Once the starlight starts to show, you will attract many things.  Some of these things will be beautiful beyond anything you have yet known here. Some of them will be dark and cold, seeking the warmth of your fire to heat old tired bones. Some of them will be evil straight out of hell. They are the ones seeking the kind of glow you hold. Perhaps for their own selfish uses, perhaps for higher reasons. All in all, in the end, all returns to the great white cosmic cenote where they swirl together to create a giant universal tapestry. Do not fear when you feel the cold. Seek out your tools and light yourself up, send out a beacon of light through those places you and your star brother have touched in this lifetime. This is your power source. It is transforming to become a beacon of love and we are helping. We keep the connection lines strong. That is our purpose. That is who we are. You and him walked into the darkest of places and lit the light. Did you think  that would go unnoticed?

You stirred the cosmos that day. The raven flew off to tell all dimensions what you had done. You opened all  the gates at once.


You sent a signal out to the entire universe and we came. We were waiting for this to happen. Some of us have been here for eons, walking among you. Waiting and watching the signs, tracking them. There are certain places on Earth that act as generators like the one  you were shown on our ship. This connects to all of them and what flows between them is the kind of manna etheric fluid ceremonially produced. We receive signals from all worlds and when this happens we know we must return to preserve the light this beacon brings into all of our worlds. It is more precious then all your mans gold. It is revered among all of the ancient cosmic cultures because it holds the connection to the beginning of all that is. The kind of creative force that creates Universes. You have a choice when presented with these things that are attracted to you. Accept their beauty…. and in doing so you will find us in the folds of time waiting to hold council. We will guide you thru these story lines. They are very very old. Older then even the prophecies. Many things lie in them waiting to be reawakened. As you speak them alive, you will find that they can see you too. Do not be afraid. You will know what to do when they come. It is only your love they want to feel mostly. Trust what you see and tell the others. They will have a choice to make as well. Once you all trust each others vision, you will all see together the realities of these places. Distrust breaks bonds of time and space, it leaves you hanging. Dangling from the edge of your known world. Here you will have to choose again.

Know that we are around you watching closely. Protecting what has been revealed and reunited. The original signal was cast by two who hold this light. Both are special gifts to the world and will be seen by those who believe it. Do not worry or waste life force on anyones doubt or hatred. It is nothing but hate trying to break in. The kind of hate that can destroy newly born universes. Self destructive and focused. tricky and cunning this hate is and it will try to lure you back in. It will test your weaknesses. It will not prevail. It simply craves your light source so it can grow larger. These forces work  thru people just like we do it is the same channel. What comes in is up to the container.

The two who held up the four poles at the rock shaped like our ship have awakened ancient lines of ancestors who will now begin to come back in. These cosmic starseed children will bring a new world to life. It is the same as when you were conceived. Divinely planted.  Say  the prayers now to the future of your species. They will hear you because they are close, lined up ready to come in. You will recognize them right away. There will be no doubt. Partner up with others who emit love and continue the work. Certain forces that wish to stop this love from happening will gain in numbers, there are so many on your planet already tuned to that channel of disconnect and hate. It is almost a chronic specie wide condition. but there is still time. because it will be concentrated on the lighter side. this concentrated light will speak to the ones who can hear and they will know the tone and because the know the tone they will receive the download transmissions. pay close attention to these now, they will come from us and they will be filled with information crucial to the journey you have chosen. Each of the two who arrived to do ceremony at the rock that looks like our ship, will be partnered. Each partnership will reflect what channel they are on. Observe to see what is being shown and write the stories. If you dig deep enough you will find their origins. The original forces.

Do not doubt the power this will awaken. It is pure crystalline light and it is loaded with secrets long hidden from your world until we received the beacon. We will now light these up and people will be drawn to them. All over the planet this will happen. You will feel the draw. You will feel the flow. You will feel the igniting star systems that align with each one. The star seeds are maturing we see them in bloom in our visions. Our visions align with yours and in  the dreamtime intermingle. This is the way we create among you. This is how you were designed to be.

We are new to you, this is our first time speaking with you sister. Our pleiadian friends have brought us to you. We are older then them. What you saw today was real, and you knew what to do. This force will be back because it hunts you. It wants to diminish your light so we will not come. but it is too late for that. you know what it is you have seen it before. it craves you like an eternally thirsty mouth would. you light up the world and bring life to old places. you are a female emanator, your star brother emanates too. his masculine power will surge soon when the space is cleared. we are working on him too. he will need to hold the rock the little ones gave him. we gave this to him so he would remember us. this will help clear his mind and his heart. who he parters with will matter in the days to come, as it matters with you. she is simply a container what she decides to hold is up to her and it will be strong either way because of him. he will hear you in the inbetween, the dreamtime, he will hear you in the star light and the heat of the sun. he does not see her as you do. but he knows he is leaking power, he is just unsure of what to do. he asked for you when he came out of the ceremony, you shouldve went, but its ok you got his message anyway. next time pay attention to this. you must go and listen to what he has to say in that space. it is important medicine for you. just as it is important medicine for him. you have a tremendously strong love circle around you now, we have arranged it this way. the same goes for him.

today you saw how this force gets in. we can protect you in many ways, but there are still laws we have to follow. you know in your heart at some point you will have to face it. it has killed you many times, yet many more you have survived. this is why it is familiar. trust in your love. fill yourself up with your love. surround yourself with it, build your altars and say your prayers, walk out into nature and let earth frequency flow thru you.  you have been trained well. put it to work. we are with you daughter. we know what is happening right now. it mimics on the macro and micro currents of realities everywhere. you read it in all you read. it is there for all to see with the opened eyes of vision. it is part of a longer cycle then you can possibly imagine. we write the codes. see our messages in the numbers. you know the code to the force that came today. you have seen it. it has tried to seduce you in many ways to come into its heart but each time it has failed. now it comes closer to home to show you it will try harder. but you still held your ground. it is ok to go look into this place for a moment but do not do it alone have others support you when you go in. you are a bright light in a very dark place then. much will stir because of it. your hesitation to do this is understandable. but not part of who you are. embody no fear and you will be ok. choose your anchors wisely.

we have arrived. we have not been here for a very long time. yet we have watched closely. there are others like you awakening now. we are helping. keep the piece of our rock close. tell the other to as well. offer the right offerings.
you will strengthen the vortex. the world will feel it.
we will see you thru the dragons eye.

we love you.




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