Love & DMT: A Theory of Mine

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Here we go again. The right chemistry must be afoot! What happens when we combine the chemistry of LOVE with DMT? Not in theory, but in reality. By that I mean actually do that, like in a chemistry lab. Like good old 8th grade science class. If you notice the two molecules are very similar in form. Here we are at the Hexagram again. The 6 sided head piece of the Queen. Her crown.

Crowned woman figure in the Voynich Manuscript photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13
Crowned woman figure in the Voynich Manuscript photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13

Why would they be so similar? Unless they are meant to be together. Yesterday on my blog I wrote about the compound of Love.
Here is the article:

Today I found my way to DMT by way of my friend Michelle McElreath on Facebook. Thanks Michelle! She posted this article link today on my Facebook page:

“In 1990, Dr. Rick Strassman administered 400 doses of the highly psychedelic compound Dimethyltryptamin (DMT) to 60 volunteers at the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine in Albuqerque. During their brief 10-to-30-minute journeys, participants reported fantastical tales of having their consciousness rocketed out of their bodies across the universe, experiencing near-death encounters, contacting otherworldly beings, and accessing mystical dimensions that were both enlightening and heavenly, as well as hellish and haunting. Almost too much for a straight-laced scientist to handle, Strassman eventually published his work in the bestselling book, “DMT: The Spirit Molecule.”

Wouldn’t that count as a Chiasm? It certainly is orgasmic. But will our emotional state, when we do this, play a factor? I believe it does. 100%.

The article continues:

“In your film, you talk quite a bit about how DMT is found across the planet in plants and in animals. Dr. Rick Strassman also hypothesizes that it may be found in the pineal gland. I’m curious about your thoughts on that.

I always like to mention this for Dr. Strassman, but it is just a hypothesis at this point — we don’t know that DMT is made in the pineal gland, however the precursors are there. And even if it isn’t made in the pineal, I don’t think it takes away anything because it is in our body, we know it’s in our body and it’s doing something in our body. It’s not just some extraneous molecule floating around in there because it passes the blood brain barrier, so whether or not it’s made right there in the brain or actually transferred into the brain, it still feels like it has some sort of a reality lever. If it’s adjusted up, you see a very super psychedelic world, if it’s drawn back you’re in a more black and white world, if you will. But having it all over nature really was the key and the driving force for me when I was making the film. Potentially every living organism in the world has DMT in it. Potentially. Every organism has tryptophan, which is where it comes from. And if that’s the case, this New Age idea of being fully connected holds true, that we really are connected by this one simple molecule. And it could be this common molecular language that we really could communicate or create with.”

Now doesn’t that just sum it up. If there is a lot of it, you see a very bright colorful world. (who doesn’t see the world as more beautiful when they are in love?)
If there is less of it, you see the world as very black and white. Factual. Hardcore world. (like it feels sometimes when you lack the FEELING of love, or after a big break up.)

They aren’t even sure the chemical is produced in the Pineal gland. They just know it is there. So in theory it could be anywhere, and they say it is everywhere. So why don’t you always feel it? Because LOVE, the FEELING of love connects to it. No love? No feeling? sorry, your levels go down. Your reality changes, and the world environment around you is connected to that reaction by way of the super connected highway.

Love is an all invasive field. So is DMT. It is in everything. It just has to be woken up. Literally, as in, you have to actually FEEL it. Not just give lip service. Your body will not respond the same way, the key elemental compounds will not be activated and you will not be turned on. Ever have an orgasm if you aren’t turned on? You have to fake it. You cannot fake the chemistry that opens you up to transcend.

hexagram, star of david
hexagram, star of david

A hexagram with equidistant points is unique in geometry because it cannot be drawn unicursally – that is, without lifting and repositioning the pen. Instead, overlapping two individual triangles form the hexagram. A unicursal hexagram is possible – the creation of a six pointed shape without lifting the pen. So we have continued FLOW, and UNITY if we draw it this way to symbolize it’s meaning. This shape is the hidden message in the molecule.


And our temples ancient and new, have this magic in them as well. What is the pentagram really if it is not a penetrator?

Washington DC map.
Washington DC map.

Channeling the love are we? Can you tap that? Builders of sacred sites know how. They know exactly what they are doing. Good or bad? Let’s just take that away for now and see it for what it is.

A molecule, a chemical equation brought forward into form. Structures of complex compositions that create worlds. The macro. Scared you might find a coven of witches? Good because those that know want it that way. More for them. Penetrators of the fields of opened ambrosia, while the rest suffer in their shades of grey. Women knew how to penetrate this field, at one time. Then the church burned them all – well most of them anyway – any that even acted like they were getting a message or two, or having a chiasmic experience – churchmen were sexually intimidated by that I think – were falsely accused and burned. Then they hid the KNOW how in their big collection under their vatican. MINE, they said. For now, said the plant kingdom. Nothing can hide in the dark forever. When the veil is lifted everything is seen. They would then hope the knowledge never got out. Good thing people sometimes write things down in secret so at some point it does get out. To see the light of day. Ancient manuscripts surface, always in divine time.

Plants can increase your DMT production. So can love. Put them together and codes become clear, mysteries start to get solved, and puzzle pieces are lit up and revealed – synchronistically and the angels of all worlds begin to sing their songs.

Love compounds leads to an increase of DMT in the body. Or maybe they are the same thing! either way it leads to a Chiasm. The strength of that Chiasm depends on how well and true you love. The plants benefit by the compounds released into the environment. The chain reaction from there is global. The feeling of all the above is then evolved to an epiphany. I bet the chemical compound of that would be truly something. What would THAT release in the world?

See I told you that your love could change the world. Here’s my theory on it. Go prove me wrong.

The Voynich Adventure continues…….
Hillary Raimo



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