Beauty in Motion ❤

Way of the Sun

Since my earliest memories I can remember the interplay between people, especially male female interactions.  Everything seems to have its own rhythm and vibration, everything ran in such a way that nothing was hindered and everything flowed at just the right pace in just the right angle so that all may exist.  Through my life and observations I have also noted that when things aren’t in harmony with that vibrational rhythm or when it seems forced into a space where it just doesn’t fit, things begin to crash and collide and conflict and the interaction of the energy shifts and it ripples throughout the surroundings like a shockwave of an atomic bomb, sending waves on subatomic levels of communication only felt not spoken.  Heard with the heart. Saw in the minds eye.  Revelation understood. Truth spoken.
I was a fifth world soul born into the end of the fourth world…

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