision of Kelley was simple. A man stirring a cauldron while gently singing. What I noticed the most was the light in his eyes and the love in his words. He gathered his power like a man who loved the Earth for all she is.

This Fall I began to write my new book The Oracle Series due to come out sometime next year. While working on it I found my way to a man named Paul Tronson, owner of Period Fine Bindings, master bookbinder and expert rare book restorer. I immediately felt a connection with him and we agreed to work together to create a single copy of The Oracle book in one of his bindings. I was fortunate to be able to secure a commission with him as he only takes a very limited number of commissions a year and as we began to circle the project he offered me a copy of The Voynich Manuscript inside the binding he was working on for me. He had been working on a reproduction of the VM for a long time now. The Planets stirred in awe that day. Little did I know it would change my life forever and move me down a path I least expected. This is the quality of space the VM creates in your life once you start to work with it and I would bet those who had it in their hands over the ages would all agree. I can see them nodding their heads from the other side as I write these words.

So here I was sitting inside Yale Universities Rare Book and Manuscript library on 11/19/13 carefully turning the pages, letting my fingers gently move across the paper. Knowing that what lie before me was special in so many ways. Symbols jumped out at me; dragons, castles, towers, and plant people. The women danced in circles under certain cosmology configurations. Creating their own magic circles. Was this a piece on women healers? Plant medicine was once passed down through the women healers. The church soon brought that to an end when they claimed women healers to be witches. Burning the oracles at the stake. Shutting down their voices and collapsing their memories, a wrinkle in time was created. A rift. This knowledge still lives within us at a cellular level. It is stirring now with the times we are in. A massive shift is happening within everyone right now. It is a Cosmic Conspiracy of the highest kind. The images looked strikingly similar to cross sections of microscopic plant sections. I made note of this to come back to later to see if I could possibly find matching cross sections in our known biology world today.

The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13
The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13

The impressions continued after my visit to Yale. I watched my dreams closely. I recorded exactly what came into my path for days afterward. I asked the VM to show me what it wanted me to see. I was open to any messages that would come.

In a vision I saw the trees turn into thrones. I saw the plant kingdoms open up their secrets. I saw the elementals moving through them communicating with each other. I saw the wind as the messenger. The leaves translating to the lower plant realms and the little people available for humans to if they remembered how to listen. I saw the plants teaching who they are, what they are used for and showing healers how to use them, how to track the plants growth cycles, how to harvest them, what to combine them with, what times of years to do it, and the ceremonies went with it all. Handed down lovingly through the ages  as sacred medicine. I saw the need to hide it later on when the Cathars were killed. It was necessary to keep it alive within the human mind. A meme to resurface later. So the book was hidden. Put away until destiny was fulfilled the day Wilfred Voynich opened the chest.

My theory lies not in what it was with charts, diagrams, or dots connected, but in my vision as a wise woman. Who uses her intuition and inner sight to see what is needed to be seen, and to deliver that as a story to those who have the ability to see the energy behind my words. The VM has asked that the vision be delivered this way. It will not be decoded any other way. The magical circles around it have made sure that is the case.

The Government agencies that have studied this manuscript are probably hoping people will never translate or decode it because it requires readers to go into the feminine mind, getting into the feminine mind is a rare skill even today, and once you are there you must then go into the unpolluted mind of the child. It invokes the many images of the mother and child from earlier art periods. There was a message in the artwork of this time. A message of how to track consciousness.

There is a renaissance happening all around you. It requires the freeing of ones mind from being told what is truth and reality to knowing your own truth about your own reality and how that connects to others. We are on the edge of a revolution of heart and mind throughout all space and time. We are the zero point generators. When we work together to create a sustainable vision we create changes at a chemical level that open up the gateways in the cells to release data from our DNA. Here in this state we change and bring in the cellular teachings hidden within our time spectrum within. Science will start to validate this connection piece by piece and as our industries start to explore the microscopic worlds of RNA, DNA and as bioengineering feats become reality we will watch the plant kingdom magic, the alchemy, become real by way of our scientists. This career used to be in the hands of the village Shaman, or Shamaness.

