The Voynich Adventure Continues…. with William Henry

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Tonight I did my first official conversation with another person on the Voynich Manuscript that I have been studying since September. After seeing it at Yales Rare Book and Manuscript Library last month on 11/19/13 I have in many ways isolated myself to exploring my own impressions on it before that of others. My virgin thoughts of it have been submitted to a magazine in France for publication in February of 2014. Now that the task of writing that down has been completed, I am searching other theories and other peoples experience with the book to find the synchronistic twines this book seems to align with.

I believe this book instigates synchronicity. That is the language it aligns with. So in my interactions with others I seek the special moments that bring illuminated AH HA moments, the epiphanies from the unpolluted mind. The mind that can stay open, focused and unveiled as it interacts with others.

So tonight on my radio show I invited William Henry ( to join me after finding out he had visited the book back in 2009. I wanted to know what his experience was and what he thought about it. I was happy to hear he  thought the idea was wonderful, and looked forward to my impressions as well. It was agreed that a conversation was appropriate and welcomed. I was excited about this and hoped William would be in good spirits and willing to open up about his more personal insights into the experience. I believe strongly in creating this kind of space where the intent is to see what comes! it is important to be open and candid. I was pleased that is exactly what happened.

Right before the show aired, the world learned that a great oak had fallen as Nelson Mandela passed peacefully from this world to the next. It was reported that he died a good death, full, complete and prepared. My prayers are added to the millions of other prayers across the world for him and for what he did for our world. I also learned today that a tree when in its death process begins to spread its nutrients through its root systems out to the other trees around it fully passing its power from itself to those still living, a complete cycle, perfect recycling. Isn’t that the truth of our life death cycle? Souls illuminate the body for a time, and then the body gets recycled back into the Earth, and our souls continue on transitioning to their new location in the time space continuum. We pass on our power to those we leave behind. I believe Nelson Mandela has done that impeccably. RIP.

The Voynich Manuscript is a fascinating moment in time. Written down and recorded for mankind. The language the manuscript is written in is a complete mystery. Baffling experts from around the world, agreeing only on  the fact that the language IS a language. The text is arranged in such a way that the structure of the content reveals that this is indeed true. It is indeed a language. This the experts can agree on.

Tonight during our conversation William and I discussed this and as we did one of my listeners sent in a question – Rodger from Nebraska – asking about the Tower of Babel and the destruction of a unified language into many languages so as to confuse and separate humanity. Rodger that! it clicked for both William and I, as we pondered the ramifications of this concept. What if the manuscript WAS the original Enochian language. Oh the implications. William shared that he connected with John Dee while viewing the book and even had a vision of him while he explored the book in person back in 2009. My experience was of Edward Kelley. I was drawn to Edward, who was John Dee’s mystic. Kelley claimed to be in contact with archangel Uriel. He claimed, that it was Uriel who instructed him on the language. Specifics of this are debated among scholars. But what I intuitively picked up on in the book as I held it was this connection with Kelley. I would track this later on, and it continues even today as the messages continue to come, even in conversations such as tonight on the show. This is how the VM seems to work. Through synchronisity. Through dreams and intuitive vision and insight. It is the feminine principle incarnate. Researching it means experiencing it this way to much degree. I believe this is how it, the book, wants to be studied.

Both William and I kept going back to the subject of Egypt. I brought up the Blue Lotus. I had my experience with the Blue Lotus in Luxor back in 2009, synchronistically while William was experiencing the VM, and the woman I had the experience with has since brought the Blue Lotus back to Luxor and grows them in a pond at her house which she brings groups to so they can experience the sacred flower. I was with her when she found out her friend who was staying in her home had brought them back from Jordan and had planted them in a small private garden in Luxor. In so many ways this is symbolic and he had brought the Blue Lotus back to the fertile Nile lands. The Blue Lotus was an initiatory plant with hallucinogenic properties. It was the food of the Gods.


It was a great blessing to receive the Blue Lotus as it was highly valued in its metaphysical properties as well as its divine values back in ancient Egyptian days. I had the experience of eating the Blue Lotus while I was in Luxor in 2009. I now work with  the oil. It has been for me, a personal alchemical blessing of sorts. And here we were talking about this beautiful plant together while contemplating the VM. Wonderful. How synchronistic. I smiled at the cosmic beauty of it all.

The topic of the Garden of Eden came up. My mind immediately lit up. The Garden of Eden would have been  filled with plants. Perhaps this book is not of this world? and the garden itself lies somewhere else…somewhere else being another planet or dimension, or even within the Earth itself. Anything is possible in  the empty mind of considerations. I leave nothing out. Could  this be the book of knowledge that got Eve in so much trouble? Is this book  THE apple? The consumption of plant knowledge into her body forever opening her up to the secrets of the Universe? The potions and combinations of compounds to achieve the connection of the language of the trees? and even the language spoken of in Kelley’s connection to the Enochian language of the Watchers? Is it the same? William mentioned he was finishing a book about the watchers and Uriel was in it. Another synch as we discussed this element in detail.

