5th World Partners Power Up – A Medicine Story

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What does it mean  to partner with another in the new 5th world cosmology? Good question. As it seems few know or have a clue. So it must be something we need to talk about. Stalk out. Make peace with. Understand. And experience. So it seems we are in unknown territory and have no one right way to do it. Good. It seems that is how it’s suppose to be. Clear of other peoples definitions, labels, and expectations. I sat pondering this concept today as I heard an old woman tell a story to a few listeners. I was one of them. I listened intensely.

One day a powerful medicine man partnered with a woman who saw his power. She had not stepped into her own power yet so she was very mismatched. Over time she began to grow stronger, and the medicine man grew weaker. Soon he didnt care about himself at all and lived only for her. She began to make statements about claiming her power. But the universe watched amusingly as she tried to claim how much power she had. How well balanced she was and how stable she was in her power now. Every moment she had to physically touch him. She could barely bare to be apart from him at all, and when she was, she would suffer great heart pains. Soon it got so that he could not even be in the other room without her falling to pieces without him. Yet still she told all she was claiming her power. Soon it became clear to the sacred parents she had not claimed anything except HIS power as HERS. This was borrowed power, not her own and did not enable her to automatically stand among the peaks as one. She had not grown to her full height. She came up short each time she was asked to stand tall on her own to support and love others, even him.

On his initiation day she was asked to support him, to hold him safely in her love as his partner. He stood in the center of the wheel as all directions focused on him. He offered her the chance to stand in her power as she strengthened his ceremony.  Because she had borrowed his power all this time, she was unable to bring it to the table as he had requested and she began to crumble. She acted out in ways that were unusual for her. She clawed her way through others on a rage inflicted to those she loved in her own hate of inability to stand in her own power without taking from him.

As he dreamt the sacred dreams off in the dreamtime, she felt him further and further away. Every time and space leap he took, she was less and less connected. She stood naked in front of all. Seen for exactly who she was alone by herself without him. She was not harshly treated, she was still loved, but she was asked to leave the ceremony because of the disruption. Which she did. In her withdrawal she supported him, in her own way, in the bigger picture she withdrew her inability to stand in her OWN power so it would empower the ceremony. So he could continue his journey on the other side. As she did she had to circle her own circle of power, she had to face her weaknesses and cracks which were filled with something else other then love. She had to face her inner demons that were able to incarnate through her doubt, hate, separation and disbelief.

As he continued on in his medicine dream, she walked into her inner dark forest to seek out the light. Soon as she walked for about over an hour, she came to a sacred spring. Here the water bubbled up from deep within the Earth. There were old stones scattered around the source, weathered from ages past. The water sparkled with diamonds and stars. As she peered into the water she saw for the first time her true reflection. Instead of crying and lying her way out of it, she kept looking. Staring into her own eyes to see for herself the truth of how she was. As the stars danced and the water sang, she looked deeper and deeper until she saw a beautiful womans face staring back. This woman was stunning and her features perfect. Everything about her was unique and timeless. The woman in the water smiled at her and came closer to the surface. She smiled even wider as the surface rippled from her emergence.

I see you, she said to the woman in the water.

Good. Because I’ve been waiting for that, replied the Goddess.

Why were you waiting? she curiously asked.

because the world depends on it.

Why does the world depend on me seeing you? she gently asked

Because until you see me in your reflection you are unfit to partner with anyone. The world depends on you seeing me within you so you can help birth the healthy masculine energy needed for all. The medicine of your man, your partner, your beloved, can fill you with love. The most powerful kind of love known to all. You will not be able to receive his medicine until you open yourself to beauty and love. This is a great teaching. One you are just starting to circle. One you have closed yourself off to for many lifetimes. But you have now in your ability to enter the dark forest have found your way to source. Here you will find me renewing all life. Including how you see, how you love, how you relate, how you communicate. I am the transformer of your darkest images of yourself. I am the goddess of grey water. Recycled and renewed. Imbued with the essence of all that is. Blessed by the sacred parents. Fertile and nourishing. Deep and rich with life. Here all things can be born. All essences empowered. Drink sister from this well and drink deeply. Let the water flow through you to clean out the rot.

So she did. She took long draws on the water and felt its refreshing taste flow through and through to all her darkest places. Lighting up her innards. Cleaning out the rot. She looked back into the water and the Goddess was still there watching her closely. Slowly the faces merged and became one. She knew now who she was.

She returned to the ceremony and watched her beloved sleep. She sat down gently beside him and closed her eyes and began to sing. Her song was solely for him. All of her love, all of her blessing poured into the words,  the tone chimed like crystal purity. Off in the dreamland he felt her. He watched as her tones turned into stars into constellations. He tracked the appearance of each rose as they sprang from the ground. He followed the scent as they bloomed into the warm winds. He tracked the perfume to the ancient Kiva and he walked in. As she continued to sing her love song to him, he watched as the lights in the Kiva turned on in certain specific geometric patterns of creation.

As he watched these patterns light up he began to see the ancient stories come to life. He tracked the shapes, the codes, the messages. He memorized them into his heart. When he left the Kiva he wandered over to an open field. The moon shown full and at the center of the field something called him. So he moved in closer. As he stood in the center of the field listening to her song, he opened his heart all the way. Here at the center of his fertility, surrounded by all that is, full with the ancient symbols inside him, he bloomed his own rose.

It takes a powerful man to stand at the side of a powerful woman. It takes a powerful woman to stand at the side of a powerful man. Love is the elemental force that holds their transformation. Together they empower all they do. Together they gain strength individually. Together they grow, together they find. Together they can go deeper and find the source that will offer them their own divinity. Together they empower the initiations,  the ceremonies, the manna that flows from the activated human technology.

Could you partner with a true medicine man?
Could you partner with a true medicine woman?

Could you grow stronger on your own and also together?
Can you honor the other in  their full power? Do you know how?

As the storyteller ended her tale with some powerful questions I began to see how it may manifest for some. The 4th world power struggles have no place here in the 5th world. For many it will feel like partners are speaking a different language. Unable to connect. Enabled to separate further. The 5th world asks that connection be empowered. That each stand strong on their own, yet stronger together. To be able to individualize and stand in  their own while lovingly supporting others without it being all about them. An integrated, healed and whole ego, able  to love all bits and parts of self without any connotation of separation. It is powerful medicine for both. To navigate it all. Once they got to a point of translation and deep ability to connect the two would see the world differently, they would decipher the codes, they would hold and maintain the most sacred space within human consciousness holding it open for all. Here they would be able to reach, communicate and share in the power of all kingdoms, through love… the alpha-bet of higher evolution. Once there they would experience what many only wish for. Clearing the path for all to enter, should they choose. Now is the time of experience. Now is the time to make it real. Now is the time to open up to how we partner, why we partner, and how can we empower the partnership while standing in each individual circle of power and then imbue it with the purest most delicious kind of love we could ever know.

This is what it means to thrive in 5th world relations. As we move and transition into practicing the new, it becomes integrated into our systems, lighting up new neural networks sparking alive shut off sections of the brain, illuminating the mind, and bringing back the truth of who we really are, together.




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