Space & Sound, Vital Rounds of Telepathic Twine

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Everything that comes into your life is a cosmic conspiracy. Whether you see it or not, it is. Everything has a purpose. There is no such thing as selective meaning in the Universe. Everything plays a role. Call it whatever you want. I’m not attached to how it’s named. I will only express it in the way it comes to me. So it is my perspective. I am the translator. The words I choose to describe my experiences are mine. These words are my paint brushes. Selective regurgitation from wherever. It is like tuning into the cosmic spinal cord. I used to think it could only be experienced through one person. A kind of private twine. Although I know it is, and can be, enhanced this way, it is not solely anything. Because this truth is everywhere, omnipotent, it lives in anything and all things. So I’ve changed my mind on that part. Not because I was wrong, but because I found the beauty of something else to be truth for me, in my ever liquid flowing change. Change is the only constant you can count on to never stop. Change will always be your friend and companion because it is authentic in who it is and like a tree, is practiced in its ability to know who it is and what its purpose is. Like the sacred parents.

Your space is a canvas of who you are at any given moment. What enters into your space, enters into you. Because it is you. You and whatever it is, are one. You can stay open and let everything in, sometimes you can be selective and choose according to mood, other times you can try and hide thinking nothing is in your space, silly of course, but true in that moment. Even then the cosmic conspiracy continues. Instead of it being a gateway into or out of your space, try simply observing your space. Let your eye scan over it in every detail. Like within a lucid dream, become conscious of it. Reach your consciousness across the space, like a spiders web. Feel what lands on it. Telepathically and physically. We are just beginning to learn how to do this. For some it will be terrifying. Because thoughts are no longer private. They are a form of communication that others can feel, hear and react too. Some will find ease in doing this, the feeling in. For others not so much. Why? because everyone is their own world and universe, like a star in the night sky and beyond. Bright in their own right, manifested in just the way they dream. Yet together from somewhere, they create a bigger pattern. A constellation you can’t see because you are part of it. Like the 8 sisters. I can see 7 of you, but not the 8th because I AM the 8th. Part of the whole, yet individual. Unique. Special. Because you matter. Atoms and more swirl around you captured into the flow patterns of who you are. As you change so do their rivers of streaming. Downloading whole symphonies for your mind and body to react too. Reaction in the sense of chemical. Changing notes and scale. Trying retuning down to Earth frequency for a bit. Maybe you’ll like it.

Biocommunication is similar to telepathy. Plants have been doing it for eons. Humans have stopped noticing mostly. There are still some who know of this ancient wisdom. Or who have learned it from others. Biocommunication happens all around you. You are in the space of telepathic communication. It is always there. As long as you are on planet Earth, you will be in it. There is no shutting it off because that is not up to you. You cannot make this go away. You cannot stop it from happening. Pretend it doesn’t exist, sure. You can tell yourself anything you like, free will. But still the stream of communication flows around you. Regardless of what you think you want. There is a liquid ether of higher intelligence all around you. Many realms swirl around you at any given moment. The plant kingdoms play an important role of getting the messages through the soil, in their roots, and in the airwaves through chemical reaction. Biocommunication keeps them alive, preparing, and IN THE KNOW. Telepathy does the same. You can hear what is to come, what someone really thinks or feels, there is no hiding, and no way to keep secrets. Your mind may be yours, but it is one big book of love open to the public. Anyone can read it. That would mean you better mean what you think. 

Careful what you say, or how you write it. Everything is multidimensional. It can be seen in many infinite ways through all filters. Constructed and chosen selectively. Do the thoughts match the frequency? What can the plant kingdom hear about you that you are hiding and not showing others? Your greatest fears? Your true feelings about something? What you really think about another, or yourself? Your inner space health is on the table of discussion for all. You can’t hide or manipulate that. You can only sit and be through the reading, honesty with self is the best remedy for your discomfort.

So if the realms around us can read our minds and thoughts and are energetic charges that can be registered on someones radar at any and all times, what if we became lucid in our space and sent out thoughts intentionally for the betterment of all realms. Higher loving thoughts of clear vision filled with emotional energy of smoothing salve, like love, joy, happiness, optimism, resolve, healing, whole. No more fractions of self splintering off into the ethers trying to hide so they can be content in their mourning. Lucid, full of heart fire, off into the ethers of your space around you. I bet the trees and plants would hear it, respond to it, and change the message to the others in their worlds. Faster then the world wide internet, and not censored.