Truly a book of such divine knowledge would indeed be a valuable commodity. This book was owned by Roman & Asian emperors, it passed thru the hands of great thinkers such as john Dee, Rodger Bacon, William Henry and even myself 😉  It captivates people in mysterious ways, lights the inner fire of Gnostic flame, and contains an element of Love, such as the Book of Love of the Cathars. William shared his insights on this and we both felt it was possible. The book was carbon dated back to the appropriate time of the Cathars and William brought up  that this time was also the renaissance – an age of enlightened thinking and revolution of mind and consciousness. Could  the infusion of such knowledge even into one persons mind bring the light to all? Was this relationship between plants and humans the heretical knowledge the church tried so hard to destroy in  the minds of people around  the globe during the inquisition and witch trials? The Cathars were burned at the stake too. What is love if not the ever invasive flow of love through all that is?

We are indeed on the edge of another renaissance I believe. A second coming. A time to be all we can be with ourselves and with others.

The book was discovered by Wilfred Voynich in 1912. It would be curious to see what was happening in that time frame specifically and through 1913. I’d be curious to know what major events happened then. Great infusions of consciousness happen when big grand mass collective events occur. Today we see them as Megarituals. I know a lot of manipulation happens with manmade events, aligned with whatever belief systems thrives within powerful structures, but that is not the point of this article. I’m more into the natural real events that nature herself brings. Not the synthetic manufactured ones.

Cannibis is depicted in the VM. We are just now seeing the healing benefits of the plant documented in scientific circles. Human beings are born with receptors for the chemical compounds of the plant inside them, they lie dormant until, and if, the body develops cancer, where at that time the receptors open. We are hard wired for the connection, the remedy. What other dormant portals lie inside of us waiting to open in which plants hold the keys?

Rodger (that) from Nebraska brought up a great connection of the language aspect of the tower of babel. I discussed The Garden of Eden and its secret knowledge, Eve being the feminine principle and how she was able to decode it. This resulting in it – it being the knowledge of the truth –  being taken away from her. Stolen perhaps?  William mixed in his expertise and personal insights and it was a wonderful mixture of alchemical synchronistic illuminated conversation. Sharing what was called to be shared. Opening up as far as it felt comfortable for each of us. I’m sure if we had a more powerful and strengthened heart to heart connection William and I could open a lot of things. I believe it is this way for all. Anytime two people create a space to do this level of musing, it can only go higher and further, if both allow it. Anytime there is doubt, fear, or resistance the circle can only open so far. Letting only brief glimpses in. But even in that something comes through.

Uriel has come up for me in conversations with Paul Tronson, the master book binder who is making a book container for my Oracle Series and is putting in a copy of the VM for me, and him and I have privately conversed about the implications of this connection. These connections will come out in my Oracle Book.

For now I muse tonight on the subject of language. The power of words, and the connection it builds between people, other realms, dimensions, worlds and how it is all very real; physical and yet otherworldly and etheric. How it truly is the rainbow bridge. How can we connect to each other authentically and easily so that we may illuminate our hearts and minds to the understandings hidden within the ethers around us, where a subtle and yet powerful language is speaking all the time, if we cannot understand what the other is truly saying? Confusion accomplishes nothing and it creates separation. Finding the doorway into the cosmic connection, the fascia of the Universe, the electrical elemental ambrosia that flows through all life, is as simple as creating a sacred heartspace with another and letting it happen? Could it be so simple? Simple you say? There are an awful lot of broken hearts these days. Wounded and asking to be healed so this can happen and humanity can rightfully take its place among all worlds.

The adventure continues…..


  1. going to babble here (ha, babble)
    our spoken languages in all their dialects are of this 3D dimension, written language adds the dimension of time as it can be passed through years, when people have encounters with aliens/extraterrestials/whatever those things are, they have extra-dimensional aspects of them, appearing and disappearing “out of thin air” as they become perceivable, and their speech is not spoken speech, people hear it in their heads, like telepathy, pictures and words and feelings. Was the original language before the breakdown of languages one that was extra-dimensional so that it was not merely auditory but felt/heard inside, extra layers of meaning, more depth to it, and what we lost was not the mere linguistic singularity but the depth of the extra-dimensional perception of felt/telepathic language? How does one write down a telepathic language? Maybe the reason this cannot be decoded by linguistic experts is because there is a layer of the written word, like invisible ink, that cannot be detected.

    Sometimes these ideas happen in my head but they are not so easy to explain.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this, so many things fell into place when reading it!
    I’m not sure where to start, so I’l just say the synchronicity has blown me away, just at a time when I asked for a sign! lol. 😉
    Love to you and thank you again.

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