Powerful Medicine Dream from the Plant Kingdom 11/04/13

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Dream 11/4/13

The trees were swaying. Long columns of ether with distinct chemical components moved among them. Sent from one tree to another. The codes would light up explaining each compound sent, icons on the ribbon. Like strains of equations floating through the air, like ribbons of sweet etheric nectar. The trees would accept it and absorb it into themselves. There were constant give and takes, a reciprocal nurturing that allowed all to thrive. When one died, it would fall, but not before giving away its essence. Passing of power to all that surrounded it, not just a chosen few. A perfect recycling system. A perfect delivery system. A perfect ecosystem. 

Then you sat down next to me. I reached over and picked up your hand. I slid it down the side of my face so I could feel you. Your beauty flowed out and encircled me, it entered my heart and lit me up. I looked at the heart of you and saw the universe in bloom. I saw a ribbon form and make its way into the space between us. It read like the ribbons of language that spoke between the trees. Except it had a different color. Different and same icons of compound. Chemical compound formulas. I read it like a scroll. It stayed there. In suspended motion. Waiting. I lifted your hand again and swept it down the side of my face. I closed my eyes and let you in. You filled me. I changed colors and lit up the scroll between us and it began to twirl, like spiral DNA. It moved out into the forest around us. It floated with purpose towards an ancient mother tree. She absorbed it. I watched as it ascended and descended into all she was, and out through the air and the soil into all the other tress for miles on end. The air around us changed, and there was a sweet scent drifting through the air,  intoxicating us with a euphoric bliss, naturally. A bloom opened up beneath us. Water started to come up from the Earth into the pedals until it was a small pond of warm dew. I moved closer to you. I felt eternity between us. I let it move through me like Yin. Magnetic tones started to sound. Symphonies began to play, coordinated parts of everyone, joined together in unison. Merged. Mermaids came up from below and circled us as they sang. Their very breath blessing us. Ribbons of complex chemicals spiraled out of our circle lighting up the trees around us like rainbows. The sky became alive with auroras. Light beings tuning into to our love. Blessing it as they carried the ribbons outward into space and time. You entered me like a warrior. Knowing exactly who you are. Showing up present in every move of your muscles. Memory stirred from billions of places. My 3rd eye opened up and wind began to blow out of it as you filled my lungs with yours. I surrounded to you as I disappeared into all that was around me. Out of our bodies while in them. The pool we sat in turned into a black hole, the center of the universe. The spiraled galaxies swirled around us, moving towards their fate. Transmutation by gravity. That force that pulls everything together, eventually. I saw the ribbons of light move through all, while other worlds tuned in to distracting fancies synthetic and manmade  I saw the plant kingdoms tending to the planets health and vitality. I saw the immortality of the kings and queens who kept the systems strong. I saw you and our love infusing it all. I closed my eyes so I would never forget the feeling of you. 


I woke up and started the tracking…..TBC.


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