Power plant medicine initiates you into the plant kingdom. Much like a woman initiates you into the finer veiled mysteries. The alchemy of the man and the woman is clearly shown in the VM in one of the cosmology charts. There is an air of royalty, divinity in this image that is tangible. I believe that when a man and a woman enter into these mysteries together, they create an energetic force field that opens other realms; doorways, windows, and entryways of lucid epiphanies. It aids in the inspiration by way of the biochemical interactions within the bloodstream and certain gland systems that roll out the red carpet for the finer things within the mind to be revealed. The key is to add love into it. Without the love you will not access the full power of the plant or the woman. It will not allow you into its sacred space, and you will get another lesson perhaps equally as valuable. One you are worthy of either way. The VM invokes a different kind of perspective needed to decode the essence of her. Since the language is nothing but a bunch of symbols now, we must allow those symbols into our levels of mind and submit letting them saturate all the way down into our inner underworlds so as to resurrect the knowledge and understanding that already lies within us. The human body is the key to decoding it. The master element is synchronisity.

The plants are possibly extinct plants, plants from another world, parallel universes, or plants hidden away from our view intentionally. There are some similarities to todays plant families, but mostly unidentifiable. Yet the intent force that is behind having written and recreated this book is clearly evident when you stroll through the many pages. There was a clear focus, a diligent will that put this together. It means something.

The unpolluted mind of a child allows for this level of needed curiosity to exist when viewing it. It allows the level of imagination needed to find the portal gates to other worlds within it. To find the entranceways into the realms that live and thrive all around us. The VM asks that we explore our innards, seep into our own bones to see how far back we can remember so we can pull it forward to now. Why now? because we need the alchemy to return. Our bodies, our emotions, our spirit, our hearts and minds crave it. It is the philosophers stone. The Voynich Manuscript dances on our senses, illuminates our minds, shows us intimate details of the unknown, takes us into the heart of the void. It gives us the knowledge of how to keep going within that state. The plant kingdom offers us tremendous possibility. While most dismiss it or have become lost in the pharmaceutical worlds of stolen knowledge, stolen mostly from balanced indigenous cultures, we see a decline in humanities connection to this precious kingdom. The VM teaches us how to build the sacred tree within and how to connect to the plant realms to access higher states of consciousness to have a more complete understanding of the Universe and all that thrives within it. It shows the value of women of all ages and stages partaking in this powerful connection. It shows us the relations we have with the stars and other worlds that lie beyond. It holds prophecy and predictions of being found within the castle, a castle that holds the keys to a portal in the Earth that is perhaps an entrance to the worlds within our planet. It suggests the hollow earth theory is real. It suggests the return of the dragons. Dragons being avatar like consciousness: star seeds. The return of the oracles, women reclaiming their voice as they bathe in the green liquids of the plant realm gifts. Reunited with their medicine. Imagine if women were allowed today to be free speaking visionaries without the skepticism, doubt, fear or ridicule that often follows such acts. Imagine if we let women into the sciences not as scientists but as clairvoyants. Able to clearly see the vision, what would we learn? What new perspectives would reveal themselves? What if we approached all mysteries with the curiosity of a child without our minds laden down with the thoughts and theories of others, not in disregard of them, but just to start off with our own minds and feelings as the foundation of the theory itself, giving it permission to evolve with others as time goes on. What if we approached every relation we have in this stance? What kind of alchemy would we create? How would that change the world?

The spin of all planets comes from the force of the beginning. The beginning of my Voynich adventure is the force of pure love. An honored kind of love that is rare in the world today. That is where my path began with this manuscript. It has involved a high level of synchronistic interplay where it is about all levels of the story, a multidimensional view, which include the how’s and why’s of where it all started, and the travels onward from there. A few days after my visit to Yale I was in the path of a man who has a copy of the Evergreen Channels, and has promised to show me the file specifically related to the Voynich so I can listen to it. It feels like the next level, or step in all of this. Synchronistically. Now that I have written my story here in the magazine you hold in your hands, I will continue to reach into the world of the VM by exploring the theories of others, and seeking out other sources of translation to compare to my initial impressions of this piece of work. I will continue to post my adventures with the VM on my blog The Yin Factor. It is an adventure in progress. For me the reproduction gifted to me will be a symbolic reemergence of this work into the world. Symbolic of the reentry of the knowledge into this world, a reuniting of the plant realms within humanities consciousness. I feel the synergy increasing between all of us. A fusion of purple flame. All the dimensions are watching closely what we do now. It is up to us to continue the life force forward, to write down our dreams, visions, and to share them with others because in doing so we reignite the inner flame and the heat from the friction surges us towards our balanced destinies.

by Hillary Raimo
© copyright  2014

For more information, or to contact Hillary, please visit her website Her weekly radio show airs Thursday evenings 7-8pm eastern New York time on Achieve Radio and streams internationally online. Raimo is a board member for Yraceburu Earthwisdom and for Taa-naash-kaa-da Sanctuary in New Mexico, USA

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