Hues of HU, All is Love

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My guardians told me I had to just keep feeling it. I had to immerse myself in it. So I did, I am, I continue too. It is like bathing in cosmic manna. The power of this feeling raises the dome. Raises all. Constructs the temples of HUman technology.
Filled with the merging of heaven and earth, the sacred breath. The HU.

Just as many traditions believe that the “OM” is the original creative sound, there are traditions that believe that this energy may be attributed to another sound—the “HU”. In the Shabd Yoga traditions, including Master Path and Eckankar and in the mystical Islamic path of Sufi, the “HU” is considered to be the highest vibratory mantra that can be sounded. Chanting the “HU” is said to lead one to transcendence—to God realization and enlightenment.

“HU” is believed to be the universal name of God, which is present in every existing language. The “HU” sound has been described as many things from the buzzing of bees to the rushing of wind to the flute of God. It is said to be present in the words we speak, in the sounds of animals; that it is the wind in the trees, the rushing of waters, the roaring of water falls, the beat of the sea against a beach—that it is everywhere, in every plane.

HUman technology will usher in a renaissance of soul.

It’s like building an engine. Each component is the right fit. The harmonic balance of nature. The twine of vortexes spinning. It is not a theory, but an experience. It matters who you partner with. It matters who you twine with. It matters who you spin a golden web of creation with.  It matters who and what you allow into your space. You create the holy of holies, a sacred space. Together you fill it with love and stars. You breathe as one and go beyond them into the etheric oceans of HU. Feel the wind rush through your body as you see the true color of matter in everything you are, and everything that is around you.

Feel the fire of containment. Feel the freedom of expansion. Twisting and turning through your spine. Rising upward into the heart, fire churns blue flames, upwards thru the throat, freeing our words and memories. Saying what needs to be said, hearing the sounds of our words of power praying through time and space. Purple fire, pink hints of something else, out through the tunnel of the 3rd eye. Vision blessed. Mixing new genetics, flowers mated with flowers, full bloom style. Datura Queen, Gonadli King. Divine royalty. Opening the channels to the stars, no more doors keeping only fearless journeys.

Fulfilled prophecies work like magic elixirs throughout the Universe.



To be continued…














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