Voynich Twining Unveils Higher Message: Plant Medicine Revealed

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The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13
The Voynich Manuscript. Photo by Hillary Raimo Yale University 11/19/13

I am following synchronicity. I am watching carefully what comes into my space. Carefully observing.
Today I posted the above picture as my cover photo on my Facebook page. It sparked a great conversation between myself and others.
It is this interaction between all that seems to decode the hidden meaning in events. Everyones contribution makes a higher or complete message.
We each individually bring a piece of the puzzle to the table. The Voynich manuscript asks this of you.
To muse, ponder, and circle the meaning. Together is better.
You cannot track synchronistic events alone because you are connected to all.
You are never alone.
So today the below words came out of the conversation. Between all of us.
Special thanks to Skye Burns, Jonah Constantine Barnett, Misty Hanney Billings and Christine Mooers. 
You can see the conversation here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202863253647169&set=a.3096215609145.159213.1376755603&type=1&theater

Below is the mixture of our conversations. The twine. The magic unveiling, together as a group synched into one mind. It is the Universe speaking through us.
It is the way of the future. The words come through individuals speaking their truth. The messege twines together because of THE FLOW.

Here is the flow.

The female is the only one that produces buds…the male helps to instigate growth.

Actually, one would want to keep the male plant away from the female unless one wants seeds…otherwise, she’s better on her own.
How would that effect us? What are the medicinal differences between the male plant & the female plant?
There is medicine in the seeds of power plants. The female has the THC, as far as the medicinal properties.

Some have said the male is useless, unless you are wanting to grow more.
I don’t believe any part of a plant is useless.
If smoked, the male causes headaches. So…the female is the one that smokers prize.
I however, believe that both are of benefit. And the leaves are what holds the medicine for healing cancer, etc.
Interesting some say his only purpose is to impregnate her. He’s the catalyst.
Her power blooms.

Her power does…she reaches deep into the psyche and helps to shine light on what was hidden behind the veil.

So because of him, the male aspect, the feminine flowers. 

So if a man impregnates a woman…. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or otherwise ….. That creates a form. In all dimensions.
The bloom of the plant continues to evolve thru us.
We have to be healthy in mind, spirit, and body to have the bloom evolve and then shine it’s beauty.

We(men) catalyze the initial growth process. An egg, unfertilized is simply a vessel for nutrition. In fact, it’s one of the more nutritious things in the planet…hmmmm…the feminine bloom we(you) refer to is in fact Skye truly a measure of the man and his power. We do protect. And we also serve to nurture. ‘Daddy issues’, funny phrasing. But indicative of our point. It is only with divine masculine energy that the full fruition comes to bloom.

We see this plant, of which our body possesses natural receptors and a truly harmonious Mutualism, and it serves to remind us that we must fund balance in and of ourselves.

The synchronistic language of old found in the new. Together we weave and decode.
Magic lies in the twine between two or more.
Takes trust and power. Rooted in love.
Ambrosia flow.

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