Love Responds to Love

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The stuff dreams are made of.
Sacred manna waterfalls.
Cenotes of contained love.

I stand in the center of All That Is.
Will you enter my holy of holies in an honorable way?
The door is wide open.

Is it all make believe?
Only in your imagination.
Images of past, present and future.
Swirl into one grand perspective.
What do you see now?

Take off your lenses.
Hold the stillness between us.
Show up as you truly are.

Cosmic spinning ceases.
The pause between here and there revealed.
See the temple we created.
Powerful force fields.

Winter Storm JaNUS, JaSUN

Powerful line drawn.

winter storm JANUS
winter storm JANUS

Ja·nus  (jns)


1. Roman Mythology The god of gates and doorways, depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions.
2. A satellite of Saturn.

The God of Gates and Doorways.
Depicted with two faces.


January, the month of great beginnings.
My most powerful time of year.
I return to my source and stand alone in it, yet always together.
Space is created to reveal the divinity of all that is.
The sacred parents dance their sacred dance.
In the house of Yusn.

Prophecy fulfilled.
New stories begin.
Old stories end.

Our time is NOW, in the moment always,
firmly grounded in deep soil.

I will stir up all your fears and nuances
so they may be transformed
powerful love

bring it forward.
merge all dimensions at once.
As one.

You stir my depths, navigated well
I will return the favor.
Reciprocal manners.

Rattlesnake fire clears the way for the sacred Yin  to flow.
Deeply entrenched into your most ancient parts.
Hold the space

We are
As one


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