COSMIC CONSPIRACIES & The Voynich Adventure continues…

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I find it pretty amazing that today I found my way to a radio host that was bred from the lands of the illuminati to being the lead vibrational voice through the airwaves of the voice of ION & the Evergreen channels. What are the odds? That this voice would be endeavoring to beat the longest running radiothon in the entire alternative media – ART BELL. Someone is trying to ring the bell through the land of the free. Mind that is. When asked if this was a planned controlled release, and that voice said YES, it reminded me of David Ickes work and the land of vibrational occupancy.What is radio but waves of quantum stir.Gently or not so much.This host and I had never heard of each other, so we both meet as new. New mind. Nothing there to clutter the light. All is seen new. So we conversed from there. That place of neutral stillness.And I could see. Changing DNA. To match the vibrational ET energies trying to recreate us. I wonder what their vision is. What would you create from me? Again I was reminded of David Ickes work. Kept flashing in my mind. So once my biology has changed while I wasn’t looking inward, this is when you occupy me? Conscious technology? You have the answers to our energy crisis yet you hide them until told to release them? Are you in the business of changing paradigms to what you want them to be? I hear it pays well. Well worth the price I’m sure.Who programs paradigms? We all do. Well majority rules actually. Or those with the most money. But I’ve seen different. Those are old outdated rules. A trick.

But it also depends on what star system is speaking. What voice are they really listening too? Which star do they call home? know your sources well. I also find it interesting that this experience manifested during comet ISON. The Panspermia bringer. For all dimensions here. Seeding thoughts is powerful right now. FERTILE ground grows everywhere. Your legs are spread. What will you birth.
The same kind of new age religion fanatics that believe its ONLY ONE WAY? The same old my god is better then your god spew? Haven’t you had enough? Is this what will replace all the hard work to free ourselves?

No. Because we are better than that. No more idols, icons, and placing other people on pedestals. Enough of that. I saw what was happening right in my mind. Infiltration into the mind of the free – US those who have done so much work to get out of the tangle – those who are seeing the illusion crumple around us. In comes a program. We interrupt this program for a new download. 5 days worth.

And what amazing timing.

So lets add some good juju into this great cosmic sized infusion, to be reminded (((((we think on our own, no one tells us what to believe except our own center. We see and create from there. We will never forsake love or earth or woman again)))))

Purple transmission. Event indeed. I see your intentions. So Let’s add ours.

For the greatest good of all, to stay grounded in our hearts and free in our minds, to share authentically from that place with humane compassion, without agenda, or confusion. To have our eyes cleared of any shadows so we can fully see in our own light. Bless our bodies with the knowing of sensing what to ingest into our bodies that will keep it aligned in its highest vision. Trust yourself first. Know yourself well so you can see your own beauty in others every time you meet.

5 days of infusion, infuse that. Purple transmission indeed.
I see you.

I stayed open through the first scheduled hour, and our conversation was continued for another hour by cosmic conspiracy. (I am much more interested in COSMIC CONSPIRACIES these days… so this was good) The guest for the next hour mysteriously hung up, so we had another hour to chat. You can listen to the archives on Achieve Radio for yourself and listen for yourself. It’s all public and free.
So why did it happen? Two strangers meet on the air for the first time, in such a potent and powerful time, one is spending five days nonstop on the air with the special DNA changing supplements magic in a bottle to prepare us for the coming of ION in full force? beating the longest running radio broadcast online by Art Bells 122 hours. So they are aiming for 123. I SEE EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. On Achieve radio, achieving the goal. The #1 alternative radio station of its kind, coursing through all those newly freed minds.
Sounds like a plan. I believe in cosmic conspiracies.
I asked where the heart was, the earth,  the indigenous in this grand plan vision? The host could not answer. He for a moment, sounds I’m trained to hear well, sounded as he fumbled. So he came back with the vision plus the heart. He added Earth back in, women too. The vision changed for a spell. Most people last 10 minutes with him, I lasted two hours. Does that make me great? no. Just stable in my vision of love.No more visions that leave the love out. I don’t care who you are, or what you do, add more beauty if you can.So what did this have in it for me? well I could appreciate the back and forth space. It felt as if he knew what he was doing, and to take on this topic you have to know what you are speaking about. With him being 92 years old he is an elder. I respect that automatically. So our conversation was actually very beautiful in case I gave the wrong impression.
So during all of it I mentioned the unpolluted mind of the child, the COSMIC CHILD, meeting the Voynich this past week in person at Yale University. The topic was brought up and we  had just started to talk about the VM & he mentioned his thoughts about it coming to his mind this past week, but he said it before I mentioned I had seen it, so it was a pure synch – the kind you just can’t ignore or make up. I track these when I am in conversation sacredly. So this man and I had both felt the VM fields move on Tuesday, this was important. So he continued to say he had a file from the Evergreen downloads regarding the VM that he hadn’t seen/heard in a long time. This caught my attention. We’ve agreed to listen to the file and discuss together on my show in the future after I am done with my writing on it. This felt good to both of us. I believe it is the whole purpose for me doing this show today.So I have contacted him by email, to see if he will follow through.
In the meantime lets add some super sexy love juju for being FREEMINDED human(e) beings who know how to track lions when needed.
Love always wins anyways, might as well enjoy the trip 😉
The Voynich Adventure continues & the purple transmission event turns glittery….. TBC

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