Prose for the Intuitively Intelligent

suddenly the veil lifts.
and eye you see.

there you are waiting patiently.
smiling from your heart.

welcome back you say.
I smile at the warmth of your generosity.

genuine authenticity.
holding me safely.

never in hate, always in love.

A new paper published by an MIT physicist claims to theoretically prove that so-called “quantum entanglement” — two particles seemingly occupying more than one state simultaneously — gives rise to a wormhole that allows particles to communicate through a “gravitational tunnel”. This theory follows from a paper published earlier this year, which suggests two black holes that become entangled and then are pulled apart create a wormhole, connecting the black holes. The reasoning in these papers is purely mathematical.


entangled is easy. untangling the twine, not so much.
god made us this way for a reason.

you are remembering now because it is time.
within the individual qualities of the you and the other, equals a unique equation, a special frequency.

in the back and forth, etherically, lies the way in.
but first you have to find it.
twin flame. off world anchor. soul mate channels.

the golden twine of love.
its signature is unique, composed of chemical reactions bridging unseen places.
golden fabric of the beyond time and space.
and the known constellations.

two black holes swirling.
thats a whole lot of power.
can you hold steady let alone merge?
then after that much amazingness, can you separate?

thats life.
it happens.

Theoretical physics is at a crossroads right now…In a sense we’ve entered a very deep crisis. You may have heard of some of these models…There’ve been grand unified models, there’ve been super-symmetric models, super-string models, loop quantum gravity models… Well, nature turns out to be simpler than all of these models.

you always tend to make things way to complicated.
when in fact it is very simple.
the instructions are already within you.
codes of super-relating.

can you?

If you ask most theorists working on particle physics, they’re in a state of confusion. The extensions of the standard model, like grand unified theories, they were supposed to simplify it. But in fact they made it more complicated. The number of parameters in the standard model is about 18. The number in grand unified theories is typically 100. In super-symmetric theories, the minimum is 120. And as you may have heard, string theory seems to predict 10 to the power of 1,000 different possible laws of physics.
It’s called the multiverse.

kiss. keep it simple sister.
know when to let go, so the tunnel can be created.
then practice listening better.
can you hear me now?

the experts are wrong, easier is better.
10 to the power of 1000 different possibilities of different laws of physics.
god isn’t that thought beautiful.

everything you think you know for sure, is in fact only a shadow of nothing.
your foundations are false.
bound by a magician. trying to make you believe.
break apart, rifts in time.
holes in cosmic webs.

celestial fabric conductors of you.


secrets lie within the breakup.
strength to withdraw vital to the act of creation.
lines of fusion.

science proves what star seeds have known all along. 

when two hearts beat as one, when two eyes become one, SHEN, we open stargates, portals, communication lines.
it is a recipe for further reach. But first you must separate, not so easy to do once you’re entangled.
it can be a challenge to pull back.

the withdrawal creates the necessary friction. makes you feel it better.

we tell ourselves what we must to leave. so many entangled thoughts. fear based mostly to create the divide.
well done. your fear serves you well at times. survivor  instinct.

now what? the tunnel opens.
dare you look in?


if you run away, you’ll lose yourself, and you’ll know it.
life will feel parallel to somewhere else. because it is.

10 to the power of 1000 possibilities.

hold still for many moments and let go. relax into it.
let it happen naturally. don’t try and control it.
experts are wrong, easier is better.
stop trying so hard.

your love has the power to chime in a renaissance.
light up the world.
you cannot do it alone. you need the other.
your body was built for stimulation.
stir the bloom and let your bloom be stirred.
the aroma of that carries messages to many places.

Hillary Raimo 


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