From Apprentice to Master

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It requires you to have discipline. Commitment.
It requires you to be able to find the stillness within yourself.
That place within you that will show you all of your inner most fears.
That place within you that will hold nuances you didn’t even know you had.

That place within you that will tell you what you really think about yourself.
Can you hang?


What does it take to be a monk?
What does it take to be love?
Nurturing, feeding it just the right elements, at just the right time.
Like training a mind or a muscle.
It is all the same.


The amazing feats come with patience, practice & integrity.
Short cuts simply will not due.
Magic is not a spell to spew illusion.
It is a wonder gifted from higher, more expansive places within.
A precious life form newly birthed.
Aborted only in doubt and inner conflict.


Faith holds our inner light steady,
while we navigate our inner and outer peaks.
Resting gently in all our sacred valleys.
Content in all that is.
Distraction ceases to exist.
No longer a question of perseverance because distance is irrelevant.


All space is created equal, sacred.
Love and beauty the strength that holds it all up.
Waiver and you fall. Only to get back up.
The power lies within the belief.
That you are worthy of it.

If I never say another word, I have said enough.
Content in all I am.
Safe within the space I float, gracefully while my wings are spread.
Catching the wind as I whisper prayers of intent.
I am free. My mind my own.
My heart one.

Crown to crown we rise. The great coming together.
Nothing else matters.
All illusions dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
All goes back to source. Center point. Pole.
Black hole, white hole, this side or that.
Duality ceases. We are the same.

Hold on to only your truth. Let all else go. Flow downstream back stroke.


Balanced acts of power realign time zones with ease.
Naturally moving forces swirl.
Uplifting winds of time.
The body is true to the forms of your mind.
Sculpted on ledges of give and take.
Reciprocal masters dance.


Shades of gray define more then just tones.
Shadows & light give depth and show grace.
Refined and transmuted darkness.
Recycled into cycles of life.
Colors wait patiently for your training period to end.


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