If you want me to come, whisper into the highest branches of the trees and say my name. I will know you are calling me and I will come. Into the dreamtime to share a dream space and here we will work on higher realms, sending out the prayers together. Dimensional travel, first class. As one. Unified in the vision, anchored in the heart. Strong. Unable to be pushed off our centers by way of space invaders, cosmic conspiracy agents. Steady and whole. Newly made people learn to walk. One step, one step.

Shifts in power structures will expose the dust bunnies. Those lifeforms created out of our own lack of self care. Perfectly happy in their own worlds. Brought to light to be cleaned up. Cleared and moved onward towards some other vision. Not everyone will complete the 5K run of spirit. Some will run off in other directions meant for them. All in great order. It happens and when it does even though there are less running towards the goal, those left have the strength to complete the vision. This arrangement of ingredients in ones space are the vital constructs of energy matrixes meant to support along the way. The clarity of these matrixes in how their geometric configurations glow is important and telling of the health of that frequency. How far can it go? heralded through the plant kingdoms around the world. Who needs ‘likes’ on a face page, or shares in the tweets of false birds. When you have the real thing all around you. Just waiting for you to participate in your full power, while married to your heart. The sacred parents didn’t pass power on to you for you to sit around and waste it. Pour it into all that is in your space, even the things you cannot see. Trust it. Open yourself to it and stop listening to other peoples nightmares. Find your own channel and tune in. Think from yourself. Join in the symphony. We will evolve to be the beings who know the languages of sensual telepathy. When we become human(e). When we stop hurting ourselves and others through our thought worlds. Right now most do not match what comes out of them, to what is inside of them, there is a disconnect. This will heal. Is healing. One by one as we think thoughts forward. Thinking comes from the heart. It is the brain center of your entire being.

Dreaming from your heart, is the divine lucid twine. Hearing the vision loud and clear from authentic sources…… love vs fear.


440hz Music - Conspiracy to Detune Good Vibrations from Nature's 432hz


This is bigger then the YOU and the I. It is bigger then just the two of us. Yet we are vital instruments in it all. Each of us singing a chord of the whole picture. Striking its sound deep down and out through the planet with help from other realms we may or may not feel, see or even believe in. This goes beyond dogma, books of oldest kind, paintings on the wall, or elephants in the room. Origin. All planets spin from the force of the beginning. What lives on within that is up to the cosmic conspiracy.

Interconnection will produce telepathic sensations within all of us. We will no longer be able to lie to others, or be lied too. Our true selves will be worn on our sleeves for all minds to know. No matter what the platform, big or small within our lives, we will reach inside ourselves and know as each thought lands in others. This is energy work on the most subtle fields of life. A field we are all part of yet not in charge of. Yet within it we are charges of life, sparks of divine igniting forces, powerful beyond measure, and no scales could contain it even if it could. It is not about who has what, or who does what, it is about truth in these sacred spaces and how it flows onward through the whole.

The health of the keepers, determines the flow. What comes in, and what moves on. Watching, like the snake on the rock, coiled, waiting. Ceremonies strengthening the vitality of all. Coming together to recharge and power up. Tending to the hearts of those closest to us ensures our sustainability as a community.

The plants can do it, so can we, as humans. Find a plant to teach you. Build a relationship. Nurture it with just the right ingredients. Just enough sun, water, food, love, happy. Shelter it in the storms with your belief in its ability to survive on its own. Study the growth cycles. Let it talk to you when you are neglecting it, and let it tell you what it needs. Then follow through.

It is known that the Stradivarius violins were made to be tuned to A-432 (it’s called ‘the frequency of nature’ .. and if you compare the structures created by music when in A=440 the geometric shapes are not as complex or clear as if tuned to A-432.) Blurry visions create confusion and non transparency. A weak conductor weakens the sounds of the symphony. A clear conductor, tuning the pitch to the earth frequency will create harmony within the instruments, the space around them and within those listening. Forms are created. This is a god given right that we will learn to understand better as the 5th world continues forward.

So in the meantime, I change my frequency to 432. Purposefully. With intention. Just because I can. To see what will happen as I carefully observe the space around me.


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