A Voynich Adventure Update

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It just keeps going! This is great. I am excited. My last article on the VM was picked up by http://www.ciphermysteries.com/2013/12/15/sirius-voynich-theory-ill-dogon in which they discussed my thoughts that I had posted here on The Yin Factor recently. I was happy to see this. I believe that the conversations are important, relevant and no matter who agrees or disagrees on what anyone says or thinks or purposes, all that really matters is that the conversations are happening. So it’s all good.

I’d like to point out that on my blog I roll with what comes. Meaning I don’t write on here to prove anything. Or to disprove anything, not really. I just write about what I enjoy, muse on, and let the creative beast out of its cave every now and then. That said, in my last article I was not specifically saying that this was ‘the end all’ with my adventure of my journey with the manuscript. I did not in any way or claim that these were my final resting places in my theories or what I believe it is or is not, my apologies if that was not clear. I was musing, theorizing and continuing forward on the path of this fantastic piece. I don’t care who believes, agrees, or otherwise. I simply present what my persecutive is and it is NOT based off of or on what anyone else has already said – not intentionally. I really don’t care what anyone has said about the VM. All I care about is what my own experience with the piece is and I write from there forward. So one can mock, poke, jab, grin, or do any other sort of jousting they feel like. I’m not out to accomplish anything, so I have nothing to defend. Take it or leave it. And either way I will continue to explore and write about what I feel it is, how I see it, and what impressions may come. I’m not invested in the outcome of the journey. I am simply focused and willing to have it.

I am following my dreaming, visions, intuitive impressions, instinct, and voicing my own truth about what I feel the VM is. I’m not trying to join any kind of VM club. That said, I am still very excited that the conversations are happening. And also that I am having a great time exploring a fantastic piece of history. Everything about it has been amazing. I have no agenda, not trying to crack any code other then whatever is revealed through the journey – and if that includes any cracking, my readers will be the first to know! This is a holistic multidimensional intuitive investigation and its filled with a synchronistic magic that no one can deny exists within this work, if they are serious about it.

So thanks for the plug. I appreciated the focus. It means people are listening. Great. I hope they find their way to this work and have as much fun as I am having with it. My only warning is that if you allow the VM to fully enter your space and you make it a priority of your energy and attention, you will decode something even  more precious then the meaning of the words, THIS I do promise.

If you would like to catch up on this worthy trip and read what I have written on it already, you can find my archived articles in the side menu on the home page. These are teaser articles. Meant to stimulate your muse. I will be publishing more in-depth insights when I am ready, and I’m not in control of that timeline.

Onward and upward!
The adventure continues…….Have a wonderful Solstice. Thank you for your continued support and love.

Hillary Raimo


The Voynich Manuscript photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13
The Voynich Manuscript photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13





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  1. I suppose it is possible that the ms is musical notation, called tablature. The work could then be interpreted as a sort of intermedio, or courtly entertainment–such intermedii were frequently put on by the Medici family.

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