Mission accomplished! I visited the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library today at Yale University. Oh what a treat today was. 11/19 goes down in the history books for me. I spent almost 3 hours carefully looking through it and after taking almost 600 pictures and being able to handle it firsthand I am literally buzzing. I cannot stop smiling. I am tired from todays trip out and back almost 3 hours each way, it was worth every mile.

To see the VM firsthand was a gift from the Universe itself.

I will now immerse myself in all things Voynich for a few days while I write my article with all  the amazing juicy energy I have soaked up. Letting nothing else in my space while I do so. And I mean it! All things will be put on hold for a few days while I travel through the images, intuitively feel out my experience with the book, watch my dreams, and move into the space completely. I am IN LOVE with this manuscript, the images I touched and saw. The energy of the library with all that it contained, its translucent marble lighting up like fire when the outside sun traced itself across the skyline was dazzling. There was a tangible whispering happening in that building. All the centuries of amazingness stored under one roof. It was as if the very akashic records themselves had come to life all around me.

So it is time to organize and put to paper my thoughts, feelings and theory on this book. I have a grand task yet in that deadline, I have no fear and no anxiety and no worry whatsoever that this will be exactly what it needs to be.

This book has changed the course of my life in a few short months. After I am done with writing this I will begin exploring others theories on it and tracing its tracks across time. Magic is afoot.



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