I began to write about you on the Venus transit. 2012. The twining began. I thought I had found you in many frogs that simply would not turn into the princely divine self they truly are. No matter how many kisses. Thats because it was practice time for me to prepare for you. I felt elements of high magic in many areas of my life, in others, and I tracked it. I felt you returning. I felt your elements getting stronger in each moment that passed. As the Venus transit flowed across the SUN, the path was laid out and the events began to coordinate the most spectacular coming together. Me & you.

I watched the events churn on the world platform as I traced the numbers and  the codes. I found the matrix to be real and often thought about how I could feel you within and also throughout. Your essence called to me and I could feel your flow within me. I watched and waited, and finally surrendered. As I did the Universe continued to coordinate on levels that will blow your mind, wide open, cracked straight into  the center of all that is.

You arrived in divine time. How could it be any other way considering who you are. Considering who I am. Like a key into a hole, turned slightly to the middle, you open me in ways no one ever has. How is that? No need to answer that question. It is only to be known not read. Experienced not talked about. Although talking is good, it helps to open the connection even further, polish it, create the tunnel of stars that will show you the way.

When you touch me I feel the edge of the cosmos stir the etheric oceans that lay beyond. Here I see symbols to unite us, to join us in holy sacred ways even the oldest stories have vaguely remembered. You and I are ancient. Yet a fresh breath of air, ways through all time and space.

The world responds to us, it moves in the synchro-mystic avenues of founding formations of the most powerful primal form – love. The force of creation, the magnetic pull and push. The interacting chemistry of The aurora borealis bless us with their messages, light and intelligence from other worldly places. You and I hear them clearly – together.

My visions of the merging of the divine male & female, the birthing of the cosmic child in way of new life in many forms, has come to pass. You and I are a living example of the new 5th world partnerships. Sensual telepathy, HUman technology. We work. Together.

Our transit is now. Crossing the SUN and  the MOON at the same time. Feeling the EARTH and her winds simultaneously. Listening to the trees speak to all plants within the kingdom. Thrones of love built into crystalline castles where books of love are written. It is not something you learn, it is something you practice until you master it.

Child of Water & Tashina. The prophecies are real. No matter if you believe in them or not, if your faith wobbles, or if you choose freely to disregard, you are still guarded within them. Nothing can stop them from fulfilling except hate. Will you let hate in? even in its most well disguised form? it can be tricky. That is where so many fail. For now. Until another chance to climb the golden ladder of ascension presents itself. Wait your turn, or turn on your power and your love and come now. The timing is ripe like the most magically delicious fruit from the very garden of the gods, eden. It asks to be consumed so it may be transformed through you. It offers you its power in its very existence. Are you worthy of it? Can you honor it in  the most beautiful of ways? even when you are not in the mood to honor? tests will come. To see if your heart is pure, true and whole.

Everything we do and say, ripples across all time in all ways. We ignite  the ancestors and awaken  the spirits of the descendants. Our star being family watches and celebrates as they come closer everyday. The ravens fill the tree when the portal opens and they sing a song of love. Serenading me with your love. Deeper then I ever imagined, and I imagined deep. The chalice is held up to the lips and offered with the original water to wine. Alchemists twine.

The oracle awakens on the moon cycles and even more so on the eclipses. Hold the space with her, set your intentions in gold. Project beauty, love and let it create a force field of higher potential, open to all possibilities aligned with the stars. The great coming together. Taa-naash-kaa-da. Magic words whispered loudly on the winds of time. Magic woven with threads of old, golden colors shine through our YIN. My moon flows with heightened power. Earth manna. Welcome to your future.







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